Readers' Hotline 8/29/12

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Regular raises rates
In 2008, then-Senator Obama gave an interview about what his energy policy as president would be. He said that under his energy policy, electricity rates would necessarily skyrocket. His Environmental Protection Agency is putting so many restrictions on coal plants that he said coal plants would be allowed to operate, but EPA restrictions would bankrupt them. We get most of our electricity from coal so we can thank President Obama and his regulations through the EPA for our high electric rates. He said they would skyrocket. That’s the president’s own prediction about his energy policy. I hope we can reverse this in November.

It works
I want to tell all you people that may have been watching this certain station that says ObamaCare doesn’t work. Let me tell you. I am 75 years old, and it does work. It pays for preventative medicine, tests, the shots I have had to have, none of that costs anything. It’s covered. It has happened to me and it has meant a lot when you are on a fixed income.
Editor’s note: It may not be you, but someone is paying for it. Think about it.

Defending Obama
I want to comment on President Obama and how so many people in the Hillsville area seem to not appreciate what he has done lately. I’m worried if we do vote Republican again, things will go downhill fast. We also need to take in consideration, when Obama came into office, there were a lot of things already laid in front of him. A lot of the blame and horrible comments I hear, you also have to consider that it wasn’t all due to Obama when he came into office. Please, I beg of you, vote Democrat this year. Otherwise, we are in trouble.

Never enough
Why can’t we ever have smart guys that didn’t inherit or grow up in wealth — present company excepted — run for office in this country? I know it is all about the money and the perqs, but it is never enough for them. They have to have everything we have left and take that too. Look at Paul Ryan, from a wealthy family. And, I thought we, the people, had to vote on changing important issues in this country. All these voting changes sound illegal to me.
Editor’s note: What voting changes? Please be specific when you call.

Deserving respect
From what I understand about bus drivers at the bus meeting for Grayson County schools — what’s happened to professionalism? People work hard and have a difficult job and deserve to be treated with respect, not hostility. A lot of people are fed up with this behavior.

Changed approach
Mayor Crowder, I voted for you to make decisions and for a change. To me, you are dragging your feet on this issue and it seems like you are turning into a clique politician. It is time for you to take your stand. You were doing well until this hiring issue came up. Now it seems you are bowing to pressure. Please don’t disappoint us that voted for you.
Editor’s note: After initially opposing the idea of using a panel to consult on the hiring of a police chief for the Town of Hillsville, Mayor Greg Crowder said he and other council members have now agreed to use a panel of council members, law enforcement and community members to advise in the hiring process.

Dual resident
I was reading in the Hotline the editor’s note that said Chief Clark of Galax did not make a suggestion to Hillsville officials [about using a hiring panel]. He did in fact suggest to town officials about how this needed to process and be done. How come there is nothing printing about procedures as far as him having to live in the city, but doesn’t?
Editor’s note: Clark has residences in both Galax and Hillsville.

Show and tell
If President Obama is crying about Mitt Romney’s income tax returns, why doesn’t he show the American people his birth certificate? How can anyone vote for him and go to church on Sunday and say they are a Christian

Better than average
Why is everyone blaming Obama for all the Mexicans coming in to this country? Have they forgot part of the U.S. is really Mexico? The Mexicans were coming in this country 300 years ago, 400 year ago. Don’t blame everything on Obama. He is way behind on this deal. There is a lot of work in Virginia. Virginia is below the unemployment level of the nation. Gov. McDonnell [is keeping] a low profile, because it won’t look good for Republicans. It will look good for Obama. As George Bush said one time, relocate. The jobs are there.

Fix yourself up
To the woman who had nothing better to do than complain about the local convenience stores, maybe if you would take enough time to put your teeth in, brush your hair and put a bra on before you go out in public, maybe you wouldn’t have so much time to complain on the telephone.

Essential difference
It appears that the Republican and Democrat parties have turned into conservatives and liberals. The essential difference between liberals and conservatives is that liberals could not exist without conservatives to defend their freedom and support them economically. However, conservatives, on the other hand, could exist and live quite well without liberals.