Readers' Hotline 8/8/12

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Don’t delay
We are constantly being warned to educate ourselves and to become advocates for healthcare in this nation. I would like to take that warning one step forward and advise you to educate yourself regarding your local EMS system. When you call for an ambulance, many times it is for life-threatening conditions, which means you need to be at the hospital within a very reasonable amount of time. If your EMS crew is delaying hospital treatment while they perform duties on-scene, it could mean the difference between life and death. We have all heard that minutes count. While care is delayed on scene, those precious minutes could be killing heart muscle or brain tissue. I’m not suggesting that no care be given prior to arriving at the hospital. Timely care should be given on scene within a matter of minutes and then additional care be provided en route to the hospital. The best care is available at the hospital, not sitting in the back of an ambulance. Become the advocate and insist that the ambulance pulls out en route to the hospital with your loved one in a matter of minutes. Sitting idle on scene while starting IVs and performing EKGs only delays advanced healthcare.
Editor’s note: Ron Passmore, chief of Galax-Grayson EMS, responds: “There are certain conditions that require immediate ALS (Advanced Life Support) interventions on scene, and delaying the delivery of these interventions would cause more harm to the patient and be inconsistent with the protocols set by the agency’s medical director, the supervising medical doctor. Outside of these immediately required ALS interventions, the caller is correct that, on the scene, times should be kept to a minimum.”

Greedy purposes
It has come to the attention of the community that a store has picked up produce that has been given for needy families — that is coming in for the needy families and for those that are having hard times. They are taking this produce to their store and selling it outright. Shame on them. I think it is a very greedy person to do this.

Nobody asked
I read in the July 27 paper that Obama and Mitt Romney are running neck and neck in Virginia, according to the polls. Me and my family were not in those polls and my opinion wasn’t.
Editor’s note: Well, this was your opportunity to let your opinion be known.

I would like to thank the Kirby family and the Snickerdoodles business for rescuing me when I fell on the sidewalk outside their store. They were very kind and even called the ambulance to make sure I was okay. The Galax EMS members that came were also kind and very thorough. Thank you.

Under the table
There are people in the Grayson community receiving food stamps, Medicaid, disability and they are working under the table and getting paid, when other families that really need it don’t draw enough to survive, much less exist. You know who you are. How can you look in the mirror?

Hot dogs for Africa
I was driving up and down the road the other day on U.S. 58 down there by Roses. A message board caught my attention and said “free hot dogs.” I like to eat. I started thinking. There are people in Africa and they just don’t have food. I just think the good people of Galax should get together and send those free hot dogs to Africa.
Editor’s note: There are plenty of local people with nothing to eat, either. Maybe we should start with them?
Tired of bailouts
I hear that the postal service wants Congress to bail them out. I say no. They don’t need to be bailed out. They make too much money right now. They make triple what a regular taxpayer makes. Let them cut back the wages and the benefits and get rid of the union and then maybe they can do something. I am tired of always being the taxpayer to bail somebody out.
Seems a nuisance
This is concerning the Grayson deputy that was shot in the domestic squabble. If the law had been called to that address in over 20 times in the last year, wasn’t there any convictions, charges or anything taken out? It looks like a place where the law had been called that much could be declared a public nuisance or something. It is a danger to the community. If someone in that house was a caregiver for a disabled person there, does social services, after the law being called there so much, ever check it out to see what was going on?

All clear
I would like to comment on Meadowlark Road. When you drive through, it doesn’t look like a parking lot. All the vehicles that had been parking in the road are out and it is now a two-lane highway again, which it should have always been. It looks a whole lot neater and is a whole lot safer to drive on. You don’t have to drive just on one side of the road now that all the vehicles are parking in their driveways instead of the road. Meadowlark Road looks a whole lot better now that the vehicles are out of the road.

Wrong reasons
In response to “too late now,” Social Security was designed by Roosevelt for working people, not the people that didn’t work. It was also not for making roads and all this other stuff that the government has borrowed from Social Security. Lots of people just work a year or two and they get on disability and get a big check plus they work under the table. If they are able to work, they don’t deserve Social Security. If anybody knows these people out there working when they are not supposed to, report them. It is not right. The federal government should have something designed to help people that do things, but not Social Security. When I was born, parents could cure their children. If they had children with special problems, parents could cure it, not the government or the state. Now, they think they can get everything for free. These are all the wrong reasons. Social Security was made for people that work.

Dictated by government
The caller about money back said she received a refund check from Anthem on premiums paid because of Obamacare. I am confused. I thought Obamacare wasn’t supposed to kick in until 2014. That little amount you received will not be what it is going to cost you in the future for Obamacare. You will have the government dictating your healthcare and our government’s history in running anything has been a dismal failure. I won’t go into the cost of Obamacare and what that will do to our country. It won’t be a pretty sight. It sounds as though you would be better off moving to a socialist country where your wish is for the government to dictate to businesses.

Use the panel
Hillsville should use the Virginia Association of Chiefs of Police in helping in the hiring of a new chief. If it doesn’t cost anything but lunch, well, I would fix lunch for them to have an unbiased opinion as to who to hire for chief. Kudos to Galax’s Chief Clark for volunteering to step down from the panel to keep from someone thinking he had a favoritism for a candidate. Use the panel Hillsville, use the panel.
Editor’s note: Clark didn’t step down from the panel, he simply said he would not serve on such a panel in this area because it would be a conflict of interest and, since he would likely know the candidates, he would not be unbiased. Clark has served on panels like this in other regions.

Spent elsewhere
Carroll County has wanted comments about a pool for the county. My concern is, they could have had a pool with the money they gave those two [town officials] that resigned and we don’t need to stick it to the good ole taxpayers anymore.
Editor’s note: You’re referring to the severance packages for two Town of Hillsville employees who resigned. The pool is a county facility, and therefore unrelated.

Utility costs
In reply to the person that called in about Appalachian Power’s increase, I bet this person has a TV and telephone that costs as much as their light bill but never says anything when they increase their bills. They would not have any TV if it wasn’t for Appalachian.

Never enough
This is to the caller about too late now for Social Security. Evidently you missed the point. Most of the people who rely on Social Security worked for minimum wage and just barely lived hand to mouth the whole time they were raising their kids. Never did have enough money to buy a house because there were no jobs that paid enough money to live on. Now, you might have been one of those people employing those people and if you had given up your job and gone to work for minimum wage in a restaurant or one of these furniture factories, whoever you gave your job up to would have been well off, not had to worry about Social Security and you would have found out what it was like to live on a fixed income.

Poking, or not?
Just can’t quit can you? When someone says something about you, it’s poking. Yet, you put Michael Vick, who served his time and is doing well now, on your website with a bunch of roosters. Is that not poking, or is it just a joke to you?

Read it all
This is about [the call] “knocking back.” Evidently you have not read all the scripture. Paul, who set up the churches, in Hebrew 10:24-25 said, “Let us consider one another to provoke unto love and to good work, not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together, as the manner of some is; but exhorting one another: and so much the more, as ye see the day approaching.” Now, as far as going to the garage for your car and having to go somewhere to meet with God besides the church, God laid the tabernacle in the wilderness for the children of Israel and said there was only one way to God and that was through Jesus Christ. There is every excuse in the world for not assembling in church and worshiping God. There is buttermilk in the refrigerator, the game’s on, too sorry to get up and go. Better read all that scripture before you start quoting it, because you will be held accountable.

Speaking out
It is great that someone finally spoke up against the Fries High School website. Everyone can see a Rush Limbaugh wannabe. So, cry a river if you want to. Fries already has one. I hope they shut down the website.

Waste of breath
Mr. Hotline Editor, you know most people that read the newspaper are intelligent, but we keep calling the Hotline complaining about things people are doing. We complain about idiots. The thing about it is, idiots don’t read the newspaper. It’s like if I complain about witches. I do have a complaint on U.S. 58, west of Independence, and how many times I get cut off the road. But those idiots don’t know how to drive and cut me off. What do they think the two yellow lines are for, decoration? The idiots we call the Hotline about don’t read the newspaper. It’s kind of a waste of time.
Editor’s note: And yet, here’s this call anyway.

Past history
Hey people, think. Obama is saying Romney shipped the jobs overseas but my job left here in the 1990s under Bill Clinton’s rule.

Out of kilter
I also have a problem with the new Grayson school. The new school is sitting up there empty just like the prison. They are both a waste of taxpayer dollars and it goes to show you what a real fine job the supervisors and the school board have done. The students are all on the lower end of the county and the school is sitting empty at the top of the county.

Ready to quit
Somebody last week in your paper wrote their insurance got lowered because of Obamacare. I drive a truck to the West Coast and read papers all over the country. People in California’s insurance are already getting raised and doctors out there — 63 percent of them — say if he gets in there again they are quitting. They are not going to put up with the way he runs stuff. They will do their business their way, not his way.