Readers' Hotline 7/4/11

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Festival fan
It would be nice to bring back something like the FiddleFest that they had in August during the Old Fiddlers’ Convention. They could give it another name. I don’t think it would interfere with the fiddlers’ convention. A lot of people cannot afford to go to the convention and they love to come to the street event. A lot of shut-ins, like from nursing homes, they like to come down there. They put up a tent for them and they enjoy sitting out and listening to music. I believe some bands could get together and organize this.
Editor’s note: Once an annual event, FiddleFest ended because of a lack of attendance a few years ago. What about it, readers — is it time to bring back this downtown festival?

Surprising bids
I read about how the school bids came in much higher than expected for construction in Carroll County. In fact, it seems like it was twice as much as the school system projected and even their own architects had told them that their projections were too low. What is going on in the school administration office that they are trying to figure out how to spend money they don’t have? Who is minding the store in Carroll County? Folks, it is time for a change. We can’t afford all this spending and we need to be concentrating what little money we have on spending that actually affects the children, instead of fancy new buildings. Enough is enough.
Editor’s note: The school board has rejected all bids for the projects at the high and middle schools. The staff is now working to scale back the work to fit within the $15 million budget.

Sending a message
I don’t know what all the mess is about, with all these kids owing fees at graduation, but I am going to tell you one thing. I am 64 years old. Our parents always kept up with what we owed and if we did not tell them, we got our fannies spanked when we got home. Maybe the high school is trying to tell these people, “If you don’t pay what you owe, you will never be a true person.”

Life of doing without
Just got through watching the speech by the president. He talked about how the U.S. takes care of its own. I don’t know how he can say that with a straight face. Congress is now trying to destroy Social Security and in turn sentences the elderly and disabled to a life of doing without. Where is all the money? It is the same thing as embezzlement by the government. What needs to happen is, for every dollar they cut Social Security, they should cut Congress’ and the president’s pay the same. For the amount of work they do, they shouldn’t even get minimum wage. How do they think people on Social Security are going to make it? They don’t care. They are just the same as Jack Kervorkian. The U.S. people are just as bad because they are letting it happen.

Who’s paying?
Who is paying the expenses on Michelle Obama and her two children for their journey to Africa? News reports state at least five other relatives are included in this group of travelers. Internet sources indicate others than relatives are also included in this assemblage. Are American taxpayers getting ripped off for this family vacation?
Editor’s note: Mrs. Obama’s trip to South Africa and Botswana was at public expense and reportedly cost at least $500,000. The White House said Mrs. Obama was allowed to bring guests with her on the plane because she was on official U.S. business. Other costs regarding her family were to be paid for privately.

Debt has consequences
Good grief? When is grief ever good? Grief is good when it leads to an individual becoming a stronger person or causes a change for the better for all people. The freedoms we enjoy were won on a road paved with grief. Our nation will depend on our children and grandchildren to lead, defend and govern our nation. They will manage the economies of our communities. I trust that our young people are preparing themselves for this challenge. Our school systems will never be perfect, but they should strive to be better. We as a community should support them and appreciate their efforts. The Carroll County School System sparked anger and grief when it chose not to reward students with diplomas who owed money to the system. I choose to believe a real life lesson can be learned through this grief. We all can learn that debt has its consequences. Who knows, just maybe someone from the 2011 class may lead our nation in the future. Congratulations to all the class of 2011.

Piles of poop
I’ve lived here in the city for years and I am disabled. A few years ago different people started moving in and after that happened, I started having trouble with their dogs using my back yard as a bathroom. Right now it is covered up again. I have lost more people mowing my yard and telling me I have to clean up after my dog when I don’t even own a dog. This is very large dog because my whole backyard is a disgusting mess and just because you let it out after dark, or in the morning before daylight, you are not supposed to let it off the leash. You are supposed to keep it in your own yard. I don’t think that is right. What goes around, comes around. You might think it is funny, but it is not very funny. Someday it might happen to you when you get older.

Barking dogs
This is for the people on Deer Haven Road regarding the beagles that continue to bark all day and all night long. I really feel sorry for the people who live relatively close to where the beagles are penned up because I am about a block and a half away and can hear the barking all night. I wish there was a way they could move them a little bit farther away from all the houses. I talked with several of the neighbors and they all feel the same way and are losing a little bit of sleep due to the situation.

Roundup time
Why can’t animal control pick up stray animals whenever someone reports them, like the cats and dogs running loose on Anderson Street and McArthur? I’d appreciate something being done. They tell you to get a cage and do it yourself and that is not your job. They should do it themselves.
Editor’s note: Do it yourself? That’s like the city telling you to fix the broken water main on your street or arrest the burglar that’s breaking into your house.

Too many people
The reason for all these storms we are having is because we are messing up the oceans. Oceans all over the world are what control the weather. We are fishing out the oceans, depleting everything. Eventually the oceans will become big garbage dumps because there will be no fish around to keep it clean. The bottom line of all the weather in all the world — and I said it before and I will say it again — there are too many people. Overpopulation. The planet can’t handle it.
Editor’s note: OK, so what’s your solution? Who do you eliminate? Want to go first?