Readers' Hotline 8/11/14

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Enforcement zone
Another series of wrecks on Fancy Gap Mountain on Interstate 77. When is our law enforcement going to realize we need to patrol the mountain instead of doing all the radar between the Fancy Gap and Hillsville exits? We need more law enforcement on the mountain.

Coming to Virginia
Did you know that illegals have already been placed in Virginia? The Shenandoah Valley is housing illegals in Staunton Juvenile Center. There is a website with a map of where illegals have already been placed and where they are trying to place them in Virginia. The site is numbersusa.com. Look under maps where feds are trying to relocate illegals. Several small-town residents have pushed back and forced feds to reverse planned facilities for illegals in their state. What are we going to do about this invasion in our area of Virginia? Can we afford them? Please call representatives to voice your opinion. Go to the website and see for yourself. Educate yourself.

Trampled on
There is only one Israel. The one is the Bible is the same one that is our ally. Even the Bible told about Israel being given back to the Jews, which happened in 1948. That book everyone hates to hear so much is being fulfilled word for word. I’m sorry a church turned someone away but churches don’t have the members and money they once did. I’m sure if you need clothing or food they will take up an offer to help. If not, I would question their Christianity and find another church. People playing by the rules are being trampled by you and your illegals that are breaking this country’s laws. They need to get in line like our military families overseas and follow the rules of law. And, I wonder why no one blamed Clinton for 9-11 [less than] a year after he was out of office, but Bush is still being blamed for things that happened six years after him. He must be the most powerful president we ever had.

Who pays?
It’s really not a good idea to have insurance for kids and people under 35? When they go to an emergency room with no insurance, who do you think pays the bill? You do, the taxpayer. Think about that.

Have a backbone
Obama may have his pen and his sword, but this coming November has our pens and our ballots. Democrats are out of there. Also, you want to bring up George Bush and everybody else, name me anytime under George Bush’s terms in office that there were 20 different scandals going on at one time. Why doesn’t anybody have any courage to stand up and have a backbone and say [President Obama] cannot lead.

It’s a joke
Something needs to be done about these illegal immigrants in this country. There is not enough room for the American people. We’ve got nobody in Washington, D.C. It’s a big joke — Senate, Congress and president.

Defending the wrong borders
I support the military, thank you for serving. Why? Those guys didn’t defend our borders. How is the military defending my border if they are in Japan? Or Germany? How are they serving America by being in Korea? They are defending other people, most of them, to defend us. Some joined because they couldn’t get a job here or too dumb to get a job here. Most of them are wasting time behind a desk or avoiding working the motor pools.

Mad on trash day
I guess it’s who you are in Galax. I get mad every time I take my trash out. That high-dollar trashcan the city made me buy and living on a widow’s check. When I pass by a business near the city office still using metal trashcans on Grayson Street. I think we need a change.

Wakeup call needed
Computers are good for what they are good for, but they are ruining a lot of people. They are getting on Facebook and putting down their family and friends. If you say something back to them, they will block or de-friend you or whatever. They don’t want to be your friend anymore. America needs a wake up call. We don’t need to be turning against each other. We need to get on our knees and pray for forgiveness. The Bible says the last days a father will turn against son, son against father, mother against daughter, and so on. We need to pray and quit getting on computers or telephones and whatever on Facebook to put our brothers and sisters down. Let’s get back to God.

Where is the drive?
I read with interest the comments about the Galax School System. I have gone to the school and expressed my concerns but minimum seems to be done. Where is the school board? Where is the school leadership? Where is the drive to make these children educated to make school enjoyable? I see lots of negativity — people not being friendly, sarcasm toward students, also a lot of wasted time. Now the big concern is they are going to extend the school day. For what? You are already wasting time and this whole idea of enrichment week, etc., which no one in the school system seems to have answers about it when parents ask questions. It’s about time the school system got new leadership. No, you can’t have a new school board because that takes time, but school board members need to get a little more involved.

Why bother?
Here we go again, another tax-free weekend for school supplies. It would be great if it was really just school supplies and paper, glue. Not a tissue box. You don’t need that in school. Don’t forget, this is sales tax. Taxes that [pay for certain government services].

No wonder
No wonder Obama is decreasing our military and giving them pink slips. The military bases and schools and facilities are being used to house these illegal immigrants. We don’t have room for our soldiers.

Holding power
Fox is the only network on TV that tells the news and lets you decide. The other networks you don’t get any news on. How about watching the stations before you bash them. They are the only station that tells the truth. You don’t want to know the truth because you are one of the 40 percent that believes Obama is Jesus Christ if he says he is. Well, he is not. This pen and sword mess he keeps throwing at everybody, he should solve the problems of the country. You’ve got all the power. It’s 100 percent your fault. You have the power to do something about it so who are you going to blame? Did Bush steal your pen and your phone?