Readers' Hotline 8/3/11

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Throw them out
I am a senior citizen in my 70s, living on fixed income, Social Security. We need to get someone running for president as an independent. Republicans want to cut Social Security. Obama is going right along with them. I think they need to throw them all out and get somebody that knows something and cares about the people. And, quit saying it is what the people want. What they are saying now is not what the people want at all.

Stop the barking
The Town of Hillsville has been attempting to write a dog barking law for over a year now. When it came to a vote, it was rejected. All they need to do is go to a surrounding jurisdiction with a barking dog law, adopt it and start enforcing it.

Keep hounding
Regarding the July 18 comments, “stop hounding leaders,” apparently you want Carroll County citizens to stand back and let the board of supervisors do as they wish, no matter what the consequence. I don’t like a lot of what the supervisors are doing. I actually appreciate the citizen informing the public of what he knows to be fact and I pray he continues. In fact, I pray he runs for office. I bet he would win in a landslide vote. He would have my vote. To ignore poor or bad decisions because a person is decent is absolute stupidity. It is also costly. I pray the gentleman continues his watch and continues to inform the public. Here is one dog that hopes he keeps hounding them.

Rotten places
A certain grocery store has jumped the price on a bag of potatoes by $1, which is bad enough, but all their potatoes have rotten places in them. What was the dollar more for, extra rotten places?

Speed traps
Seems like Carroll County has some speed traps going on. I don’t understand why the speed limit on Tower Road, which is out in the country, is only 25 mph, while going right through the Town of Hillsville it is 35 mph. Does that sound reasonable? They are also hiding around over there at the new road going in to Hillsville. Yes, I did get a ticket. Why else would I be acting this way?

Handled with kindness
This is to express appreciation to an unknown person in the Fries area. Late Saturday afternoon, July 23, I stopped at the Fries Post Office. Later, about dark, I discovered our mailbox key was missing. The mail was present but no key. I retraced the steps in my mind. It was too late to return to the post office and it would be closed until Monday. Sunday morning my plan was to return to the area anyway. I checked the street, sidewalk and then entered the post office. My key with a red, orange reflective tape was on the countertop to the right of the door. It was placed as if a person with a thoughtful heart had put it there with loving kindness. In my heart was a prayer of thanksgiving and appreciation, thankful to live in an area of thoughtful and kind people.

Infrastructure attracts
I’d like to say “now is the time.” Obviously, people in Carroll County want to be part of a story. The county is not funding Virginia 620. If you read the paper in the past, the road is being paid for by state and federal money built to their code. Industries will not come to an old rundown building with old roofs and wiring. Just take a ride to Wythe County. We are where they were eight years ago. You can cross your fingers and hope jobs will come but you have to have infrastructure. I agree on the schools. The board told them $15 million. That’s all. Yet, they came back with $20 million. If you want lower taxes, you need jobs and if you don’t have infrastructure, you don’t get jobs. If you are concerned, come to their meetings like I do.

No leaks?
Regarding comments about the school board member with the loose tongue. This happens to be a person that I am around most of the time and I have never, ever heard them discuss anything confidential. Keep in mind it is election year or a disgruntled teacher that did not get the job in question. Again, no confidentiality leaks from the school board.
Editor’s note: The Hotline call did not identify in which jurisdiction the school member serves. It may not necessarily be the person you think it is.

Secondary needs priority
I saw in the paper that Carroll County is concerned that it may get money to maintain secondary roads. I have an idea. I saw that for your six-year road plan, you put secondary roads last in favor of the “four lane to nowhere” project. So, just call off the $5.3 million widening of Virginia 620 and repair the secondary roads. That was easy. Problem solved.

Messing us up
Republicans are still trying to mess this country up. They are still trying really hard to bankrupt this country and we still haven’t gotten out Bush’s mess. What they are doing now — I’m glad they are doing it because it is going to guarantee that Obama gets re-elected and I am going to be the one that is going to help him get re-elected.
Editor’s note: We would just point out that President Obama’s own federal budget request released in February called for a $1.6 trillion deficit. That doesn’t jibe with saying the other party alone is trying to “bankrupt” the country, when the president’s party controls two-thirds of the federal government (the U.S. Senate and the White House).

Nothing there
To the editor’s footnote about the Century Link phone book having the post office’s numbers, it is true. However, Austinville, all the way down through to Lambsburg, no Galax. It’s got Barren Springs, Cana, Dugspur, Elk Creek, Fries, Hillsville, Independence and several more but no Galax. The editor’s note says they are in there, but Galax is not.
Editor’s note: You are correct. There’s a long list of the area post office phone numbers, but none for Galax, for some reason. The postal service website lists the phone number as 236-3891.

Nobody’s listening
Every local post office number except Galax is listed under government offices in the phone book. I complained about this two years ago and was told that the publisher of the phone book had no control over this, that it was the government’s choice which numbers were published.
What’s the policy?
What is the Grayson County Schools policy on its school board members hiring kin to work for the school system?

Nobody home
I’m calling in response to the “delayed mail” comment. I have a complaint, too. I went down there at 9 on Saturday and by 15 minutes after, they still hadn’t opened. I had to leave.

Shut down the EPA
I am responding to the caller who complained that Rep. Morgan Griffith targeting the EPA. I agree that the EPA initially was a good thing but look at the facts now. Your electric bill is skyrocketing with the help of EPA regulations. Through-the-roof gas and oil prices are directly linked to efforts of the EPA. Businesses across America are so bogged down with EPA regulations that they are moving overseas in record numbers. I want to see a closed sign on the EPA as soon as possible. Let’s replace it with a new regulatory agency that is more sensible and does not hate America.

Pay off the debt
I’m an old lady, 80 years old. I still have to work for a living. I’ve got an idea how the president can pay off the U.S. debt to China or whoever else we owe. Shut the United States down — every factory, every postal service, everything. Even the lights except for emergency, and take all the money for one day that each person makes and I’ll give my share. Take it and pay off the debt. But, I wouldn’t trust him or anybody in Congress to pay it off. It would have to be somebody that the United States could trust.

Have a conscience
One thing I can’t understand about Galax, if you look in the newspaper for a rental, you can rent an apartment for as much as you can a house. Do they think people are wealthy in Galax? Do they think people who work in fast food restaurants can afford this? There are no mobile homes in Galax yet there are several mobile home parks. Why aren’t there any for rent? I am on Social Security disability and I can’t afford to pay $500-$600 a month. It’s over half of my check. There is just no way people can make it. Something should be done because the cost of living does not balance out with wages. If there are any renters out there with a conscience, they will start coming down on the rent just a little bit.