Readers' Hotline 7/9/12

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In appreciation
To the writer in Monday’s Hotline speaking against Appalachian Power, if you had been without power from a storm for three days, you would appreciate Appalachian when the power come back on. When your power is out, you do not have telephone, cable, lights, water or any way to prepare a meal. I hope the persons running their mouths about Appalachian Power had to do without. Maybe it will make them appreciate what they have when power is on. Appalachian’s men have a dangerous and hard job. They do not sit on their behinds and wait for a check.

Equal footing
I attended the recent Hillsville Town Council meeting and Rev. Leon Goad led the opening prayer and delivered a short message. It was very impressive. I was shocked when Councilman Greg Yonce asked Councilman Billy Walls to resign for no reason. Walls was elected just like Yonce. I think that was very inappropriate.
Editor’s note: Yonce said at the meeting that he had been asked by citizens if he thought Walls should resign, but Yonce did not ask for Walls to resign or offer his opinion on the subject.

Giving up hope
The die is cast. It doesn’t matter who you vote for, Republican or Democrat, the damage is done. Pray all you want. Nothing is going to get better. We live in a moral cesspool.

Keep no secrets
When elected officials even consider paying taxpayer money for anything, there should not be any secrets. It’s not their money. This leaking of confidential [information] is disgusting. It’s immoral, unethical and should be illegal for governments to consider any spending in secret. The voters spoke. Get over it. Grow up. Be big boys and shut up.
Editor’s note: Government leaders in our localities are allowed by law to discuss in closed session spending as it pertains to real estate purchases or other situations that involve negotiations. They are not allowed to take action in those closed meetings.

How could human beings be so cruel as to leave their dog in a parked car with a heat index of 90? Is that what you call love? Sounds more like hate to me. Then, when someone else unlocks the van to help it, the owners were ungrateful and called the law. The owners should have the dog taken away from them. Maybe next time they could stay locked in the van on a hot day. But, don’t dare try to help them because they would be ungrateful and call the law on you.

Scaled back
I drove down Main Street the other day and looked in the fairgrounds. I looked at that carnival and … I remember when it was big. I think Galax could bring in a bigger carnival. Go back to 1973 or 1974. I remember when that carnival stretched all the way from Galax to Carroll to Grayson. I remember there were dancing women and everything.
Editor’s note: Yes, it used to be bigger, but I doubt it ever covered two counties.

In response
This is in response to “heat distress.” There are times when traveling that you have to take your pet. The small dog was in a ventilated van at 9:30 in the morning — before the heat began to rise. There was no announcement made in Lowe’s store to alert the owners of the bystander’s concern. It was illegal regardless of the other people’s intentions, to break and enter a locked car. And, would they have done the same if the dog was a pit bull or Doberman? Next time, let the police do their job. But, threatening people after they have entered their personal property and violated their rights will not get anyone a thank you. Please print these facts in response to that comment.

Spiritual meaning
This is in response to “judge not,” where the person called in and said, “judge not that ye be judged.” You need to read Leviticus 19:15 and St. John 7:24 where it says “judge not according to the right appearance but judge righteous judgment.” If you read the Bible, you should read it and look for the spiritual meaning of everything in the Bible, not just what it says but the spiritual meaning. It says that God is a spirit and we must worship him in spirit and in truth. So, everything in the Bible has a spiritual meaning. Look for the spiritual instead of the physical outward appearance.

Options, please
We definitely need a third party system. This election will be bought with money, whether Republican or Democrat. It doesn’t matter which one is president. Neither is doing the right thing. Democrats are for abortion and gay rights and all that. Republicans say they are Christians yet they want to take away [entitlements] from the poor. I just don’t think any of this is right. We need a third party. Somebody that cares about the people and not about money and what they can do for themselves.
Editor’s note: The irony of that situation is that a third party would need a lot of money to campaign for its candidate on the same level as the two major parties.

Short list
As far as I am concerned, in my lifetime, there has never been but two great presidents: Franklin Roosevelt and John F. Kennedy.
Editor’s note: Once again, Millard Fillmore and Chester A. Arthur are overlooked.

Behind closed doors
This is about the circus in town council chambers in Hillsville. When elected officials put the town before the citizens, when they go behind closed doors with what they are doing, it is wrong. If someone hadn’t leaked the Bottle House plans and also the five-year contracts [concept] for Chief Williams and Larry South so they couldn’t be fired, Hillsville would probably now own the Bottle House and the chief and town manager would have contracts. It would have been done behind closed doors and the public would have found out later. It is the first time someone has run for mayor and when elected, someone threatened them. I wonder if the loud opposition to change had anything to do with that. Most supporters of the [outgoing] council would be surprised if they know what is going on just below the surface. Hillsville voted for change from all this mess and I am hoping change will be for openness in our officials. The county also needs to come out from behind closed doors and be open with the business of the people who put them in office.
Editor’s note: By Virginia law, no action taken by a government body in closed session is binding until it is voted on in public session. Neither of the issues you mentioned ever made it out of closed session for a vote, but confidential documents relating to both were leaked to members of the public.