Readers' Hotline 8/24/11

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Refocus police efforts
I realize Interstate 77 runs through Carroll County. The sheriff’s department caught three small-time dope dealers. No pat on the back from citizens when the county has dope and overdosing ruining our kids. They are sitting over there on 77 when they could be staring down somebody’s eyeballs here in the county.

Passes the test
In reference to the concern about a flim-flam, I think the caller was referring to a gentleman I have dealt with for approximately 30 years. I have dealt with him in law enforcement and privately. You do not have to worry about him. He is a very honest person and I have work to prove it and the paint has lasted and he does not charge anyone over and beyond what the price is quoted. If they are referring to him, they are sadly mistaken.

Come and observe
I suggest that the Carroll County School Board members visit the schools and observe some of their administrators in action as they carry out the school board members’ policies. A good place to start would be Carroll County High School.

Help line
When I used to live in Winston-Salem years ago, we had a “contact help line.” This was for people who needed to talk to someone non-judgmental. It was staffed by Christian volunteers — trained individuals. Sometimes all you need is an understanding ear. With as many churches as we have in this area, why not give it a try? Is it a matter of funding? Is that the problem? The Lord doesn’t really care how you get to him, as long as you do get there. I would be willing to volunteer or whatever is needed. How many people can stand up to this challenge?

My husband and I have come up from North Carolina to look at some land near the parkway. It amazed me when we got into Virginia how much dead there was on the side of the roads — brown, very dead. People’s yards are not dead like that. What is the reason for this?

Pack your own
Don’t eat school food if you don’t like it. Seems like the caller last week is a homemade person and you don’t like chicken fryz. The manager doesn’t make up the menus and you need to find something else to blame about your child’s eating habits besides the school. Maybe you should pack their lunch and send healthy foods like carrots and bananas and things that don’t include cheese or grease. Evidently you have no idea what we get at the school or from the school.

With flying colors
I’m commenting on the Gladeville School test scores. There are lots of children at Gladeville that passed the SOLs with flying colors. I’m kind of tired of hearing the stuff about how poor they did. A percentage of the children probably did poor and I think that is to be expected. Gladeville was overcrowded last year. Things are thinning out a little bit better this year. But there are a lot of students in that school that passed.

How can they do that?
About the handicapped parking spaces at the Fries Rec Center. We’ve got a guy that’s running for [public office] — nothing handicapped about him or his wife that I know of — yet his truck is sitting there right now in a handicapped parking place. Why can they just park there and don’t get a ticket? Do they think they are big shots and above the law? You can bet your bottom dollar that if I parked there, I would get a ticket for it. Why can they do it but other people can’t? The law ought to be for everybody.

Coal factor
I was reading in The Gazette about Appalachian Power. The last time they were talking about the coal prices. They had gone from $40 to $45 in 2004 to $180 now. The last time I knew anything about it, Appalachian owned two coal companies. They can set their price anywhere they want to. That kind of makes me doubt they are spending $2 million on environmental problems when all the time they are raking in record rates. They have no reason to really go up. They can mine all the coal they want.
Editor’s note: Appalachian Power regularly solicits bids for mass coal purchases.

Movin’ on up
I want to congratulate Cult of Dionysis, the local metal band, for making it in to the round three of Ziggy’s battle of the bands contest. It’s good to see local bands gaining acknowledgment on larger standing. Hope to see everybody out there to help support a local Galax band competing against some national bands.

Multiplying fast
How many cats is anybody allowed to have in one household? There is a woman on Morning View Lane that has like 15. They are in everyone else’s garbage and yards and everybody else’s property more than they are theirs. The cats keep having kittens.

Where’s the drought?
About the person complaining about people mowing yards during the drought, I would like to know where that drought is. I’ve been all over Southwest Virginia and North Carolina and I haven’t seen any dry weather or drought yet. For the past 13 years all I have seen is 100 mph winds, mostly cloudy skies, pea soup fog, cold temperatures, severe thunderstorms, tornadoes, floods and blizzards. I have not seen any drought, and the way people talk that live in West Virginia, they have the same kind of weather we have been having for the past 13 years.
Editor’s note: The state was considered to be under ongoing drought conditions for several years, until 2010.

Running loose
A brown boxer dog runs loose every morning early on Terrace Lane. Please keep your dog up. It is frightening to have the dog run loose. The dog catcher will be notified if the dog continues to run loose.

Satisfied diner
Kudos to Kyoto, the Japanese restaurant at the Magic Mart shopping center. I had the most pleasurable dining experience there in the 11 years I have been in Galax. Best carrots I ever had in my life. You keep on, Kyoto.

Not too early
I’m calling about the unsanitary trash cans — leaving trash cans uncovered or not uncovered, plastic bags on top and dogs and cats and varmints get in them. Well, if you wait to place your garbage out 30 minutes before the garbage truck runs, then problem is solved.

Wall of fame?
What is all the construction and the wall being built where you start up to the hospital? Is it a wall of fame or what? We would like to know.
Editor’s note: It’s a retaining wall at the new intersection VDOT is building at Glendale and U.S. 58 near Subway in Galax. Workers had to cut into the bank to widen the lanes in the new intersection, which required a wall to hold back the dirt.

Save when you can
In answer to the complaints about coupons being issued, first of all, a company would not issue them for customers if they were not to be used, and in these unbearable economy times, it helps to save all one can. I think the stores should let people use them without making them feel like they are stealing. Go couponers, go.