Readers' Hotline 8/29/11

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Got it together
During open house when registering three Galax High School students for classes, I was more than impressed with all the preparation that made this a very smooth beginning of the school year. The superintendent, principals and teachers and staff were all available for questions. Way to go, GHS. It seems a smooth start will help with a fruitful year for all concerned.

Wandering minds
I’m a male teacher in Carroll County. I’m not proud of the fact that I am also upset about the dress code for teachers and staff within our school system. I selfishly realized I will no longer be able to enjoy those tight blue jeans, low cut tops and the bounce that no bra creates. I also am preparing to give up this exercise that affords my imagination. I also have a master’s degree. I realize now that without moral ethics, the value of my degree, to me and others, becomes less valuable. I realize that one’s appearance gives others a clear view of what is inside mind and heart. The influence a teacher has on our teenagers is great and everlasting. Thanks to Carroll schools.

Come and get it
In response to people complaining about deer in their yard, eating apples. We also have an apple tree in our yard beside a pond. My wife and I love to sit and watch deer come out and eat apples from under the tree. Just the other day we saw six deer — two bucks, two does and two babies. It was a beautiful sight just to sit and watch the babies running and playing and the grown deer standing and eating apples. If they have too many deer to contend with, just send them our way. We would be glad to have them over here.

Stating the positive
With the negative comments being made about Gladeville Elementary School, I would like to say something positive. If you walk in the doors of Gladeville, you will see some of the hardest working individuals there. You will not only see that, but you will see a clean school and if you take a walk down the hallway, you will hear the wonderful things the teachers are teaching the students based on the curriculum framework. So, if you, as an individual in the community, can come and do a better job than what the teachers at Gladeville School are doing, I urge you to do so. Otherwise, keep your negative comments to yourself.

Looking ahead
Who paid for Obama’s big bus tour of the Midwest? Do you know where his expensive bus was made? Canada. Yet, he stops on his tour and tells everyone that will listen — which isn’t many people — that we need to buy American-made products so jobs will be created in America. Wake up, America, and educate yourself. Are we better off than we were two and a half years ago? We have to wake up and prepare ourselves for the 2012 elections.

I was a student at Carroll County RAE Center. I had the experience of having Mr. Wade Meredith as a principal. He was one of the greatest principals out there and that school does not get recognized as much as it deserves to be. For his family — you are in our prayers.

Hot inside
I was in a store today and in the parking lot was a small pickup truck with a dog in it. The temperature at the time was 90 degrees. The window was half rolled down. I asked the manager of the store to call the police due to the fact that I had read in The Gazette that it was a class three misdemeanor to leave a dog in a car with a window half rolled down and no one else in the vehicle with them. The manager refused, saying that it was ridiculous ordinance and they didn’t believe in it. About that time somebody dropped a bunch of stuff and ran outside and got in their vehicle and drove off. More people need to be involved when dogs or children are in vehicles with the temperature above 80 degrees.

Are you jealous?
To the person that said they had two words for the pageant mom — “toddlers and tiaras.” I’m sorry. That’s three words. What can we expect when you can’t even count. But, I have one word. Jealousy.

In it for themselves
These Republicans say, “Don’t raise taxes, it will cost jobs,” and “keep the taxes lower, we will have jobs.” Well, we have had the Bush era tax cuts for 10 years and I don’t see any jobs. Everything Obama tries to put through so we can have jobs — construction and all kinds of different things — they block it because they want to be president. All they care about is themselves. Do they think people are stupid enough not to see that?

Already a mess
This is for “share the blame,” talking about the country — our president getting our country in a bigger mess. It was already in a mess when he took office. It is going to take a miracle for him to get it out. Bush was in there for eight years. He’s the one got our jobs in this shape. It is going to take some praying and some work to get it out.
Editor’s note: Regarding this call and the one above it, the U.S. economy experienced expansion from December 2001 until December 2007, when it fell into recession. It was among the weakest recoveries since World War II, but it was recovery nonetheless.

In the hole
Everybody knows that any president that comes in to office inherits the mistakes from the previous president. Obama is going to straighten it out — and I am not defending Obama, because this guy is a mess too. I’ll never vote for him again. We are in the hole right now. The economy is bad and Obama still wants us to give money away to other countries. Let’s borrow money from China and the World Bank and take care of the United States. Another thing I want to say — this thing in the Hotline about somebody digging in the Goodwill donation box. Don’t you think maybe the person digging in the Goodwill box was a poor person who needed [something]?

Looking sharp
I recently went to Carroll County High School to pick up my daughter and I noticed the teachers were dressed very professionally. The male teachers had on ties and dress shirts. I was just very impressed with that and thought it was nice they looked so professional. I want to say good going, Carroll County, for the new dress code.

Not so bad
After reading R.J. Miller’s letter to the editor, I think it needs to be commented on. He complains about U.S. 58 being widened; 58 should have been widened 30 years ago from the Kentucky line to Norfolk. Coal owners have wanted that road opened for four lanes so they can haul coal directly to Norfolk. And over here on Virginia 620 where it is to be widened by Oak Grove Road so people can get in and out of there, just think if there are 300 people that happen to be working in a factory over there, those people would never get out plus you get rid of that dangerous curve. It is not all bad as you would like to make it sound.

Customer endorsement
The guy driving the truck [who was suspected by a caller of being involved in a flim-flam] is an outstanding, honest, Christian man. He has been painting for us and our neighbors for 15 to 20 years. You can count on him for a job well done.

Pricey ticket
I attended the Galax Old Fiddlers’ Convention this year and was appalled at how many people were there and paid the high prices just to get in for the music. It is hard telling how much money the [sponsoring] Moose Lodge turned over.
Editor's note: And yet, you still paid.

Failed operation
This is a follow up on Operation Fast and Furious of the federal government. ATF officials have testified in front of the federal government that our own government has set up gun sales to Mexican drug cartel members who have taken those guns back over the Mexican border and committed crimes with them — one obviously involving the death of an ATF agent. The U.S. government has no business in setting up these sales, especially within our borders. The naivete of people in this country thinking they can simply get news from television really astounds me. All of this is available on Facebook.