Readers' Hotline 8/28/13

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It’s simple
This is in response to all the comments about speed traps in Galax and surrounding areas. If you don’t speed, you don’t get a ticket. If you break the law, you should get a ticket. One law is just as important as any other law. Try slowing down and you won’t get a ticket and there is no trap at all.

Costly change
Apparently, whoever decided to change the speed limit in Galax must own a garage. You cannot come into Galax or leave Galax without drawing your brakes. Therefore, you are going to wear them out and the garages are going to make money off of it. Either [they get you] that way or by paying a fine for speeding. It’s ridiculous.

Continuing mess
To whoever wanted to know who voted for the last president, I sure hope they haven’t watched Fox News and want a Republican president. That’s what got us in this mess to start with. George Bush wasted everything Clinton accomplished. We are still not out.

Stuck on 45
You may not print this, but I pay my taxes and we have got nitwits running the city. If we have to draw our brakes to go anywhere to shop in this one-horse town, we’d just as well sell out and move. By the way, have you seen the houses for sale? Already had to get my brakes fixed. My foot is set on 45 miles. It is hard to go down to 35. How do we get rid of the people that are trying to run this town? Maybe get a moped?

Don’t fall for it
Well, the scammers are busy again. A few weeks back I got this call saying because if you made your credit card payments on time, you are scheduled for a lowering in your percentage and all we need to know is how much you owe, your credit card number and your security number on the back of your card. It is a hoax, so don’t fall for it. I got another call today. They are starting it again: “we will lower the interest rate on your credit card.” But it is not true.

No comparison
This is a response to the “gay pride day festival” suggestion. Gay pride day? I don’t think so. How can you compare our family-friendly events to a gay pride day? That is certainly not a family-friendly event and many homes are broken apart as a result of the gay lifestyle. We know who you are, but more importantly, God knows who you are. He even knows your name.

Ample warning
I’m calling on behalf of the city police department. There are no speed traps in the City of Galax. Drivers are given ample warning of the speed limit. Speed limits are posted on the speed limit signs they pass on the street. Keep up the good work on Fries Road.