Readers Hotline 7/24/17

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MACC team jilted
In response to the MACC team not being able to go to California to represent Grayson County Schools, this is a shame. These people have feelings and pride in what they do, too. But now if you were a football player, basketball or soccer, you would have all the chances in the world to travel and the school would pay for it. All the money they have spent on this football field doesn’t benefit anyone but a few football players — not the whole school. Also, they are going to send 18-20 teachers from the elementary school to Richmond to a class [and pay expenses]. It’s something to send teachers on vacation when they are getting paid anyway. Why not send one and let them come back and explain what went on. Things need to be changed.

Soda tax
City council has already passed to raise real estate taxes on every citizen who owns real estate in Galax to pay for the new school renovation. City council needs to look at other ways of raising money. They need to look at a soda tax, possibly a food tax. There needs to be other taxes put in place besides just the real estate tax. Many students in the Galax system are on free lunches. Many of those families don’t own real estate. It is not fair to make the real estate-owning residents of Galax pay for school renovation. The leadership and employee base of Galax schools is mainly from Carroll County. None of these people will be paying for the school renovation, and they should. City council needs to look into having a school board that is elected. We need to go back to electing the school board so the school board will represent the citizens of Galax, not residents of Carroll County. The school board needs to require that the superintendent is a resident of Galax.
Editor’s note: The city already has a food tax and lodging tax.

Power is pricey
We need to do something about Appalachian Power continuously asking for rate increases. They went for 30 years and never had an increase and now it is every time I turn around. My electric bill is over $130 this month. I have no heat pump. I don’t cook that much in the summer. Most of the time it is on the grill. I don’t understand how the rates go so outrageous. My grandmother doesn’t have so much as a fan in her house and her bill is $90 a month. She doesn’t have anything in winter. She burns a wood stove. There is no excuse for people’s electric bills being this outrageous. I don’t understand why we can’t have some kind of competition or some kind of stop put to AEP being able to railroad poor people.

Not worth it
How much money are we going to waste on the Hillsville Farmers’ Market before we pull the plug? No one attends the market and it’s a waste of taxpayer money.

I’ll cure the healthcare debate in 90 seconds. Democrats, you crammed this down our throats. You didn’t let anybody look at it. You had to pass it before we even look at it. On that merit alone, Republicans are more honest than you are. Let’s just go back to what you said: “Every family in the United States, their premium is going to go down $2,500 a family.” Did anybody’s healthcare go down $2,500? Then Obama lied about that. How much has it gone up? Over 100 percent in some states. What about keeping your doctors. Everybody still have their doctors? No? That was a lie. What about keeping your plans? That was a lie. Some states only have one insurer and they are getting ready to lose that. That’s what the Republicans said. The Democrats said that wasn’t true. Everything you have said about the healthcare bill is a lie. We know it. You think we are stupid? Remember last November? We remember like elephants and we are going to remember again.

Best suited for Carroll
I saw in the paper where Galax is going to name a new fitness center for the deputy who was killed in the crash. That was a horrible situation and I know this is not going to be popular, but I think that should be over in Carroll County, not Galax. I also saw something about a man named McKinley Wolfe. I went to Galax Elementary School. I think that would be a great person to recognize for all his years of dedication and he did live in the city limits. McKinley Wolfe was a great person and that would be great for something put in his honor in Galax for all the years he put in to education.
Editor’s note: Deputy Curtis Bartlett, who died in the line of duty, was a Galax High School graduate and his family lives in Galax. He was also a fitness trainer. McKinley Wolfe was a custodian at GES.

Hooray for the Fourth
Thanks, Galax, for having your July 4 parade at 7 p.m. This gives people who have to work a chance to come to it. Thanks, Hillsville, for having a wonderful fireworks display. They get better every year.

Senior care needed
Galax and the Twin Counties need a huge senior care facility. We need a place that is retirement living, assisted living, nursing home. It would serve Galax, the Twin Counties, Hillsville, maybe even North Carolina. I really do wish city leaders would please seek out this type of facility and encourage them to build in our area. We have a wonderful community college that graduates students who are skilled and would work in this senior care facility. That would be a great employer. People would have jobs and it would help people pay their taxes as well. We need more jobs in this area. Otherwise, our city is going to face hard times like others and possibly even become bankrupt.

Picky, picky
I am calling about the duck race pictures. They were all great. There was one that I have to be picky about because I don’t have much else to do. It depicted the ducks as going under the Grayson Street bridge. And, as I am being picky, I have to say there is no Grayson Street bridge. Just had to say that.
Editor’s note: The ducks were dumped off the bridge on Grayson Street, which crosses Chestnut Creek. The finish line was at the bridge over the creek at U.S. 58.

Board supported
Thank goodness for four Grayson County School Board members. They are starting to drain the swamp.

I have been one of Donald Trump’s biggest supporters but I have to say something now about the Republican Party, which I am glad is in power — or are they? Why are they so spineless? Why are they afraid to do anything?

Here’s the score
A couple side notes from July 10 political game disguised as Grayson County School Board meeting that won’t be reported in the local news. There was a huge crowd there in support of a fired coach and many people wanted to speak on his behalf that went unannounced that the speakers had to sign up and the actual signup sheet sat unnoticed on a table in the lobby. Only four people were able to sign up and over 20 were left sitting with their speeches in their hand. Score: Good Ole Boys 1, Common Folks 0. When speakers asked those in favor of the coach being kept on to stand in his favor, football staff remained seated. Good Ole Boys 2, Common Folks 0. The board approved a new floor to replace the one-year-old floor in the locker room palace. Good Ole Boys 3, Common Folks 0.
Editor’s note: It is standing policy with the Grayson School Board and with many governmental bodies to require speakers to sign up in advance.

Fight prediction
This is a comment about the August fight between Floyd Mayweather Jr., and Connor McGregor. Floyd Mayweather is going to get destroyed. Here’s the thing. If you want to get in a ring and fight a man, get in the ring and fight him. Why all these conditions? Got to have 10 ounce gloves. If you are a fighter, you are a fighter. I have been watching these press conferences and he acts awful tough on TV but he is going to get his clock cleaned on Aug. 26. There is no boxer in the world that can compete with an MMA fighter, especially one of his caliber. I can’t wait to see this. Conner McGregor in less than 4 rounds.

Don’t give in
I’d like to comment on the Grayson School Board’s decision about the coach deal. It’s okay if you have big Johnny over here that is very athletic and can do everything, but what about little Johnny down here that his feelings have been hurt? Whether he was coached 20 years ago, 50 years ago or last year, that should matter. What about kids that are not treated fairly? They may have a thyroid problem that causes them to be a little overweight or some other health issue. I’m appreciating what the school board is doing. I just hope they don’t let their back give in. That would be a bad thing.