Readers' Hotline 8/26/13

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Questions about hospital
Regarding Twin County Regional Hospital, how long is third floor going to be closed? How many positions have been eliminated since Duke LifePoint took over the facility? How many long-term managers have been required to reapply for their jobs? When is the community going to get the money from the sale of the asset that they owned? It has been 15 months or greater.
Editor’s note: The hospital administration addresses some of this caller’s questions and concerns in today’s guest editorial HERE.

Matter of enforcement
I don’t know why everybody is so concerned with the Galax speed limit being 35 mph on the four-lane. The police probably won’t enforce it because the speed limit is 15 miles an hour on Long Street up by the high school where our children are, and they never give any tickets up there. People go up through there just driving 40 and 50 miles per hour. So, don’t worry about the speed limit being 35 unless they enforce it.

Make my day
Criminals in Carroll County have been put on notice and it is about time. From brothers who will shoot an armed suspect who will steal their car, to McDonald’s employees who will stand up and fight people with knives, to a 91-year-old former security guard who wouldn’t give up his truck to some idiot that caused damage all over Carroll County. I say hurray and it is about time. Criminals, we are watching for you. We are gunning for you and many of us are armed. You better watch your back and watch what you are doing and leave the good people of Carroll County out of your foolishness.
Editor’s note: We noticed that trend, too, caller. And all three of the stories you mentioned were in the same issue.

Please smile
As I was walking my kids into a school this morning, I thought it was nice for the principal to be standing at the buses greeting the children. That was, until I heard him yelling to the children, “If you want breakfast go to the cafeteria. If not, go to your room.” No smile. No good mornings. No, “how was your summer.” Just pure misery on his face while those sweet babies climbed off that bus. Someone needs to give him some sensitivity training on how to deal with kids.

Put focus on students
I can tell you why the Grayson County School System cannot afford to fund resource officers at the school. It is because they gave [all] personnel a raise. Now they are saying they don’t have any money. This just shows where their priorities are. Not with the children of Grayson County, but with themselves.

No worries
Don’t worry, Toddy. We all love you. I just thought you were at the beach during the Fourth of July [a week when columnist Todd Jennings’ column did not appear].

Healthcare worries
If ever we need affordable healthcare in this country. Wow. I have just been through two operations, one hospital stay, doctors galore and I’m hurting. I am starting to heal but the bills are coming in and I’m worried. I have health insurance, but it is never enough. Will I lose my home next? Will I lose everything? When you are healthy, you don’t think it can happen to you, but I know now. Think about it. It’s very scary. What’s wrong with taking care of each other? Read the Bible and it doesn’t say, “I got mine.”

Twenty dollar question
This is in reference to the $20 charge from the doctor for telling the caller not to smoke. He or she should have enough sense to know they aren’t supposed to smoke anyway. They know how bad it is. So, if they are willing to go to a doctor and ask him such a stupid question, then they need to pay the $20.

Ask for input
Just a comment about “nothing cool about this school.” It’s a funny thing to me that the county board of supervisors, the Carroll County School Board, don’t ever ask anybody who actually works in the system on how anything can be cooled or heated. What they’ve got going on over there now, in my opinion, is ridiculous.

Shut it down
The Republican Party wants to shut the government down over the healthcare bill. If it was left to the Republicans, there wouldn’t be any government to start with.
Editor’s note: Some Republican lawmakers favor a “last chance” to defund “Obamacare” through maneuvers that would shut down the government, in what they call a “temporary suspension of non-essential federal government spending” Only 13 Republican senators have signed a letter in favor, which leaves in question whether there is enough support to take action. It is not embraced by all Republicans.

Thick smoke
It’s sad when you go visit a loved one at a nursing home and you end up having to wade through cigarette smoke because they brought the residents out front to smoke. That’s pitiful. They should have a designated area for that.

Riding the brakes
Everybody around Galax whose brakes fail from having to keep their foot on them all the time for the stupid speed limit they’ve got now, and end up having a wreck or going to the hospital, when you get ready to go home, tell them to send the bill to the Galax Police Department. Also, where brakes fail from having to keep on them constantly and having to have new brakes put on, tell the man to send the bill to Galax Police Department. That is about as low down as you come when you put a speed limit down to 25 and you have to keep your foot on the brake constantly. It’s stupid and it’s crazy.

NASCAR wonderment
I’m just watching NASCAR, Michigan 400. Joey Lagano won and the way he won was by using fuel strategy. Here’s my question. If you exceed your fuel allotment and you still win the race, since you always have enough gas in your car to spin donuts and run a backwards lap and everything, maybe if you win, the Fuel Fairy comes down and pees in your tank. Is that how it happens? I just don’t know. NASCAR is a mystery.

25 to 35 is OK
This is an answer to “alternate route.” We used to have 15 to 20 mph speed limits around the city and we did well with the old model cars. We weren’t afraid they would break down in the middle of the road like y’all are now with all these plastic cars and all these sensors and stuff on them. I think 25-35 mph is a good, safe speed for U.S. 58 to Walmart and different areas. We need to consider that we need to watch and be alert for 25 mph speed lines.

You never know
Of all the messed up government agencies we have, I believe the post office is the most messed up. You don’t even know if you are going to get your mail or not.

Taking so long
Why hasn’t Gary Wheatley, the man who shot the deputy, been sentenced? And, I noticed his wife has never been tried. It was such a big story to begin with. Now you never hear nothing about it. I can’t figure out why it is taking so long to sentence him.
Editor’s note: Wheatley was sentenced Aug. 15 to serve a total of 11 years in prison in connection with the June 2012 wounding of Grayson County Deputy Doug Waller. Spouse Crystal Gooslin-Wheatley will be tried for her alleged connection to the incident in a one-day jury trial on Nov. 14.

Nobody’s business
To the people of Carroll County and Grayson County, I would like to say I have read one of the stupidest things in the Hotline I have ever seen. Someone wanted to know who everybody voted for. Wants it written on the ballots. It’s none of your business who you vote for. I don’t care for anybody knowing who I voted for. I’m a Democrat and I have been a Democrat all my life. I voted for Obama and if he runs, I would vote for him again. Whoever you are, trying to figure out how everybody voted is stupid. You don’t need to vote, no way.

Well did
We need to thank Keith Weatherman, the Grayson County recreation director for the past year, for the job he did on renovating the park and the programs he run for kids. He did an outstanding job and we are going to miss him. We need to make sure the county administrator, board of supervisors and recreation board hire someone to continue with our recreation park. We have a beautiful facility and everybody who lives in Grayson County should be proud of it. Thank you, Keith, for a job well done.

Court coverage
If you are going to post about the individual stealing gold in Hillsville, you need to post about both individuals and not make it based on just one. The other individual charged on the front of the newspaper, that is simply not fair. You are being biased against one individual. You need to get your facts straight and you need to try both individuals instead of just targeting one.
Editor’s note: The Aug. 19-20 article on the gold theft was occasioned by the appearance by Isaac Charles Edwards in Carroll County General District Court for a preliminary hearing, which he waived. Edwards is charged with destroying evidence of a felony offense, conspiracy to enter a house to commit larceny (two counts), conspiracy to commit grand larceny and being an accessory to grand larceny, according to information from the courts. As the article noted, a second man, Christopher Brandon Jones, has also been charged with statutory burglary from the home of Coolidge Beasley; conspiracy to commit statutory burglary; grand larceny; conspiracy to commit grand larceny. Jones has already been indicated and is awaiting trial in Carroll County Circuit Court.

Barely there
It’s another workday and I am running late after having crawled through Galax due to the ridiculous speed limit changes. Not having time to eat breakfast, I decided to stop at a local fast food to pick up a biscuit. Seeing cars lined all the way around the building, I park and run inside to place my order to go. Rushing back to my vehicle, I manage to arrive to work with nine minutes left before my shift starts. I grab a cup of coffee and tear into my to-go bag to retrieve my sausage and egg. I open the biscuit to put a little pepper and mustard on it. To my surprise I have to pull out the big magnifying glass in order to find the egg. I just paid an extra $1.68 for an egg and it is so small they probably make at least three sausage and egg biscuits with each egg. At that rate, they gross $60 a dozen with a net profit of at least $12. The shift bell goes off and I have to trash the sausage and egg. I know in my heart it is going to be a long day.