Readers' Hotline 8/15/11

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Bridge is an asset
I just want to say that the new Carico bridge is not just beautiful, it is simply gorgeous. The view is sensational. A big thank you to VDOT and all. It is truly a beautiful asset to Grayson County.

Don’t go
I would like to comment on the person that [called] in that they didn’t like the bands that were there during Smoke on the Mountain. I think they were great and if they don’t like them, they should stay home.

Greasy food
This is in response to fried foods at Grayson County High School cafeteria. They may not fry the foods there themselves, but what they sell has already been fried and some is pre-packaged — high fat, processed, unhealthy food is taken from boxes and placed in the oven, etc. Kids have been using their napkins to soak up the grease that floats on top of their pizzas. Then, there are chicken fryz, chicken
 and more chicken fryz. Managers should select and order more healthy foods, not what is more convenient for them. They vary the menu very little and it is full of fat. Yuck.

Two is enough
Concerning the Virginia 620 widening that Carroll County thinks it needs, they keep using Wythe County as an example. I was informed there is no four-lane in front of the Pepsi plant or the Gatorade plant. If you go to Dublin, you will see Volvo is also built on a two-lane road. So, evidently you don’t need a $5.3 million four-lane to nowhere to attract businesses.

Not picturesque
I was calling about that tornado they had in Pulaski County — people talking about how bad it was. They have not been to Galax and been up and down Givens and Meadow streets. Givens looks awful with the potholes in it. And the darn dust, you can’t get your breath without going to see a doctor. What else could be any worse?
Editor’s note: The city was just awarded a planning grant that could help it land an even bigger grant to fix several concerns in that area of Galax.

Defendant defended
I’m calling about the man charged with throwing a bottle at a car. The reports said the parked car was sitting on Water Plant Road. They failed to say that man was sitting at his house in his front yard when the car of three people pulled in to start with him. It was self-defense. The people who took the charges on him have been charged with trespassing. And, he did not do $1,000 in damage.
Editor’s note: No more calls about this matter.
Be a good citizen and a good neighbor. Use trashcans with covers on them. Don’t pile more plastic garbage bags on the trashcans. Birds, dogs, cats, vermin — all are attracted to bags with garbage. No sanitation workman wants to pick up scattered garbage and paper. It’s very unsanitary and disgraceful looking.

Tickets debate
I was calling about the thing they are going to have the 18th of August — the film about the Hillsville 1912 shooting in the court. I thought it would be interesting for a lot of people to go see, but with the price at $10, it must be for the rich and famous only.
Editor’s note: The world premiere of “Hillsville 1912—A Shooting At The Court” is at the Rex Theatre in Galax at 7 p.m. Thursday. Tickets are available next door at the Galax Visitors’ Center, or at the door — if they last.

Coupon craze
I would like to express a few comments on the latest couponing that has been going on nationwide. The ones getting [publicity] about how to use coupons are the very ones that are going to bring a good thing to an end. Not only in Galax, but everywhere. As far as getting your groceries for half off, that is bull. When do you ever find a coupon on stuff like potatoes, milk, meat or most of your main necessities? The only way you save big is if you went to the store and had a coupon for everything you buy. For example, [one store] has Ivory soap, Oral B toothbrushes, Crest toothpaste for $1. You can get those things but by the time you add your main groceries, you may save some money. I’ve used coupons for 30 years and have never seen anything like the current term. I have witnessed people stealing extra coupons. People sitting in the floor of CVS, matching their coupons for the sale ads. You are going to bring this hobby down. Stores will change their coupon policy for the worse.

Bad credit
I’m calling about people that will borrow money and never make any effort to pay it back. They have money for everything but it seems like money that they borrow from people, it is the last on their list.

Someone else
In response to the Hotline comment, “messing us up,” where have you been for the last week or so? Our president did more to hurt the economy than anyone that I can remember. He caused the bottom to fall out of the Dow. We will need someone else in Washington to recover from this mess he made. I hope you will reconsider.

Response complaints
I would like to comment on the TV news interview with the Fries fire chief. The fire department has run for years and years with a lot of their members living and working outside the town. That is not the town. The problem is with the current officers and members — too much favoritism going on. [Former leadership] made sure calls were answered and things ran the way they should be run. I can’t see Fries Fire Department getting much use out of the new building. If you have an emergency and need an ambulance, it is best just to request Galax-Grayson when you call 911. You know they will come.

Pay variance
If the teachers in Grayson County are there for the children, what is the superintendent there for? My children’s teachers are at the bottom of the scale while she and the other ones at the top enjoy their big salary.
Editor’s note: Somebody has to be superintendent, and any superintendent has to be paid accordingly for their experience, education and responsibilities in leading a school division.

Do your part
For over 40 years our government has taken a stand against the Word of God, calling it separation of church and state. But, that is not what it is. Our nation is in serious moral decline and we need to do our part to fix it. Come back to God and Jesus. Go to church. Ask Him what you can do and follow through on His direction to help fix your situation. Read your Bible. Get on your knees and pray earnestly for forgiveness. Only God can save us in the circumstances and in the horrible times that we find ourselves today. Please do your part.

Fill up the ballot
Grayson County Republicans, where are we? We need a full slate of officers. We need someone to run for treasurer. I’m sure we have people who are very qualified and have the education for the job and would like to [earn what the position pays]. Let’s get in gear and get a full slate of officers.

Hot classrooms
I understand Grayson County wanted to start school early, but really, how are kids supposed to learn in 90-degree classrooms? That’s why we started later last year. We should just go a week later and start on a Monday. Kids won’t be learning anything by leaving at 1 o’clock for a week or more. It’s not comfortable for kids or teachers to have to stay in a classroom full of heat, so why doesn’t Grayson County step up.

Bring up the scores
I’d like to comment about Gladeville School. We have such a nice school and the taxpayers of the county have paid to build a nice school. Test scores are so low. We need to do something. I don’t know why the school board is sitting around on their rear ends and doing nothing. There needs to be some personnel changes. This needs to come to a stop.

Wringing wet
Regarding “beat the heat,” how can people beat the heat that work in these factories? Galax and Hillsville and the surrounding areas in 86 degrees and up? Temperatures without any cool air flow in there. They are wringing wet and that heat is insurmountable and I think the public should be aware and OSHA should be aware.

Clean up the streets
When recently visiting within Galax, I was just appalled at how much grass is growing up on the sidewalks and the sidewalks bursting up where the roots from the trees are protruding the brick upward, causing a safety issue and a hazard for people walking on the sidewalks. And the grass growing up enough to be mowed with a lawn mower out toward the end of Main Street toward U.S. 58 and Route 221. I have never seen the streets look as bad. This is not like Galax and I hope someone will get off their stool and get someone to work and clean up the streets because they certainly look terrible.

Check the attitude
I want to comment on a store I went in. Because I had my two little boys with me, the clerk was kind of rude like she didn’t want to wait on me. I asked about a certain piece of jewelry and apparently she didn’t like it. I want her to know one thing. God made us all, no matter what race, creed or color. We are all the same in his eyes. All I have to say to her, she needs an attitude check because you are no better than I am and your job is to wait on customers, not pass judgment.