Readers' Hotline 7/30/12

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Love of Fries
I grew up in the Town of Fries. Every time I read the Hotline, it makes me sick. These are not the people I remember. I don’t remember these petty people. I remember the people who were proud of our town and knew everyone. There may have been disputes. I don’t remember many, but the reason I don’t is because the town came first and people genuinely cared. Times have changed. Our mail is gone. We almost lost our school. The economy is what it is. Maybe if Fries would come together again as a community and everyone would get out of their cliques, compromise and change would come for the love they have for their town.

Looking back
I would like to know why Grayson County built a new school up in the upper end of the county when all the students are in the lower end of the county. They built a school that was to house 500 students and the enrollment is less than 180. Does anybody in the county have a problem with that besides me?

Knocking back
This is in reference to “knocking on Heaven’s door, part II.” If you have to go to church to be a Christian or to talk to God, does that mean if you go to your garage that makes you a car? If you read in I Peter, chapter 221, it says, “Follow in his steps.” And Luke 2:46 is the only place I have found where Jesus was in the Temple and he was 12 at the time and wasn’t preaching then. He was listening to doctors and asking questions. In I Corinthians 6:19 it says, “What know ye not that your body is the temple of the Holy Ghost.” So, everywhere I have read in the New Testament, Jesus was teaching out in the wilderness or out on ships or somewhere like that. It was not in a church.

Straighten it out
I think whoever wants to hire a lawyer because the children are involved and you didn’t want to keep up with the money you owed them, that you need to be a man or woman and step up to what you took your vows for and go back and be man enough to want to be with them. If they have freckles on them or are snaggle-toothed, you are still married to them no matter what. [You should be sentenced to] be hung up by your heels and stand on your fingers for one day. Just think about what you have done and get everything straight.

Too late now
Social Security is intended to help you because your savings didn’t go far enough. The idea is you save for your retirement and not count on Social Security. People are doing it backwards. Social Security is only a supplement. It was never meant to be [for full] retirement. It is your responsibility to save for your retirement. Complaining about Social Security isn’t the point. That’s because you made a mistake and you didn’t save.

Spectacular showing
If you want to see a beautiful display of fireworks, go to Hillsville. Thank you, Hillsville. The fireworks were spectacular.

Tougher checks
In response to police calling for tougher background checks, it looks like Chief Clark and the City of Galax are done joining in with the anti-gun crowd on this deal. There’s plenty of laws and regulations already in place. All they have to do is be enforced. Maybe police need to check themselves out a little more. A deputy allegedly shot and killed an innocent man this week down in Florida. Standing in his own home and in his own front door. That’s not the only incident nationwide of police overstepping their bounds. Look at the ones that have tasered senior citizens and young people. It’s ridiculous. The cops need to be policing themselves better. If they do a better job getting out and catching criminals, there wouldn’t be so many on the streets.
Editor’s note: Clark was quoted in The Gazette from an editorial he wrote as president of the Virginia Association of Chiefs of Police. It is the position of police in Virginia that a federal law requiring background checks for all firearms sales would help enforce the nation’s 1968 Gun Control Act, which prohibits firearm possession by convicted felons, fugitives, illegal aliens, drug abusers, the mentally ill and other proscribed purchasers. In other words, it would keep those already prohibited from possessing guns from obtaining them. “This measure would have no impact on the rights of law-abiding citizens to purchase or own guns,” said Clark.

Greedy people
What’s the problem with Appalachian Power Company that it can’t pay for repairs itself? I saw where last year its profit was $353 million, and January through March of this year it rose up to $389 million. That reminds me of Republicans in Congress hollering don’t raise taxes on millionaires. Nobody is trying to raise their taxes. They are trying to get them to pay their share so the middle class won’t have to pay extra to cover for them. It’s just like they are living off welfare and the middle class is paying for it. All we’ve got is a bunch of greedy people taking everything away from everybody and it’s not right.

Not misled
I don’t believe for a minute that [Hillsville Town Council Member Billy] Walls was misled about the severance packages given to [former town manager Larry] South and [former police chief Steve] Williams in Hillsville. Let’s pretend he didn’t know what he was signing. If that were the case, he really needs to step down from his position as councilman.
Editor’s note: Walls has said he did not approve of the amount of the severance packages for the former officials, although he did vote for them.

Once again it is on the news that the so-called protective agency for taxpayers has stolen from the taxpayers. Nothing is being said about them paying it back. This money could have been used for a decent raise for the elderly. They are out here doing without while these people are partying. The candidates for president are acting like kids, like spoiled two-year-olds. They are more concerned with putting each other down than straightening out the mess the U.S. is in. I’d like to meet one politician that really cared about the taxpayers. No wonder there’s no jobs, no nothing. By the way, they are telling that Romney took jobs out of the U.S. That’s not true. Bill Clinton invoked NAFTA, which took our jobs overseas. All this politician stuff is just a bunch of bull.

Check the facts
Sounds like someone is listening to Fox News and all the stuff they say because Obama did not take away our prayer day. He did not do all these other things they are saying either. You need to check some other facts and you will find out this is true.
Editor’s note: Our search of the Fox News website shows no reporting that ever said Obama “took away” the National Day of Prayer. Rather, it has routinely reported that Obama has issued proclamations in support of this event. If you want others to check the facts about “other things” being said, you need to explain what they are.

Beyond affordable
I am calling about the Appalachian Power rate increase because of the storms.  Phone and power companies are making way beyond what we can afford. Most of us around here are middle income. I work at a sawmill and try to make do and get by. They’ve got everything. Try to raise some kids and there is no way we can afford this. We are $8 and $10 an hour with no benefits and you look what they are getting. There is no sense in this. I wish you would print this. I know they do a good job. They just need competition. We cannot afford this.

To the caller that drove through Hebron. You need to keep your eyes on the road and mind your own business. If you don’t like our country living, just pack your bags and don’t let the barn door hit you where the good Lord split you.

Money back
Thanks to ObamaCare, I just received a check back from Anthem on the premiums I paid last year. True, it wasn’t for a large amount. But it lets me know at least the insurance company can’t have runaway profits. Now, if our legislatures in Richmond and Washington could do the same with Appalachian Power and the big oil companies, we would be headed in the right direction.

Fries pulpit
I wonder if contributors to the Fries High School website regret their affiliation. It is now a bullying pulpit.

Hit and run
This is for the person that hit the puppy on Delhart Road Friday morning and didn’t bother stopping. Thanks anyway. I went ahead and stopped and pulled the dog out of the road for you and knocked on the door to let the person know that you did hit their dog. I think that was very ignorant. I know you couldn’t have avoided hitting the dog, but you could have at least stopped to help put it out of the way.

Agenda items
My family is so tickled that Strader Blankenship is going to be the [superintendent of] schools in Carroll County. That is so awesome. I hope he will take on the problems we have with the principals in our school that it is not meeting adequate yearly progress year after year. The Carroll supervisors need to get with the times if they want our children to grow up loving Carroll County and want them to come back here. We don’t just need a pool, we need a water park and recreation facilities and a place for them to spend time with their families when they come back here. So, please, get that on the agenda.