Readers' Hotline 7/2/14

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Bake sale?
I wanted to make a comment on the caller that talked about Carroll supervisors taking away the funds from the sheriff’s department. I totally agree. I think the county ought to consider maybe having fundraisers and such as that. Be creative instead of taking away from the sheriff’s department. They really need it. They did a real good job and are doing a lot of good work behind the scenes.

Interpreting History: Part 2
This is regarding [the call] “interpreting history” in the Hotline June 23. When you printed my response to “Palestinian state,” you indicated that Rome destroyed Jerusalem in 70 BC (before Christ) and not 70 CE (common error) as I had stated. Rome destroyed Jerusalem after Christ’s death and not before he was born. It is possible that I may have misspoken and I would like to correct the error regardless of who was at fault. At Matthew 23:37, Jesus calls the Jews the killer of the prophets and tells them that their house or place of worship is abandoned to them. As a nation, the Jews turned their backs to God by killing his prophets, whom he had sent to warn them of their wickedness and provide them the many opportunities to repent and return to him. Then, he sent his son to warn them and they killed him, too. So, God left their house of worship, abandoning it to them. Why, then, would God continue to show that nation favor?
Editor’s note: We misunderstood what the caller originally said, and mistakenly changed “CE” to “BC.” Sorry for the error.

Another opinion
I’m calling in regard to “interpreting history.” This guy is wrong. Israel was not a nation or a state until 1960. Therefore, the Jews did not have their own nation until 1960. This guy needs to read the King James version. He is totally mistaken. It does say in there the Jews are God’s chosen people. That don’t mean nobody else is going to get to Heaven but the Jews. You have to believe Jesus Christ died on the cross and paid for our sins. There are five ways to get to Heaven. You need to watch Jack Van Impe on Channel 10 at 11 on Sunday night and he will explain all this stuff to you.

Too busy
How does a salon that never has a car in their parking lot and has a sign up that says “walk-ins welcome” tell you they don’t have any openings? Trying to act busy is hurting your business. I’ll go find one of your other stylists you ran off.

Why hired?
I cannot believe Hillsville rehired [former town manager Travis Jackson] as a consultant. Why did he quit the job in the first place? The hard working people are being taken to the cleaners with this man’s salary of $2,500 a month. How many poor people in Carroll County have an income of $2,500 a month? Can’t [the town manager] do the job? If not, she needs to seek other employment. I worked all my life and paid taxes and I can’t even get food stamps because I had worked and saved $3,000. Take the $2,500 a month you are paying this man and give it to someone who deserves it ― the poor people who can barely afford gas and pay taxes.
Editor’s note: Jackson is still overseeing some town projects, like water treatment plant improvements, that he started before leaving the position. He is being paid on a month-to-month basis, as long as needed.

Sour grapes
I am just reading this “vote for MVP” [call]. All the stats look right to me, but the second loss came in the semi-finals. He was winning 7-6 when he was taken out [in the fourth inning]. But, I am sort of partial. I do have a dog in this hunt. We were credited with a loss we actually didn’t get... That’s all I got to say about that.
Editor’s note: The caller did indeed have more to say about that, but we trimmed the calls down. We don’t have any further knowledge of the MVP decision or the reasons behind it. Anything further is just speculation. We say it’s time to move on. No more calls on this topic, please.