Readers' Hotline 8/20/2014

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By Staff Reports

Fries concerns
I’m a concerned citizen of Fries. I’ve got some kids that play football over here. Last year they took up over $1,000 on a car wash to buy new equipment and I just wonder why none of the equipment showed up. Also, at the town meeting, you got to either be a member on the board to speak or you are not allowed to speak. I would like to know why.

Refusing expansion

I am so tired of Fox News trying to scare people with Obama’s insurance by saying you have to pay more, etc. They fail to say the reason anyone would have to pay more is because Republican governors refuse to pay for expanded Medicaid, which is already paid for and would save thousands, and over 5 and 6 million have already signed up including my daughter-in-law who is saving over $300 a month. This is so sad. It is causing so many people not to get their insurance that they really need. The reason hospitals are shutting down and doctors are leaving is because Medicaid expansion was not accepted. It is causing thousands to lose jobs and they are not telling the truth of it. It is paid for but not with taxpayer money. It is paid by closing loopholes where insurance companies were ripping people off. I know when my spouse got cancer, we were ripped off and took everything we had. I owned a business and everything. I just hate so many children are being deprived because of misinformation.
Editor’s note: “Already paid for” is at the heart of the debate that divides the states. Twenty-four states oppose expansion of Medicaid. The Affordable Care Act requires the federal government to pay 100 percent of costs of expanding Medicaid for three years. Afterward, the federal government pays a share declining to 90 percent (by 2020) of the costs of expansion. Officials in states opposing expansion take the view that costs will not be controlled once the federal government stops paying 100 percent. For example, Alaska Gov. Sean Parnell states there is “no guarantee the federal government can make good on its 90 percent” of costs for new enrollees in future years. “Obviously, it’s not free money just because these are federal dollars. They’re from American taxpayers,” Parnell said.

Defending our interests
To whoever called in “defending the wrong borders,” I don’t think you understand what supporting our military is about. They are in other countries to protect our interests across the globe. They defend this country and our country also helps other countries but for you to say any troops are dumb and wasting time at a desk like they are lazy, you have no respect and need to be shipped out with all the illegal people.  Don’t lump all young people with welfare, because I work, my husband works. We make too much to get help and I can’t afford $300 a month for insurance. Obamacare is a joke because I am a prime example of who it was supposed to be for and I don’t qualify because my husband’s employer offers me insurance for $800 a month. I have no insurance, but you or no one else is paying for me. Don’t ask who I think pays because I know. I do.
Editor’s note: Dear caller, please avoid speed-reading when you call in your comments. It is difficult to understand and transcribe your thoughts.

Been here
This is in response to “coming to Virginia.” When did you move here? They have been coming to Virginia for the last 20 years.

Bring Kleenex
This is in response to “why bother.” Yes, you are required to have tissues in school. If you will check the school required listing, you will find that out.

Use your headlights

In response to the comment that we need more patrolling by cops on Fancy Gap mountain, maybe we need patrolling, but we could use the idiots driving at 95 miles an hour to slow down and perhaps they could turn on their headlights when it is foggy and raining. That is not just Fancy Gap Mountain. That is everywhere I go. I have been in rain for four days and very few people have their headlights on. Are they stupid? I think that is the law.

Come and stay

I am hoping we have enough sane people in leadership who can convince the others that the location proposal is ridiculous and expensive. We have ample playgrounds in the area. We have school buildings that can be remodeled and upgraded with less expense. We have established streets leading to all these properties. What we don’t have is enough population to justify the expense of a new campus. A new school will not draw additional folks to Galax. Galax has become a tourist town. Tourists will come and go and students will graduate and leave. For years Galax was a thriving industrial town, full of employed happy folks. Let’s try to regain that. Let’s put our efforts toward securing new industry and business. Then people will come and stay. Our graduates will stay and then we can afford to build a new school, preferably not in a quiet neighborhood where it is not welcome.

I think it is terrible that some schools in Carroll County have a duty-free lunch and others do not. Teachers should not get paid for the 30 minutes they are working. At our school, some teachers have a duty-free lunch and some do not. How is that fair? To allow your pets to have a duty-free lunch and everyone has to work during your lunch?

Only for ourselves

Dear “educate yourself,” you need to think, “what would Jesus do?” We are all illegals here except the Native Americans. We all need shelter. These people came from being harassed, tortured, killed, families destroyed. If we do not have compassion and love and feed the hungry ―that is helping Jesus. He said if you feed one or visit in prison, you are doing it for Me. What has happened to the world that people are nothing for anyone but themselves? I pray for everyone.

Preferred Hillary

No, I did not want Obama to be president because I felt Hillary could do a better job of straightening out the mess Bush did by putting us in a war. I have lost a relative in the war. Have you? If you have not lost a relative, you need to quit talking about it.
Editor’s note: As a matter of perspective, we would note that then-Sen. Hillary Clinton voted in support of the Iraq War Resolution, which passed the U.S Senate by a vote of 77-23.  

Giving it a try
Obama can’t lead? That’s hilarious. I suppose you want the Republicans to be in there and have another government shutdown that cost billions of dollars? At least Obama is trying to do something on his own where the Republicans says no to everything.

Daycare struggles

Working parents in Independence should have been forewarned their daycare was in danger of closing because of financial problems. Now 25-plus kids will have no quality daycare available to them at the end of this month. We definitely need more daycare facilities available to our children in this area.

Held in Staunton
This is a number your Hotline readers will be interested in: (540) 886-0729. That is the place in Virginia that is holding illegal immigrants that have come up from the border. I think everybody needs to call that number and voice your opinion. Also, call your governor’s office because they are a bunch of smart alecks. We called them and they said they didn’t have to tell us anything. That’s all fine and good as long as they don’t take a penny out of my taxes to pay for these illegal children.
Editor’s note: The phone number is a listing for the Shenandoah Valley Juvenile Center for Detention in Staunton. WDBJ-7 News reported Aug. 6 that seven Central American children younger than 18 were being held there. The center’s director said they were among thousands of unaccompanied children who have fled their homes and crossed the border illegally into the U.S., WDBJ reported. The director said the center has been taking in children under similar circumstances for five years under a contract with the federal government.

Holy nation
I’ve seen several people in the last week or two calling about the nation of Israel. I would like for them to read in the King James version of the Bible. There is no doubt this is God’s holy nation. That is His people over there. That’s where it all began. They are still His people. Read Ezekiel chapter 36. If you are a true Christian and have the spirit of God in you, you can understand the Bible if you really want. If you are a Christian, you are a spiritual Jew. The Jewish nation and Jesus Christ ― God formed that nation and Jesus Christ was raised over there. Don’t forget about Israel. They are going to be there until God takes us all to Heaven.

Casting blame

It is appalling how the clerk of court in Carroll County blamed everyone but herself for the mistakes made. She is the one getting the salary. Everyone would have respected her a lot more if she didn’t put the blame on everybody else.
Editor's note: A March audit was done for the Carroll County Circuit Court Clerk's Office for 2012-2103. Honeycutt responded by explaining that her office was working with a smaller staff at that time, while two employees dealt with severe and critical illnesses. She also explained the steps that have been and are being taken to correct discrepancies addressed in the audit.