Readers' Hotline 8/8/11

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Taken away
The people who put the little black dog out on Lime Kiln should know that it sat there and waited on you for two days in the same spot without water. But people did go by and feed it. It sat there and waited in that same spot. Just wondered if your human friends would go through all that for you. It’s a shame. The little dog sat there and waited until animal control came by and picked him up. I didn’t want you to worry about him. Just wanted you to know he was finally taken care of.

More public burden?
Carroll will offer daycare for teen mothers. Is this more for the taxpayers to have to pay for? I didn’t know you had to have an education to go out here and mess around and have babies every nine months or 10 months or whatever. Carroll County, get your eyes open. Just keep on following in Obama’s steps. Do whatever he wants you to do.
Editor’s note: But consider this: in the long term, isn’t an educated young mother who is able to complete school, get a job and support her child ultimately less of a burden on society than one who has to drop out of school and then relies on taxpayer-supported public assistance because she doesn’t have a diploma and can’t find employment? You could argue that the relatively small public cost of daycare is far less than the potential cost to taxpayers.

Public affection
The other day I passed by a business where outside there was a man and a woman all over each other and I’m pretty sure they are married to different people and have families. I think it is a shame that the boss would let this go on outside or inside his business.

Road hazard
I’m calling about a hazardous condition on West Stuart Drive. There is a pickup truck parked in front of a house. Most of it is sitting out in the street. It has been reported to the authorities twice, yet the truck is still parked out in the street. If people are coming from the west, they have to stop if there is another car coming in order to go around it.  There is a driveway right beside the house. Why can’t they use their driveway instead of parking their truck in the street? It doesn’t make any sense. Something has to be done before an accident occurs on that street.

Low values
Since all the agencies in Independence were given a raise, it would be nice if taxes could be lowered and reassess the properties at a lower value. At the time of assessment, the market value was high and now the market value is low. So, please reassess all the houses in Independence, Troutdale, Whitetop, surrounding areas. I receive no services so it would be nice to have lower taxes. If not, buy my house.

Gay marriages
Congratulations to all the gay people who can now be joined in matrimony in certain states. I’m sure that gay marriages will be every bit as successful as their straight counterparts. Just a note: the right to marry probably includes the right to divorce and to lose at least half of everything you have worked your hind end off to gain.

Comparing prices
I was at [a local] farmers’ market. I got a couple pounds of tomatoes and I was looking over most of their stuff and it is three to four times higher than what [a grocery] sells it for. Stuff like strawberries was almost $4 for a little cupful and you get them at the grocery for $1.29. That’s just one example.

Flying downhill
I wanted to tell you people who live on Circle Drive to be careful. There are three boys riding straight down that hill just flying and if you are coming up through there it would be hard not to hit one of them. They don’t realize the danger they are creating.

Likes organic
I want to give the Kroger store of Galax a big thank you for giving us an organic produce option. The organic honeydew melons and the organic cantaloupes are absolutely delicious.

Not fair
This is for the editor’s note and your statistic of who pays all the taxes in this country. I’ve got another statistic for you. One percent of the population gets 10 percent of the wealth. Five percent get 49 percent of the wealth. That leaves 94 percent of the people getting the rest of the wealth. As I am sitting here watching television, they just told about General Electric. They made $14.2 billion worldwide last year. Five billion of that was made in the United States. Taxes paid was zero.

If Carroll County would only revitalize existing empty commercial and industrial properties, they would create jobs quicker than building a new industrial park at Wildwood.

Yard sale police
The time has come for the Carroll County Board of Supervisors to pass an ordinance governing yard sales. Property owners are due protection from every-weekend yard sales at the same residences. The traffic is a real danger for children and pets as well as an eyesore for people who take pride in their property. A $25 fee to hold a yard sale is a great idea and the time has come for it.
Flim flam
Residents of Carroll and surrounding areas need to beware of a smooth-talking Caucasian man with South Carolina tags on a Chevy pickup wanting to do protective coatings work such as painting, sealing driveways, etc. One tactic he uses is to throw out names of well-known local people whom he supposedly knows or has worked for. If you hire him to do work, you will receive an outrageous bill. These are the kinds of people the sheriff’s department and law enforcement warn citizens to avoid. Call local law enforcement if you encounter him.

Factory heat
This is for all the animal activist groups out there. A few of us that work in these local factories in 99-degree weather would like to appeal to the PETA groups to come and stand up for the inhumane treatment of human beings. Especially the ones having to work 10- and 12-hour days, six and seven days a week. We need somebody to stand up for our rights. Help us out.
Editor’s note: With the area’s high unemployment, I’m sure there’s someone out there who wouldn’t mind the heat as much as you as long as they had a job.

Messed up
We have really got a messed up government up there in Washington, D.C., and when it comes election time, people need to remember who is causing all the problems.

We’re all Yankees
I’ve been all over the world and there is only a pocket full of places — Virginia, Alabama, Georgia and Mississippi — where they call anything after 12 noon “evening.” Any place else, evening is not until 6 o’clock at night when the sun starts to go down. And another thing, about calling someone a Yankee. If you go to Mexico, everybody in the United States to them is a Yankee and any place you go in the world, we are all Yankees. All 50 states. If you don’t believe what I say about evening, look it up in Webster’s dictionary. Definition of evening is the late part of the day, early part of the night. Everybody in the United States is a Yankee, no matter where we go.
Editor’s note: It’s not that we don’t believe you about the “evening” thing, it’s that most of us have more important things to worry about than whether someone’s friendly greeting is appropriate for the time of day. I say good day, sir.

Stay home
It’s a shame a person can’t go to a store in Galax that the employee’s husband isn’t sitting on the bench out front hollering at everybody and peeping around the corner at his old lady to see if she is talking to anybody. You know, he needs to get a life or he needs to stay at home where he belongs.

Time to go
Every one of our so-called leaders in Washington, D.C., needs to quit or even be fired. They are doing nothing but working against the American people.

Shake the tree
Congress has done it again. Does anybody believe they care about the United States anymore? They care just enough to destroy us. It is time that we took Congress and the presidency and put all new people in. I’ll lead the whole thing if everybody will just get behind to get the congressmen out of there. They don’t care. They get their raises. They just don’t give a darn anymore. They are up too high. Well, it is time to shake the tree and get them down again. It’s a shame that the United States of America has almost been destroyed by its own government.

No blessing
Thank you to the letter writer for giving us a heads up on the United Methodist Church taking a stand against Israel. This could make all Christians very sad and I feel sure this all came about because Obama has chosen to take sides with Israel’s enemies and he turned on Israel. I feel sure the Methodist churches that take this stand will not be blessed.

Honor your mother
I can’t see how anyone can treat their parents mean, especially their mother. Your mother gave life to you. If it wasn’t for your mother, you couldn’t be here today. I can’t see how anyone can hurt or harm their mother in any way. If they had a heart, they couldn’t. I’m talking about young and old treating their mother badly.

People bashing
The Hotline is getting worse than Facebook for bashing people. When you attack someone’s child, regardless of the age, that shows your class, which is about as low as you can get. These individuals do not know how to even spell, the meaning of integrity or know the meaning of class.

Come on down
Whoever has been breaking in the old home on Lonnie Lane in Galax: I don’t know what you are looking for, but come on down. We’ve got something waiting for you.

Get to work
I was reading about “spruce it up” in the Hotline. Why don’t they get off their hind-ends and clean it up themselves? Me and my neighbor live in Baywood and we walk the roads and clean our streets up. Don’t they know how to get a trash bag and some gloves on and clean it up?

Hurtful comment
I’m calling in response to the mean and hurtful comment about pageants, called in by a bitter and jealous person without a life. Little girls who do pageants do so because they enjoy them, not because of ego problems. I’m so sorry The Gazette has chosen to give a person of this class the opportunity to hurt children. This call was not about pageants. It was someone wanting to bash the parents. Shame on The Gazette and the caller. I’m sure you don’t want to publish this opinion.
Editor’s note: We published their opinion, just as we are publishing yours. This is a public forum.

Advance advertising
If you are having a yard sale on Friday, you need to go to The Gazette office on Monday before 12 and have it put in Wednesday’s paper because some people don’t get their [newspaper by] mail until late in the afternoon on Friday. Then, it is too late to go.