Readers' Hotline 7/27/11

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Wasted dollars
I’ve been reading the coverage of meetings about the school construction in Carroll County. I don’t know who is more stupid, the Carroll County School Board for paying an architecture firm over $850,000 to build buildings that we can’t afford, or the Carroll Board of Supervisors for letting them approve to pay them that much money. It’s a toss up. Either way, the school board has wasted taxpayer dollars trying to build buildings that we don’t need and we knew we could never build. There is no reason that we need to close Woodlawn School. That is clear in the article. The superintendent talks about how important it is that we keep the ninth graders away from the rest of the high school students. Then why in the world does he want to move them up there to begin with? Are people not paying attention?
Editor’s note: Woodlawn is being closed because the school is deteriorating and would be more costly to fix than building a wing at the high school to hold the ninth grade. As for the $850,000 paid to the architects, the county will be reimbursed for this amount from the $15 million in school construction bonds it will receive.

I’m calling concerning the “joyful noise” that someone wrote about. I cannot believe that a church-going person would tell someone to hunt something besides a church. In two different places. That is the most appalling thing I have ever heard from a church and I think he needs to find the Lord. Good gospel music at any time does not meet the standard as a good sermon if it is preached from The Word. Whoever that was, needs to go back to the altar.

They are trying to mess the country up again. I don’t have enough money to vote a Republican ticket. If I was a multi-millionaire, I still wouldn’t vote a Republican ticket.

What’s fair?
I’ve checked the debt level lately. I know it was created by George Bush giving millionaires tax breaks. And even Obama gave them two more years and now they are still wanting more. That’s what got us in the mess we are in and we will never get out of it unless they pay their share like everybody else.
Editor’s note: If only reality were as simple as your explanation. The debt is far more a spending problem than it is an “income” problem. And according to IRS data cited by the National Taxpayers Union, the top 10 percent of taxpayers by adjusted gross income paid 70 percent of the federal tax dollars in 2008; the top 50 percent paid 97 percent; and the bottom 50 percent paid 2.7 percent of what the government took in.

Check it out
I’m calling concerning our Exit 19 area and the Interstate 77/620 intersection at Wildwood Park. I want to know why our leaders don’t look at Cabela’s [outdoors stores]. Look at its retail site criteria. There are 10 things that to me look like that area would be perfect. They need to visit Mitchell, S.D., Hamburg, Pa., Wheeling, W.Va., and see what Cabela’s has done for that area. I know jobs are important, but if you will look at these three areas that I have visited, they are really prospering. In this economic time, everybody is concerned about money they are spending. Jobs are short. We need jobs.

Crystal ball gazing
In response to “stop hounding leaders,” this hounding is called freedom of speech. If leaders cannot accept the truth and positive criticism, then they should not run for office. It sounds like someone is gazing into a crystal ball with all of the long-term predictions for the Wildwood development. I hope that the future of Wildwood is not solely dependent upon the unnecessary four-laning of Route 620.

Creating a damper
This is for the comment, “loving your pets.” If mankind acted like our pets, we could love them also. But, it is people like you that put a damper on loving humans. I love all five of my pets and it is none of your business. Don’t you have a better use of your time than downing people and their pets? Sounds like a conflict of interest to me, or just plain hypocrisy.

Running circles
I’m talking about the call “time to quit.” Someone wrote in about an elderly man working. Well, I guess they are. He might be slow [at what he does]. I tell you what. I work with young people every day of my life and I am 65. I run around them like a circle. Most young people are too sorry to work in this area, so leave the old man alone.

I was in [a fast food restaurant] two weeks ago and I was ordering food. I saw an employee clean his nose with his hands and continue to handle food while not cleaning his hands. If you call that good service, I don’t want to see what bad service is about.

Coupons fan
I just wanted to give The Gazette thumbs up for bringing back the coupons. Appreciate that.
Editor’s note: Our pleasure! Coupon packs now appear in Wednesday editions of The Gazette.

Be happy
I’m a little confused. Seems to me that the majority of people who have complaints in the Hotline are religious people. I was always taught not to be judgmental of other people, but maybe I have a different religion. If everyone would get out and enjoy what God put here for us in Galax like the New River Trail, the Blue Ridge Parkway and these magnificent mountains, then their lives would be enriched by the beauty God placed here for us to enjoy. Everyone that lives in this area is lucky to live where bluegrass and old-time music is played every week at The Rex. The Blue Ridge Music Center has a fantastic museum and wonderful concerts. A place where festivals like Smoke on the Mountain, the String and Leaf Festival and the Fiddlers’ Convention are enjoyed by so many people. Get out there. Dance a little. Ride a bike. Take a walk on the New River. Enjoy everything that Galax has here for us. You will be a much happier person and maybe you won’t have so much to complain about.