Readers' Hotline 7/7/14

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No access
I took my kids to Providence School in Fries to the playground the other day. I didn’t realize they had turned it into Fort Knox. Everything is locked up tight. Kids can no longer play on the playground. What do you think about that, taxpayers? We paid for it. Now we can’t use it.
Editor’s note: The former school is property of the Fries Volunteer Fire Department, which uses it for a substation and to host fundraising events.

Who’s in charge?
I thought your paper might be able to help me with this. Who oversees what bills [that Senate Majority Leader] Harry Reid opens and doesn’t open? Is he just in control of it by himself? And, how can they honestly say that Republicans have no answer for any of the problems when Harry Reid specifically refuses [to allow a vote] on any of the things they send to him to have votes on? Wouldn’t that be breaking the law. Isn’t that like a refusal to do your job? You never know what kind of ideas we’ve got if you never open them up and look at them. Seems sort of stupid saying they never have ideas when you have a desk full of them but you never open them — bad or good.
Editor’s note: Sorry, but the majority leader has the power to control what bills come to a vote or are left to languish. The same applies to the leadership in state legislatures.

Poor decision
This is to the man who left his dog in the car alone on a hot day. I am sure it did not take the police officer 45 minutes from the time he was dispatched to a call about the dog left in a car on a hot day. The woman who called the police officer had to have waited for some time before she made the call. If you were in the store two minutes, that was two minutes too long to leave an animal or a child alone in a hot vehicle. You can call me an idiot but I would break your car window in a minute to save a child, animal or whoever was confined in a hot vehicle. You say I better not let you see me break your car window? That would not be necessary if you had enough sense to not leave you dog in the car to start with. Why not call the Humane Society to get its opinion about leaving your pet. I have not yet read in the Hotline where anyone agrees with you. The feedback from people is against your actions and your nasty comments.

Chosen people
I was reading in the Hotline where someone said the nation of Israel was not still of God. Yes, the nation of Israel will always be God’s chosen people, according to the Bible, but read the whole Bible and all the scriptures. Yes, there is a new covenant established with the Jews and they are going to be saved. There are a lot of them turning to the Lord right now that we just don’t hear about in these last days. The spirit is coming down on all the world according to the prophecy of Joel. The nation of Israel is God’s chosen people. The only way we got chosen is we are a spiritual Jew. If we get saved, the gentiles have a chance to be saved.

Why the fear?
I don’t know why in the world the United States is so afraid of Mexico. We have a bunch of idiots running our country.

Heat death
That so-called person that left that child in that hot car to die, I tell you one thing, it is going to be a lot hotter where that so-called person is going.
Editor’s note: The caller apparently refers to a recent incident in Georgia.

Nothing yet
The Salem Veterans Medical Center is a complete big joke. I was seen April 16 in neurology and never have gotten my medication yet.

Camera not needed
A camera for Galax Police Department’s finest? I don’t think they need a camera. Yes, I think it is invasion of your privacy. I don’t know how they have enough time for a camera and to write all the tickets they have and be on a cell phone. The judge is going to believe what the officer says anyway. It makes no difference anyway.
Editor’s note: The caller is referring to new audio and video recorders worn by police officers in the city.
Just called to say I enjoy reading our funny foodie Shannon Watkins’ columns when they appear. I have cooked some of her recipes and have enjoyed them and she just cracks me up when I read her. Also, wanted to say I went out for a really good meal at Raps Orchard Gap along the parkway. It’s a little restaurant out there. They had some good food and also had music. Hey, us foodies have got to stick together.
Editor’s note: Shannon says: “Thanks! Glad you like my column. I’m happy to serve.”

Summer fun
We need more fun places for children and pre-teens to have fun in the summer sun. We need a pool with reasonable prices that everyone can afford to visit and have a good time with family and friends. Take a moment and really think about the situation. What is there for youth to do in Carroll County? We could use a place like the old golf arcade Up to Par with arcade games, laser tag, miniature golf, a large party room and maybe even karaoke. I hope this has brought something important to your attention and I hope by next summer there will be fun, inexpensive places to play inside in the cool air conditioning and outside in the warm breeze.

Tit for tat
Our federal government needs to stop torturing these poor animals — these pigs and other animals. We’ve got some sorry people in our government. They need to be treated exactly like they are treating these poor animals.

Part of the job
I’m calling in reference to “don’t go back.” I have never had a child in the military, period. I have been blessed by God, so I thank God for that, but don’t blame stuff on Bush. We haven’t had a draft since Nixon. These guys that are in the military joined the military and knew what they were in for when they joined.

No turning back
I’ve seen in the news where the governor wants to expand Medicaid. While it sounds like a good idea, when the federal government stops paying for it in three years, is he going to pull money out of his pocket to fund it? It is very simple to expand government, but once you get it expanded, that monster is awful hard to reign back in.

Too trusting
Lock or unlock. I was at a grocery store and left my sunglasses in the car and when I came back they were gone. I did not see you, but God did see you. That is stealing and that is one of the Ten Commandments — do not steal. So, lock your car everywhere.

Whose expense?
As a member of a local fire department [location deleted], I have had a question for some time and keep being told that it is none of my concern. There is a fire instructor for the state and teaches a lot of fire schools to other departments in Virginia. The problem I have is that he is using [the locality’s] vehicle, gas and equipment to do this. The state pays him and pays mileage. So the question is, why are we furnishing these items?

Exploring heritage
I am amazed that liberals still accuse many of us as racist because we did not vote for Obama. First of all, Obama is half white, which he rejects. We do not have an African-American president. I wish we did. He does not have a genetic drop of African-American in him. Nor is he the descendant of any enslaved African brought to America. He does not have a single ancestor who was a slave. It’s hard to imagine that it appears that Obama mania has become a religious cult that rejects Christianity. He appears to want to liberate everyone from being white. He has been elected twice by those who thought entitlements were more important than freedom. Incidentally, Social Security benefit is not an entitlement. We paid into it, only Washington has squandered it. Think twice before you think he is an African-American. He has no African-American ancestry in him.
Editor’s note: From the About.com genealogy website —“Barack Hussein Obama was born in Honolulu, Hawaii, to a Kenyan father and an American mother. According to the U.S. Senate Historical Office, he was the fifth African-American senator in U.S. history and the first African-American president.” The president is self-identified as African-American. The genealogy website Ancestry.com reported in 2012 its research findings that Mr. Obama is a descendant of the first documented African enslaved for life in American history: “And what’s more, the connection comes through President Obama’s Caucasian mother’s family. This discovery follow[s] years of research by Ancestry.com genealogists who, using early Virginia records and DNA analysis, linked Obama to John Punch. Punch was an indentured servant in Colonial Virginia who fled to escape servitude in 1640… President Obama is traditionally viewed as an African-American because of his father’s heritage in Kenya. However, while researching his Caucasian mother, Stanley Ann Dunham, Ancestry.com genealogists found her to have African heritage, as well…”
God loves us all
Sure glad I am not a judge. The Bible says if you judge, you shall be judged by the same thing. I see all the people calling the president a liar and yet say they will pray to get him out. I was not raised that way. The Bible teaches love, not hate. God loves all colors. He made us all. If we cannot get along here, how can we get along in heaven or hope to get there? These are definitely the last days we are living in. God help us all.

Payday to payday
I’m so tired of people on their butts. Won’t work if they even made $100 an hour, and get rent, food stamps, medical insurance, etc. They have kids — one every year — while both parents lay around and won’t work while I work my butt off to live from payday to payday to keep you up. I am so thankful that I have morals and take care of you all and myself.

Think before spouting
If Jesus were alive today and he came to Hillsville, he wouldn’t be up there at the country club, he would be with the sex offenders and prostitutes and drug users and he would probably have a pit bull, too. People need to think about that. Read the Bible and think of the Lord before they go spouting off some nonsense. That’s what I think.