Readers' Hotline 8/21/13

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Kids first
Regarding resource officers, I think the school board needs to look at what its priorities are — putting resources at our school to look after our kids or taking it to buy the superintendent a new vehicle. I don’t think the school board is looking at priorities. They should be looking at the kids first. If they are not, we are in the wrong business.

Do it yourself
This is to the person that commented about the $20 charged by the doctor. They don’t realize how long they go to school to be a doctor. If they want to do the same job, let them go to school and pay all the money.
Editor’s note: A report this year by the Association of American Medical Colleges showed that debt levels for indebted medical school graduates and medical school cost of attendance have both increased faster than inflation over the last 20 years. “For most indebted graduates, medical school debt is the primary source of their education debt as the four-year cost to attend can surpass $200,000 at most schools and can exceed $300,000 at nearly a dozen.” Medical school debt may be in addition to undergraduate school debt for some.

Texting law
I just watched the news and it showed Chief Bolen pulling over someone he said was texting and did not put the phone to her ear. She said she was making a call. She is a very nice person. He should publicly apologize to her. Sounds like [this] is taking advantage of this new law.

Don’t bother
I would not have a computer if someone would give me one. There is too much crime on computers.

Rejecting God’s word?
In response to a gay parade day, why in the world would we want to go against God’s word? Gays parading down Main Street would be like spitting in God’s face. God forgive anyone for even suggesting that.

Focus on diversity
I do not support a gay pride day in Galax. I think anytime any city starts celebrating any group with a special day, you just begin to slide down a slippery slope with all people groups wanting a special day. Galax is a city of diversity and that’s what we should focus on, is honoring all people and the only pride day that should be here is that we all get along together and it’s a day of pride in Galax for our community and for its people and for the country we live in.

Endorsement turn-off
I am a parent of a child in Carroll County Public Schools. I received a recorded telephone message from an administrator at one of the schools in this county endorsing a political candidate. That seems to me like it is not right. It’s unprofessional and I don’t think the administrators in their position should be able to take such a position supporting a candidate. What’s going to happen when my child has some issue and that administrator is brought in? What if that person finds out that my family may not agree with that endorsement? It is not right and something needs to be done about it. Another thing, if I was on the fence, I wouldn’t vote for that person because of how slanted that is.

Think about it
Concerning last week’s call to release all captured animals used to make money — send them back where they came from. Now, that sounds like a plan. Where did all the cows go? Where did they come from? And, where would we get our milk? At least the chickens wouldn’t go far until they got run over by cars or eaten by packs of dogs or cats. It wouldn’t be slander, would it, to simply point out the obvious, that some people are idiots?