Readers' Hotline 8/22/12

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Being watched
It’s a shame that when you go through a bank drive-thru and you need to use the pen that is in the box and they sit and wait for you to drop it back in there. They must be awful poor if they can’t afford a pen.

Gun control scheme
Gun grabbers around the globe believe they have it made. Secretary of State Hilary Clinton and the Obama administration are working with the U.N. to pass a new small-arms treaty. It is disguised as an international arms control treaty to fight terrorism, insurgency and international crime. In fact, it is a massive global gun control scheme. Ultimately, it is designed to register, ban and confiscate firearms owned by private citizens like you. We are likely to only have a few weeks to defeat the treaty when they make their move. As you know, it takes 67 Senate votes to ratify a treaty. If this treaty passes, it will be the same as Hitler in 1933 disarming the German people. Please contact senators Warner and Webb and strongly urge that they vote against this treaty.
Editor’s note: Action on the proposed treaty was suspended after the U.S. and other countries declined to vote on the current text and asked for more time, according to a fact check statement by snopes.com. The treaty “has nothing to do with restricting the legal sale or ownership of guns within the United States,” said snopes.com. The aim of the treaty is to combat illicit international trade of arms by setting international standards for import or transfer of conventional weapons in order to close gaps in arms export control systems that allow weapons to pass onto the illicit market, snopes.com said. “No such treaty could bypass the normal legislative process in Congress.” Treaties must be approved by a two-thirds votes of the U.S. Senate. The president cannot enact a complete ban on all weapons through treaties, snopes.com said, as a result of a 1957 Supreme Court ruling.

It’s a keeper
I am constantly amazed at the political stupidity of Hotline callers. Parts of ObamaCare went in to effect soon after it was passed. The part where insurance companies can’t drop you if you have a major illness. The part that says a parent can keep their child on their insurance until age 26. And, the part that says insurance companies must use 80 percent of the premiums they collect on the healthcare of their subscribers and if not, they must refund part of that premium. ObamaCare is not government-run healthcare. It only sets rules for insurance companies and businesses. Ask any senior citizen how they like their government-run Medicare and you will find out they will fight to keep it.

Thanks a lot
Way to go, Grayson County supervisors. You’ve done it again. You gave one [employee a larger] raise [than] the rest of the employees. Thanks for the raise.
Editor’s note: If the raises were based on the same percentage, people already at different pay levels would receive different raises. Perhaps that was the case in this instance.

The reason why
To the person who wrote how the electoral college has to do with horseback and communications and how to get to Washington, D.C., or some convoluted idea, that has nothing to do with the issue. It was about small states having a voice in the process. Not to be mean, but it would be better to keep your mouth shut and people think you a fool than to open it and prove them correct. They really need to study why we have it so that each state is represented according to their population from the census.

Wrong direction
I say hoorah to Kathy Isom for her editorial letter about our president. We feel the same way. Most of us just don’t write in and say so or take time to write in. It’s deplorable the direction he is sending our country in. I hope voters will open their eyes and not go for four more years of this. We don’t need this socialism. People, open up your eyes. Just because you are a Democrat, my goodness, you must search your conscience before God and see what he is doing.

Back it up
I’m calling in reference to the Aug. 13 letter “exhibiting trait of the Anti-Christ.” I would like to know which administration throughout history has not had some type of scandal? What proof do you have that taxpayer money is going to support the Muslim brotherhood? When and where was the big homosexual party held that our taxpayer money was supposed to pay for? The other thing is, which promises has President Obama not kept? One thing we do agree on is that the Bible says “by their fruits, you will know them.” I’m wondering what kind of fruits you are bearing. Are you bearing the fruits of judgment? And, of falsehood?

Looking better
I would like to comment on an old abandoned house at the end of Meadowlark. It has been an eyesore for years because nobody lives there and the owners let it grow up like a jungle. But, somebody is sure taking some pride to make this place look good. It’s nice to be able to walk by it and not think a snake is going to fall out.

My daughter rides a school bus in the evening from her school to another school, which has a bus hub where kids are picked up by parents or transferred to another bus. I pick up my daughter every day, but was running late due to my infant being sick and I was at the doctor’s office. When my daughter saw that I was not at the bus hub, she sat on the school steps to get out of the way of buses and cars at the hub. A teacher confronted her and told her to go to the principal’s office even though she pointed out that I was right there pulling in to get her. It is a shame that this caused so much commotion. Since this is such a problem for one of these teachers that my daughter sat on the school steps for four minutes to get out of the way for the buses and cars, I told my daughter, if I am ever late again, to just start walking home because I surely don’t want it to be an inconvenience to that teacher or school again.

In response
To the person that wrote the letter to the editor blaming Obama for an abortion procedure, abortion was legalized by the U.S. Supreme Court back in 1973. Obama was around 12 years old at the time. The law was upheld again by the Supreme Court in 2000. The person also proclaimed she knew for a fact Obama was not a Christian. Perhaps she should meditate on Luke 7, “Judge not that ye be not judged.”

Just called to remind registered Democrats that Barack Obama approved more than $700 billion of cuts in Medicare. I hope you are proud of your candidate, folks.
Editor’s note: The reader refers to the cut in Medicare that was used to pay for the “Obamacare” package approved by Congress in 2010.

Pray for the outcome
I am calling to challenge Christians and churches and everyone that will to pray for this election. If you have been watching the NBC news and CBS and all the news channels about the election between Obama and Romney, it is quite scary and we really need a good president in office. A good Christian man would be wonderful to get in there and straighten things up. But, we really need to pray for this election and for God to have his hand upon it. Take time every day between now and election day, and pray and fast for this election because this country needs God in it. It is amazing and quite scary how things have gotten.

Trying his best
The millions wasted on such hate mongering could have reduced our deficit by so much now. Until we stop the Bush tax cuts, which should have been ended when his term was up, we will never get ahead. If people had decent livable-wage jobs so many problems would be fixed. Just getting their paychecks, Social Security payments would be paid, they would pay their health insurance, taxes would be paid, there would be less people on food stamps. There would be more money to buy stuff. People would be proud to be working again. We have a good man in the White House trying his best to make our country whole again.
Wipe out D.C.
I was just watching a movie about a meteor and got a bright idea. It’s a shame one can’t come here and just wipe the District of Washington, D.C., out. That would help the American people more than anything. Just get rid of Washington all together.
Editor’s note: The 617,996 people who live in Washington, D.C. would disagree with you.

Don’t charge the church
I was at the Hillsville Town Council meeting Monday night. A local church had a water leak that caused an enormous water bill. The town did not catch this error. I don’t think the church should have to pay any over their regular bill. This error should have been found before it had such a large bill. Councilman Yonce quoted the gallons and spoke about this. My feeling is, the ex-mayor and council voted for the large severance pay [for two ex-officials]. The church should not have to pay for this.

Can’t decide
I don’t know who anybody should vote for this election. One side is for things I don’t believe in. Last night on CNN News, a guy spoke for Romney. The guy that spoke was a Mormon and told about the Mormon beliefs. He said they believe everyone goes to Heaven and they do not believe in any hell. On the other side, everybody is for certain rights. I don’t know which side is worse. I don’t know where we are heading.

As long as you’re sorry
It really is heart warming to know that adultery is okay in our small community as long as you are taking the girlfriend or boyfriend with you to church. The married man and his girlfriend may attend church, but they don’t learn much. Good to know we can sin as much as we want to as long as we say we are sorry on Sunday morning. Because, that’s what makes it all better. Get real, people. Do the Ten Commandments mean nothing?
Commercial interruptions
I was thinking after 77 years they might get it right at the fiddlers’ convention. I’m disabled and can’t get out and stay home to hear my children and grandchildren on the radio. It never happened. I wonder why they can’t get their commercial obligations first so you can hear what is being done at the fiddlers’ convention.

Thumbed their noses
Fries had a half-million from selling mill property purchased with a grant and frittered it away. Town council members with management savvy tried to help but were voted off council due to distortions that were spread. A 2009 plan by state and federal agencies was to fix up Fries by creating a resort hotel, improve downtown and access to the river by moving the fire department. The fire department was moved but the rest was cancelled. No access to the water, and downtown is as ugly as a mud fence. Last week, town council thumbed its nose at the granting agencies by putting Isom back on council.
Social club
For all the so-called Christians who meet to gossip every morning in the school parking lot, remember, the children and God are watching how you treat others.

Cold case
Reading in the Monday paper, I see where Sgt. James Alderman in Hillsville is starting to try to crack some cold cases. I certainly hope the Wave Jones incident several years ago is one of the cold cases he will look in to.

Adult care
When faced with the decision to put a loved one in the nursing home, please consider other options. There are a lot of caring, dependable people out there that would like to keep your family member at their home. Sometimes you can find this through doctors‚ offices and different places of people willing to sit with your loved one in your home. Reconsider nursing homes and try to find someone that will enable your loved one to stay at home in familiar surroundings.

See what they can do
I’ve got the perfect solution for hiring a new police chief in Hillsville. Use the same stamp they used when they hired the former chief. Make sure he goes to church with the mayor. Send him to school at taxpayers’ expense so he can be qualified. As for the three new members to council, give them a chance, sore losers. Let’s see what they can do before you try to throw them out. If we don’t like them after they have had a chance to prove themselves, they will be gone at election time also. As for the remaining council members, they apparently didn’t get the message about the bottle house because Greg Yonce is still bringing it up. The majority of us say no to Hillsville going into the real estate business. That is not what our tax dollars are going to be used for.

Not again
The idea of a new water park in Carroll County should follow the same procedures as the successful independent Carroll Wellness Center. The burden of cost and construction of maintaining the park should not be placed on Carroll taxpayers. Let the people that have the free time to use the water park raise the money to build and maintain it. Most citizens that are working don’t have free time to spend at a water park. The swimming season in Carroll County is only about 90 days out of the year, considering bad weather. An unsuccessful swimming pool was built at the Carroll Recreation Park and had to be demolished at a high cost to the taxpayers. Why should the same mistake be made again?

No deliveries
To the caller about the food that was given away in the community at Providence School -- they also give it away at the fire department and they said that Eagle Bottom people weren’t getting the food that needed it. Well, you have to go get the food. They do not deliver food to each home. They don’t have time to do that. You just have to go to one of the places and pick up your food.

Form an opinion
I am calling to have everybody praying for the election. Watch the news, watch the debates and get an opinion. Don’t listen to what everybody else is saying. Don’t vote one way just because your friend or your mom or dad, uncle, cousin or someone else is voting that way. Get your own opinion and vote the way you feel comfortable. This country has absolutely gotten into a terrible mess. We need God back in control. Pray to send the right person to the White House. Everybody please watch the debates. It is eye-opening. I was really shocked when I started watching them myself.

Bad decision
Those people in Miami, Fla., that voted to kill all the pit bulls ought to be taken care of themselves. Pit bulls are good dogs and they shouldn’t be killed by a bunch of stupid people.
Honest shopper
This is to publicly thank the honest Walmart shopper who turned my purse in at the service desk Aug. 15. I inadvertently left it in the cart and drove away, not discovering it was gone until I got to Woodlawn. After thoroughly searching in every grocery bag and inside my car, I concluded that I must have left it in the cart. So, I returned to Walmart in great haste. After checking the cart bin and not finding it, off I went to a cashier and asked if anyone had turned in a purse. They called the service desk and it was there. Please, God, bless the honest Walmart shopper who returned it in. I was hoping they would have the name of the honest person, but they did not. Anyway, I hope that person reads the newspaper and reads this note, as I am eternally grateful to you.