Readers' Hotline 8/15/12

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Wandering around
The experience I had at [a convenience store] was horrible. There were non-employees cleaning the establishment and coming out of the back with other employees at the same time. There have been many times when guys have been loitering in the store in the morning hours. I can’t believe the establishment would allow this.

Fewer channels
We have Dish Network, too, and we lost [some] channels. We called the company and it doesn’t seem to work. They say they are having trouble getting subscriptions because of the dollar amount. So, tell them if they have to pay more, then you should have to pay less. That’s what we did and we got $10 off a month.

Join the crowd
About having to sit every Sunday and watch a married man and his girlfriend sit in the congregation — let me ask you a question. Who did Christ hang out with when he was on Earth? Was it pharisees like you or was it adulterers or the downtrodden sinners of the day? I would hope that you would realize that everyone sitting in church is a sinner, including yourself. Just something to think about. Don’t be a pharisee.

Filling the airwaves
Is anybody else getting tired of seeing the political ads while we are trying to watch the Olympics? I get so tired of seeing Obama. People need to wake up and vote accordingly this fall. Get rid of this guy before he truly ruins this country. I just want to watch the Olympics. I don’t want to hear these idiots.

Guest of honor
I so much enjoyed and agree with the stand that Chic-Fil-A took. Each restaurant offers a special table for President Obama. Maybe sooner or later they would have a good influence on him.

I’d just like to say thanks to the girls at Check In To Cash in Galax for giving me a title loan on my vehicle. They were very helpful.

Too little time
I think it is wrong for David Richardson to have only received nine years for first-degree murder. My fiancé is 23 years old and he had a felony and tried to possess a firearm the legal way and he got 10 years and this guy had one illegally and shot someone in a public place. Our system needs to do a little bit better.
Editor’s note: Richardson was convicted of a lesser charge of involuntary manslaughter, not first-degree murder as we reported. An outdated listing in the state court system’s database still had Richardson’s charge listed as first-degree murder at the time of his trial on July 31, which led to The Gazette misreporting his charge.

You, too
I’d like to make a general announcement. Churches are for sinners. Shame on the person in the Hotline who complained about having to sit in his prominent church with adulterous sinners. Jesus ate with sinners. The least you could do is sit through church with them. And, don’t forget, let he who is without sin cast the first stone. Anyone who tries to tell you they aren’t a sinner is lying to you and themselves.

Who’s in charge?
My daughter was at a scrimmage game Saturday morning at Hillsville and she came home and told me she had seen a girl there that she went to school with that has a little baby. I was just wondering why this girl is out running around. Who is taking care of this baby? Some teenagers make wonderful mothers and some teenagers don’t assume the responsibility of taking care of their child.

Not satisfied
A few weeks ago, someone called and commented to slash the pay of higher-up officials and I agree with them 100 percent because we are not getting anything for our taxes. The editor said, “just remember, you get what you pay for.” Well, I am paying and I’m not getting good services, believe you me. I’ve asked things of city officials and they couldn’t give me the answers. People who apply for jobs with years and years of experience for city jobs never got interviewed. It’s all who you know.

Find common ground
Regarding council members in Hillsville on the vote to accept outside assistance of an agency at no cost with expert knowledge in helping them select a police chief, which could be very valuable assistance, two council members voted no. The mayor voted no. Citizens of Hillsville can agree on one thing. These three individuals intend to battle with the other two members for the duration of their term and what a shame to see their agenda. We hope they can get together and solve some of the issues.

Happy with switch
This is for “bring it back, Dish Network.” They might as well forget AMC because Dish did the same thing a few years ago when they took one of mine and put it in another package and wanted you to buy that package. So, I went to DirecTV and I have been happy with it. That is about what you are going to have to do, I am afraid.

Still puffing
I am calling about the hospital being smoke free. I don’t smoke. I was up there the other day and stood and watched people stand right in front of the hospital and smoke. Another night I was there, there were patients coming out and in the emergency room going out front and smoking.

Foiling the test
There should be more drug testing through using blood or saliva instead of urine. There are too many people willing to donate clean urine to a drug addict.

Obama might not be the greatest Democrat or Republican running for president. Sometimes you wonder about the commercials they put out. But, he will be a saint compared to Romney. If you vote Romney in, we are all doomed.
Deal or no deal?
I’m confused on how Mr. Crowder thinks he was blindsided on Mr. Terry’s suggestion of using a professional board of highly qualified police officers to help them make a new decision of the new Hillsville police chief. Mr. Crowder used “no more back room deals” in his campaign to become mayor. So, is he saying if Mr. Terry had come to him first, he wouldn’t have been blindsided? Isn’t that a back room deal or is he just upset because he already has an individual in mind that the board wouldn’t even consider? I am hoping some of the people in this town are actually regretting this.

The Fries website is one-sided. One man running the show with a few head shakers. P.S. It looks like I am not by myself. You say it is bashing when something is said about him, but he can say anything about anyone he wants to.

Change the name
Has it occurred to [those who operate the Fries High School website] that only six or seven Fries people support their rants? I am all for them having their say and kudos to them for having the nerve to sign their name to their judgmental rants. I, on the other hand, would prefer to cowardly make such statements. Wouldn’t want my name on those types of postings. They need to call the website something besides the Fries High alumni message board. It unfairly includes Fries High Alumni to such biased postings. I am an alumnus and do not wish to be represented by posts like that. If they have some unpleasant news, please voice your opinion with your honorable names as the title of your website. Don’t pretend to represent Fries High School alumni in this degrading way.

Don’t read it
If the hosts of the Fries website don’t like what’s being said in the Hotline, then maybe they should heed their own advice and not read it. They shouldn’t call the Hotline trashy and people cannot speak out here in Fries on that website because, if they do, they get booted off. As far as “that’s a fact, Jack,” you didn’t personally go out and have the cell tower put up. You did not personally have a roof put on the rec center. Citizens helped do that. Just because you own property does not make you a resident. If you don’t like what is going on, why don’t you stop doing what you are doing and just don’t read the Hotline.

Fighting for oil
Hey, people, wake up. We are sending our soldiers over there to fight for oil. Nothing but oil for the rich. Not for us. Now think about that.

Coming up short
I’m calling about the Providence produce thing where they give a food box once a month and deliver produce to you during the week. The people of Eagle Bottom are not getting what they are supposed to. The people, a lot of them, need that food and they are not getting it. Someone needs to check, because it is not fair.

I wish they would reveal the name of that store that is selling produce for needy families that was intended for them. That is unreal. I don’t know what the world is coming to.

Liked the article
Thank you for the article on Mark Sanderford. I enjoyed it. He was my fifth grade teacher. He was one of the best teachers I had. He made that year very memorable at Providence School. I have often thought about him and where he was. Thank you again for the article.

Suggested fine
I think that people that litter should be fined $3,000. It costs the taxpayers, picking up these trashy people’s trash.

This is a call to encourage everyone to volunteer. You can volunteer at churches, at hospitals, at schools, at government agencies, anywhere. Even in your workplace. If you are being asked to do a little more than you are being paid for, just think of it as being a volunteer. In this day, people have to do more work for less money. Volunteer. You will get so much enjoyment out of it. There are so many people that say, “well, I need to get paid to do this job.” Of all places, that is where you need to volunteer. You should not be asking to get paid. Other than churches, there are lots of places to volunteer. It’s the greatest thing and you will get a reward out of it.

Doors still open
Regarding complaints about the new Grayson school, the school is not empty. It is at almost full capacity. There are over 200 students. In my tour there was one empty classroom in the whole building. They have it set up as a computer lab. Maybe if some of the people complaining about how their tax dollars are spent would get in their cars and drive up there and see that every classroom is at capacity for the teacher, maybe they would see their tax dollars have been spent in a good way and complain about something else.