Readers' Hotline 7/4/12

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City’s beauty
Main Street in Galax is beautiful with all the trees and flower baskets. If you find it [otherwise] to go downtown, then don’t go. One does not have to park under a tree if you find it so offensive. There are many other places to park. How can a few leaves and blossoms possibly ruin a car? If leaves and blossoms aren’t blown off when the car is in motion, how about a little water and elbow grease if necessary? Have you fallen or known of someone falling due to tree roots tearing up the sidewalk? I am not aware of any complaints regarding the trees. Sorry you can’t enjoy the beauty of our fine city.

Appoint the public
I wonder how many citizens actually visit the Carroll County government website and look at the committees that are assigned by the board of supervisors and see how many committees that the county administrator and assistant county administrator control and if that is what the supervisors and citizens really want. Or, if it should be citizens, because they do have the option of putting citizens on those boards instead. It is easy to find and you can see for yourself how many committees that are totally controlled.

Worthy of praise
This call is about the Galax Recreation Center. I would like to take a moment and thank Dave Nelson and all his staff for the fantastic job they do. The building and grounds are always very clean, very neat. The staff is excellent, especially the lifeguards at both the indoor and outdoor pool. It is a fine-run business. Galax is very lucky to have it.

Hands off
Carroll County needs to let the guy that was hired as director for the recreation department to run the recreation department. Why is he being paid good money if the administration has to run the recreation department, too? Something needs to be done. We need to look after each other’s own position.

Moving on
The parents that went to the school system last year about baseball coach Ronald Mankins should apologize. Look what he has done for the Galax baseball program and look how far they have come. Coach Mankins is an outstanding coach and not only that, he is an outstanding young man. He has done a great job at Galax and I wish him the very best.
Editor’s note: Mankins was coach of Galax’s state championship baseball team in 2012. He announced after the championship that he is stepping down from coaching.

How does that work?
I’m calling about the Autoharp competition at the fiddlers’ convention. Now, I am the world’s best because I have all five ribbons. I don’t understand how one person can win at these conventions because he’s just got one ribbon, the first.

It’s for real
Once upon a time, there were leaders of the school that didn’t know what to do. So, they turned to others to help them and show them how to act. In fact, they didn’t know who to hire to teach or anything, but their friends did and they didn’t know who to keep or who to run off. But, their friends did. So, they hired their buddies. They hired the roughies and their friends friends, whether they could teach or not. And, they ran off those that their friends didn’t want. All seemed well in this little county in the mountains called Carroll until we awoke from our dream and we realized: all is not well in Carroll. This was not a dream, but this is a nightmare and it’s real in 2012.

Looked good
In response to the condition of Pope’s Knob Cemetery on decoration day in June, it had been mowed a week before and some family members had re-mowed some plots. There was a gentleman mowing it and keeping it up until certain people ran him off thinking they had a deed, which it is a community cemetery. They were keeping the gate locked until the sheriff straightened them out. The cemetery looked real nice, because I was there. If they are not happy with it, let them go and mow it themselves.

No worries
I was at a local ball practice and I was watching a pastor and his wife. I would like to know how he thinks he can win souls when they were rude and hateful and demanding and think they know everything about playing ball? And, he thinks he is going to get into heaven. Well, if he makes it, I don’t have anything to worry about. Hey, Pastor, you better get your eyes open. I was going to visit your church, but I will not visit under those circumstances.