Readers' Hotline 8/14/13

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Hands off
I was reading about the property seizure at Carroll Industrial Park. That park does not need a four-lane. There is nothing in the park whatsoever. If they want to seize the property, they need to pay the lady for her property. If they don’t want to do that, they need to build them a bridge across the interstate to enter their own property. They don’t need to be taking people’s property. It can be argued any way they want to but it is still against the law and I think the lady ought to fight it.

Garbage hours
[The region] should be ashamed to have a landfill that closes at 4:30 in the afternoon, Monday through Friday. Looking at the surrounding counties, Wythe County stays open until 7; Floyd County, 7; Patrick County, 5. Closing at 4:30 [means] the working class people, if they work six days a week, can’t make it there.

More than skill
About “doesn’t get it,” I agree Obama doesn’t need to let the pipeline come through on skilled workers. We need experienced workers if you are going to put a gas line down. They know what they are doing. Skilled workers are trained people. That’s not going to get it cut. You never see an ad where “we’ve got skill.” It is always experience. Let’s stay with it.

Highway patrol
It is with much sadness that I bid goodbye to the Galax Police Department that served our community for over 100 years. But now, I can welcome the “Galax Highway Patrol,” the junior auxiliary of the Virginia State Police. Keep them speed traps going, boys.

Good changes
I wanted to make a comment on the Grayson County pool. It has really had some great changes lately. One is the very sweet smiling lady that loves the kids. It’s just a blessing to see her there with the kids each day. She welcomes them with smiles, helps them with their slushees and life jackets. We are glad that change has been made. Thank you, Grayson County. You are finally wising up.

Cheap fee
If you went to a doctor’s office and they talked to you about anything, including smoking, and you got out with a bill of only $20, consider yourself lucky.

Environmental questions
If you are a strong Democrat, looks like you would know and see about the Keystone Pipeline. They did several thousand feet and when they tested it, it was seen that it could blow up and explode and put all kinds of poison in the air, destroy houses and buildings and everything. That is why they are not building it. People need to check all this out. You can look on the Internet and read all about it.
Editor’s note: While the caller does not cite a source for their claims, the New York Times reported March 1 that an environmental impact study by the U.S. Department of State found the pipeline project’s environmental and climate change impacts are manageable: “The State Department issued a revised environmental impact statement for the 1,700-mile Keystone XL pipeline that makes no recommendation about whether the project should be built but presents no conclusive environmental reason it should not be…. The draft report, which updates a 2011 study that essentially gave the project a green light, weighs the impacts of the pipeline, which would carry about 800,000 barrels a day of heavy crude oil from tar sands formations in Alberta across the Great Plains to Gulf Coast refineries…. And it says that alternate means of transporting the oil — rail, truck and barge — also have significant environmental and economic impacts, including higher costs, noise, traffic, air pollution and the possibility of spills. The study does not say that one method is better for the environment than another. It does say that a spill is more likely for rail transport, although the report says that the volume of oil spilled from a pipeline is likely to be greater.”