Readers' Hotline 8/17/11

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Here’s the number
Anyone needing information on the Galax Post Office phone number [that is not listed in the phone book], it is 236-3891. You are welcome.

To the lady that took items from the Goodwill box that was at the Goodwill delivery donation box, it might be a good idea if you made a donation to Goodwill to pay for the items you took — the vacuum cleaners and items. That wasn’t very nice. You are taking away from people who really need items.

Bashing the U.N.
The United Nations is attempting to overturn the conservative beliefs our country was built upon. The United Nations threatens the integrity and sovereignty of our country. Obama has agreed to send millions of American dollars to this morally bankrupt, socialist organization. We need to end American membership in the United Nations. We also need to stop borrowing money to give to foreign countries.

Early admission
I would like to know what the big deal is about them not letting campers in to Felts Park until Sunday morning [before the fiddlers’ convention]. All they have to do is charge them an extra day and let them on in there instead of having all this mess lined up against the street.

Share the blame
After reading “messing us up” in the Aug. 3 paper, I can only conclude that you must be on the public dole. Why else would you still be cheering the worst president our country has had? Why else would you still be blaming Bush for the trillions being wasted by the present government? For helping put Obama in office, you need to take your share of the blame for the state in which we find our country. Quit playing the Democrat and blaming others. Please get your head out of the sand and educate yourself.

Won’t risk it
I’m calling in response to “get to work.” I am the one that put “spruce it up” in the Hotline. You don’t realize what I am talking about. This is not Baywood, backcountry roads where you can walk in a field. This is at U.S. 58 out between Country Club Lane and Lowes. This is the left turn lanes. There are piles of dirt, debris, cigarette ashes. You would need a shovel and a truck and I would have to stop traffic. I cannot physically get out and carry a trash bag and clean up piles of debris along the road. I do not have access to trim trees on Cranberry Road that the city should trim. I am not risking my life to stand in front of the traffic on 58 going 55 miles an hour. You clean it up or the city needs to clean it up. I’m not doing it. That is not my responsibility. The city should do it, or the state.

Whom to trust
For the person talking about the election that we have in another year, and says people need to remember who is causing all the problems. Let me tell you, they all are. I don’t know how you would vote for any of them. The ones that are supposed to do right are going along with the ones that are not doing right. They are all in together. It is all a mess. Unless we had a complete overhaul and none of them, I am not even going to vote unless I can find somebody that I can trust. I want to vote, but I don’t want to put somebody in like we’ve got now.

Better unsaid
Regarding the “factory heat” caller in the Hotline, the smug answer from the editor probably came from a person sitting in an air conditioned office who’s hardest work was a couple months in the summer, while in college, possibly in a factory and possibly not. This comment could very well gone unsaid or been made by a fellow worker in the conditions the caller worked in.

Two words
I’ve got two words for the caller in the Hotline that thinks beauty pageants are appropriate for small children — toddlers and tiaras.

Bring some jobs
I see where Galax got grants for tourism and festivals. I wonder if anybody is working on anything to try to get some jobs brought to Galax to help the needy.

Downtown flowers
I do not know who is responsible for the beautiful flowers on Main Street in downtown but they should be highly commended. They add so much to the town and they are just beautiful. Keep up the good work.

Won’t last
No wonder this country has no way to go but down and down and down. Simply because they are letting men marry men and women marry women. That is strictly against the Bible. Another thing, they can’t make anything right in this country anymore. I paid a lot for a mailbox and when the wind gets up a little bit, the door comes open. Years ago they made things that would last. They don’t make anything anymore that will last.

King Kudzu
I’m calling from the Fries area and we are concerned on Scenic Drive about the kudzu growing up on the highway and taking over the power line and telephone poles, driveways, trees. I’m on a fixed income. I can’t afford to buy spray for the kudzu. This is happening all along Scenic Drive. We need help from somebody — VDOT or somebody to control this kudzu.

On the wrong road
I was just reading about gay marriages. It has to be a fool that would marry someone of the same sex. Shame on anybody that would do such a thing.

Fluctuations make no sense
Just what the heck is it with these oil companies and gas prices? Today is Aug. 9 and I just heard a few minutes ago that the price of a barrel of oil is $80. Right now the price of gas is more than it was when it was $100 a barrel. Do they not make enough profit in a quarter? Do they need about $50 or $60 billion profit? Why can’t they come down on the price of gas and show the reflection of that the same as when the price of a barrel of oil goes up a nickel or two or a dime or two. They raise the price of gas right then and there. Why can’t they lower the price of gas to reflect the same fluctuation as it does when the oil goes up. The government or somebody needs to look into this. Take oil off the commodities market. This is just plain ridiculous. It is stupid.