Readers' Hotline 7/31/13

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Dog threats
[People in Fox Run] turn their dogs out after they see the dog warden go by in the mornings. I almost got attacked by two. One looked like a half-bulldog — white with spots — and a small white Scotty dog. I guess because I was with my cat and working my flower garden. Good thing I had a hoe or I probably would have been bitten and attacked. Something is going to have to be done about those dogs or they are going to come up missing.

Equal justice
This is a response to the person calling about self defense, about George Zimmerman being found not guilty. What if it was on the other shoe — if Trayvon Martin had the gun and he shot George Zimmerman, thinking his life was in danger after this man started following him? I wonder what would have happened in the court system. Would they have found him not guilty? As far as this person saying these idiots should stop marching, what is wrong with justice? Don’t you think people have the right to march to show disrespect because this was a travesty to the justice system? Zimmerman was told not to follow this youth and yet he chose to follow him anyway. If Trayvon Martin had shot him, calling it self defense or “stand your ground,” then what would have happened to him? I don’t think they would have found him not guilty. This is not a racial issue. This is equal justice for us all.

Lacking respect
This call is for the green Subaru, black SUV, and the white Dodge SUV that were driving U.S. 58 in the Baywood community on July 21. It was a shame that you couldn’t show respect for the people who had just lost a loved one and you had to drive right beside the funeral procession. I sure hope when you are in the same situation that people are more considerate of you and your loved ones than you were to me and mine.

Eighth time around
In response to “two to tango,” your money and your toys can’t keep your number eight husband at home. Maybe you should give up on marriage or try one closer to your age.

Meet and greet
Walmart did something good. They put the greeters back at the door. They have our carts sitting out. They have a friendly smile. That is the greatest thing that Walmart ever did, to put the greeters out to help us with our wheelchairs and help us have a cart out and ready to go. Thank you, Walmart.

This is in response to the “juggling” article. Maybe people need to get their information together about why the woman kicked out the boyfriend. And it might be a good idea for them just to mind their own business.

Together, again
I wanted to comment on the article about the “juggler.” I really admire that woman and her husband for getting back together. That kind of love you don’t see very often. Maybe someone needs to get a timeline of that woman’s life, since they have so much time on their hands.

Coping with it
This is a person who has read about the woman juggling her boyfriend and husband. My complaint is if people would mind their own business and take care of their own household, they would be doing a lot better. This is from the husband and I am dealing with it. Just keep your comments to yourself.

Hypocrites abound
This is in response to “juggling.” All I have to say is our little town is full of hypocrites. We all say we have some form of religious beliefs, yet we judge what we know nothing about. My advice to everyone is go and pick up a Bible and read John 8:7. Anyone who has no sin in their lives, should step forward and throw the first stone. Thus, meaning look at your own life, before you judge someone else’s.
Editor’s note: No more comments will be published about this matter.

Slipping away
Once upon a time, there was a city. Lines on the road were painted so you could see them. Yellow curbs were actually yellow. You could tell where the parking space began and ended. Signs were not faded and whoever put them up used a level. The gutters were clean and free of weeds. Storm drains were clean and free of trash. Bushes were trimmed away from stop signs. Trees were pruned so they didn’t hit your car. Once upon a time, a city cared. Now they just make excuses. City council must be blind.