Readers' Hotline 8/13/12

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Beyond the basics
Education in America is mandatory. If you don’t send your children to school, you will face legal complications. You have a choice — public school or home school. You also have another choice. These ridiculously expensive school supply lists, these are not mandatory. Schools need to consider the financial situation in our community and stop the supply lists. Teachers, if you want students to have these very specific name brand supplies, then you buy them for your students. Don’t expect parents to do it. These lists have gotten ridiculous. I am saddened that the superintendent, administrators and teachers would support such an atrocity. Children should come to school with what parents think are the basics and that should be it.

Lines that rhyme
The Lawnmower Babe was just trying to get it done. Mowing her yard and tanning in the sun. Then someone made a comment about her clothes. They just had to go and stick in their big old nose. Now, the men are left to ponder: is she around the corner or is she way down yonder? She probably stays in the house in a long-sleeved blouse and skirt. So, she showed a little skin, now who did that hurt? Come on out, Lawnmower Babe, and mow your yard. The men are ready to call in the National Guard. I think it’s great that you’re physically fit. Give Galax men a thrill and forget that banana split.

On the phone
I have noticed some police officers seem to run around with a telephone stuck to their ear all day. While I realize there are times a cell phone is necessary and that some officers may occasionally use their phones to keep radio traffic off the air, it seems there is one officer in particular that is constantly on his phone. Does the police have policies that prevent officers from spending a vested amount of company time on the phone? If not, maybe you should consider it. It just doesn’t set a good example of department professionalism.

This is in response to the “smoke, not fire” comments about the downtown situation [during Smoke On The Mountain]. The issue is making the businesses inhale that smoke for days at a time. That smoke pours out of those cookers into our businesses and some of us have to leave. It is a plea to the chamber of commerce to please do this in a more merciful way. We were closed off from our businesses starting at 2 o’clock on Thursday. Yes, thousands pass through and they are from other towns. Some businesses have an increase of income. Usually it is those restaurants where people get hungry from the barbecue. But all we are asking is why do businesses have to be seized and why do we have to walk so far to get to our car, why do we have to inhale smoke for days? Can it be more opened up and more merciful for all?

Not so bad
For the person who called in to oppose socialism, wanting people to call Canada and find out how bad their medical thing is. I have friends there and they say they love it. People from the United States go there and get married and get their cancer taken care of. People cross the border to buy their medicine in Canada. They are afraid it is going to run them short. Sure, we have people come here from Canada. We have people come here from South Africa. But, the medical companies are not open and the hospitals and all insurance are not open to every American. It is only to the ones that have the money.

Outdated process?
The electoral college does not benefit anyone. It just causes people to lose their vote. The only reason they had it years and years and years ago was because people back then couldn’t travel and they didn’t have cars. They had to send two or three on horseback to go to Washington, D.C., to carry it and that is the only reason they had it. This is 2012, not 1875.

To the person who called about the married man sitting with his girlfriend during church service, maybe they should not be too quick to judge. Why is the wife not sitting with him during the church service? Maybe they are separated. Maybe they are going through a divorce. Maybe if the wife had been in the church service with him, maybe he wouldn’t be getting a divorce and maybe he wouldn’t be sitting in church with a girlfriend. There are lots of reasons why this could be happening. His wife may have left with another man or they may be going through their divorce  proceeding and what better place to bring his girlfriend than to church instead of going to a bar. At least he is still trying to be a Christian man. But, I am not the one to judge, because if you know the person and he has not told his wife and they are not separated, tell the wife instead of calling the Hotline.

Talking smack
I’m calling about the prominent church member and every Sunday sitting there thinking they are doing wrong by sitting in the pews. My understanding of the Good Book is that we are all sinners and fall short of the glory of God. Perhaps instead of criticizing and condemning these people, we should be praying them into Heaven, instead of talking smack about them in the newspaper.

I just want to thank the editor for his comments, putting the people straight that call in. It is something that is needed and I thank you.

Plenty of blame
How soon we forget. The trade bill that Bill Clinton passed was what George H.W. Bush started. It continued. Clinton passed it. Then Junior Bush came in and more jobs went aboard and our economy went south. I think everybody is at fault. That’s why this country is a mess. People are trying to change the history to make their side seem like it is true. I tell you, you can tell stories all you want to but it doesn’t change the facts.

Try reaching out
This is in response to the “turned off” article. Being a member of a prominent church doesn’t mean you get to sit back and judge everybody else. Do you approach these two people at church with a false smile and kind words that you really don’t mean? Or do you stand off and look down on them with a scowl on your face like you are more holy than they are? You asked what kind of message are they sending about Christianity. What about yourself, dear member of a prominent church? God sent his son to die on the cross for all of our sins so that we could go to Heaven. Jesus preached to sinners so that they could be saved. He did not cast them aside because of their sin. Those that are saved should be reaching out to those that are not. Do you really think you have no sin? I hope not. I will say a prayer for you and your ignorance to what Christianity really is.

Change was needed
I was just reading Councilman Yonce’s article in the paper and I bet Jody Early did catch town council off guard. Mr. Early is to be commended. Such deals as this are why we voted for a change. I agree with Mrs. Beasley. Town citizens will be paying the $90,000 severance pay and cannot afford the Bottle House. I don’t think council needs outside help in choosing our new police chief. We voted for a change and we really needed it.

Walk in love
I’m calling about the article, “turned off.” Turned Off, shame on you. To the prominent church member, shame on you. Church is where sinners need to be to learn of God’s love. Maybe you should read Proverbs chapter 6. I determine to walk in love. God considers straight-up strife such a great sin that he listed it alongside murder and lying. Do you gossip just in the newspaper or at Sunday services as well?

Didn’t get the message
Just about every week I see something in the Hotline about Grayson County and its inept system of governing. I know now firsthand just how true that is. In May, the general district courts convicted a man of two counts of possession of a controlled substance and suspended his driver’s license and fined him. He was in possession of a prescription medicine he was taking for cancer. Grayson was notified numerous times of his illness and a deputy who went to his home to serve a warrant for failure to show for court witnessed his condition. After five weeks in a hospice home, Grayson was also notified of his death. That was in March. They convicted a corpse. I’m disgusted with a whole bunch of them.

Praying for you
I don’t go to a prominent church, but at my church, we pray for sinners to come anytime. Who, my dear, are you to judge anyone? The Bible says, where two or more gather, He is present. Not that He checks the social status of the church. I’d rather sit by this sinning couple than by you. I will pray for you to clear your narrow-minded heart.

In response to the person that wrote in about the fireworks being a distraction to God sitting on his cloud reading a diary, which is The Bible: Wow. All I can say is wow.