Readers' Hotline 8/1/12

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Says it’s a diary
I’m calling about the reader that said they don’t think we should shoot fireworks in the sky to try to get God’s attention. I agree. I, too, am a good Christian. I have been to church and I am against people reading the Bible because it is a diary. We should not be shooting off fireworks to distract Him from reading the diary. When I first started, I did not know it was His diary. I thought it was a very sad, handwritten book. But you, sir or ma’am, have showed me the way and the light.

End of an era
Today I stopped to gauge my tires at the station where I have bought gas, had oil changes, had mechanical work done for almost 20 years. I was chagrined to find the station now charges for the air for my tires. Does greed know no bounds?

Jobs vanished
Obama can say all he wants about Romney outsourcing. My gosh. It was the Bill Clinton administration that got rid of my wife’s job, my job, my brother’s job, my cousin’s job. What are they saying about that? Come on, Democrats. Say some more.

Nice view
I enjoy looking at the flower garden as I drive by Enterprise Rental Car in Galax.

Final respects
I was in a veterinarian’s office and people brought an animal in to be euthanized. The whole time they were getting ready to euthanize the animal, other people were laughing and carrying on. They had no remorse for the people that were having to put their animal down. I think you should have silence. You should show that you care and respect people that are putting their dog, cat, whatever, down because they have had it so long it is just like family.

Just wait
We have the worst Congress in history. If people keep listening to their buddies and cronies and Rush Limbaugh, we are hurting. If you think Obama is bad, wait until you get one of their cronies in there. They will do away with Medicare, Social Security, and everything we have ever known. If you don’t believe it, wait and see what happens if they are in.

Sure sign
The first mark of an educated man is for one to know how to behave himself.

Smoke, not fire
What’s the deal about the Smoke on the Mountain event? Why should they block off Main Street and basically shut down all of downtown, when they are not allowed to sell or give away any of the barbecue? The only ones that get to try it are the judges. All the merchants are just basically shut down. People are just milling around, looking. They don’t buy anything. Of the merchants I have talked to, they made zip during this event. Since this goes to benefit the fire department, why don’t they set this thing up in that great big parking lot of the fire department? They’ve got that whole big lot and surrounding square to set this thing up and not cripple downtown.
Editor’s note: First, the Smoke on the Mountain state BBQ contest does not benefit the fire department or involve it in any way. It is sponsored by the Twin County Regional Chamber of Commerce. Competing teams are not allowed to sell barbecue from their competition areas, but may provide free samples to anyone who wants it after judging is finished. Some competitors have separate vending booths where they do sell barbecue. The event brings several thousand people to downtown Galax who might not otherwise know what that area has to offer. Some merchants report increased sales during events like Smoke on the Mountain, while others see little difference. However, exposing a business to those thousands of people could be beneficial in the long run. Which is more beneficial — a few hundred drivers passing by on open streets or a few thousand people on foot “milling around” in or outside your business while the streets are closed? Just because a person doesn’t buy something during the event doesn’t mean they won’t come back when they do need something from that store.

Log mall
Thank you to reporter Chris Brooke for the article he did recently on the “log mall” in Hillsville. We appreciate the good job he did on it.

Stand tall
My opinion, as the constitution affords me, is just because a man is short in stature, if he acts smart instead of smart alecky, he will stand so tall.

Having a voice
To the person who called about doing away with the electoral college, they need to stop and think that through. To do away with it, population centers would have a greater vote. All us in rural areas would be left with majority rule. The whole purpose to not have strictly majority rule and representative rule, representatives are determined by a census and hence we know how many electoral votes any given state has by our senators and congressional seats. The electoral college gives all of us a voice. Study up on it before you go willy-nilly, saying get rid of something that was pretty astute from our Founding Fathers. They knew what they were doing.

Poetry corner
Dear Mr. Editor. Love your poetry. Let me be one of the first to help start the poetry corner: “Lives of great men all remind us, we can make our lives sublime. And, departing leave behind us, foot prints in the sands of time.” “Let us then be up and doing with a heart for any fate, still achieving, still pursuing. Learn to labor and to wait.”
Editor’s note: These lines were written by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, 1807-1882.

Looking into it
I called in about my father missing and how the sheriff’s department hadn’t helped. The only sheriff I have had help was [Carroll County Sheriff] J.B. Gardner. He has done extra things to see what he can do to find out what had happened to my dad and he will continue to do whatever is necessary. The Surry County sheriff has not done anything to help. A detective called me this week and I have to do a lie detector test. Keep me in your prayers.

Oppose socialism
I am calling in response to “voting consequences” and “owned by government.” Both of these writers are 100 percent correct. If you don’t vote, that is a vote for Obama. We are owned by the government and if you don’t vote against Obama, you are voting for socialism. I hate to say this, but some people are not real smart. ObamaCare is a joke. Just ask the people in Canada. They come down here for operations.

Family strains
What do you think of a son that won’t even call his own father to let him know what is going on with his grandkids. I have been around my grandkids’ mother through most of their lives when my son was away and he doesn’t even have the nerve to call and tell me what is going on. Then he won’t talk to me because he has no respect for me. I feel sorry for him because he will have to answer to the Lord.

Have a say
To the comment about the electoral college, clearly the caller didn’t pay attention during civics class. The electoral college reflects a reasonable compromise between states’ rights and majority vote. If you wish for California and New York to determine who your president is, then let’s go with a popular vote. If you wish to have some say in the election of your next president, then let’s go with the electoral college.

Getting by with it
If you ever want to get by with anything, just go to Hillsville. Heck, they will let you. You can lie on the witness stand. They will fine you. They will let you go. It’s a shame.

Vulgar mouth
My first experience in a new store in the area was really great until I realized the young man working behind the counter had the most vulgar mouth I have ever listened to in public. I am appalled by that. I am going to talk to all my Christian friends and none of them will shop at that store again. He needs his mouth washed out with soap.

Cover story
Now I know why there are so many innocent people in jail. All you have got to do is get somebody to lie for you under oath. But, God will take care of those people.

Nothing prettier
I’m calling about the lady from the Hebron community saying that donkeys out there are eyesores. I raise mules and donkeys and there is nothing prettier than a bunch of long-eared equine. Don’t forget, Christ rode on a donkey, too.

Bring it back
I’m a subscriber to Dish Network TV and they recently dropped the AMC listing. My wife and I are big fans of the show “The Walking Dead,” which is one of the few good new TV shows on the air. I wish all our friends and neighbors around who also don’t want to miss “The Walking Dead” this fall would contact Dish TV and protest. Let’s see what happens.

Turned off
I am a member of a prominent church and every Sunday I have to watch a married man and his girlfriend sit in the congregation. What kind of message is that sending people who want to try out Christianity, when you have sinners sitting there thinking they are doing nothing wrong by sitting in the pews. Adulterers.

Pool opponent
This is a comment about the pool for Carroll County. We don’t need to tax our poor old taxpayers for a county pool. They’ve got the Carroll Wellness Center down there. Use it. Support it.