Readers' Hotline 7/20/11

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The only difference I can see between Grayson and Carroll counties is that Carroll has more revenue to squander because of its proximity to I-77. The caliber of those in charge is no greater or less than the leaders of Grayson County. So, Grayson has this new school in the area with the lowest population density and Carroll has the “Bypass From Nowhere” and Wildwood.

Awesome band
I really enjoyed the rock and roll music down at Felts Park during the Fourth of July. All the bands were good. The KISS tribute band “Alive” was awesome. I hope you have them back soon. Just goes to show not everybody around here is an old-time and bluegrass music fan. We like other kinds of music, too. Just wanted to say again how great Alive was. They really brought the stage alive.
Editor’s note: We’ve heard a lot of good reviews of the “Alive” show. Did you know that two of the members — Scott Leftwich and Bill Bowers — are from Galax?

Send them in
Why is it that you publish so many things on the VFW Post 1115 of Hillsville, yet I don’t see anything on Independence Post 7726? Makes no sense to me.
Editor’s note: We publish the news items submitted from both posts. We receive far more from the Hillsville post.

Pathetic pastime
With the deer season approaching, the people near us in Hillbilly Hollow (not the actual name) are all tanked up and shooting all day, killing everything that moves and shooting at targets, keeping people who actually work for a living on night shift awake. I pity the deer with these rednecks entering the woods with guns in a drunken stupor, angry and miserable. There is professional help out there for your pathetic way of living. But, I suppose that killing animals and watching them die brings you some kind of sick comfort. There are good hunters out there, but these fools are ridiculous.

Have some appreciation
In response to the call about the Galax fireworks sucking. I have three ideas for this person. 1. Don’t go watch. 2. Take out your checkbook and write a check for $10,000 to the fire department. 3. Go set off the fireworks yourself and pay for them out of pocket. The Galax Volunteer Fire Department does not charge for their services. And, they work very hard for the carnival. If you do not appreciate the fireworks or the carnival, don’t go.

Rock on
I’m calling about the comment, “corrupting our minds” about a KISS band at the carnival. I just about laughed my fanny off. Whoever called that in, Gene Simmons blew fire out of his mouth, so I guess they were, too. I would love to have seen that band and I am 65 years old.

Data doubts
I’d like to comment on the recent call about the medical billing system. I pay $75 a month on two bills and I have been paying for four years. When I asked for a detailed thing about the whole money I was paying to them, like the total bill, they sent me a thing about the payments I had made. I even asked them, could I have a job doing data entry? I do know how to do that. They need to straighten their system out.

Political parades
I’m calling about the call about support [displayed for a Grayson County candidate, by some people affiliated with the Galax Fire Department at a Galax parade]. It’s interesting that I also noticed in the Fries parade that the Fries Fire Department had [signs on their] boats that supported the opposing candidate. The caller was concerned that the Galax Fire Department would let their house burn down if they have the opponent’s sign in their yard. Likewise, would the Fries Fire Department allow you to drown in the river if you supported the other candidate? I guess now I have to worry about swimming in the New River.
Editor’s note: No more calls will be published about this matter.

Lighten up
I just came from a ball game in Independence and between Galax and Carroll County. It was a good ball game but Carroll County had the rudest fan I have ever seen. A man once told me it was 13 miles from culture to agriculture and they sure showed it tonight. They were using profanity, throwing their hats. It’s a kids’ ball game, man. Nothing but a kids’ game. Learn respect. The kids need to guide them.

Rock illiteracy
I’m calling about the comment in the Hotline about the KISS tribute rock band that was in Galax. I highly disagree with what that person said. There are plenty of KISS songs out there that are about having fun and having a good time. That’s what KISS is all about. Songs like “Girls, Girls, Girls,” “Home Sweet Home,” “Live Wire,” and “Dr. Feelgood.” Those are just songs about kicking back and having a good time. I’m sure the people that saw the band on Fourth of July had a good time.
Editor’s note: Those are all great songs, but they’re Motley Crue songs.

Ready to move
Let me tell you about Costa Rica, the country with a heart. The World Health Organization places Costa Rica third in life expectancy in the world behind Japan and France. Costa Rica provides universal healthcare to its residents and citizens. Most doctors are educated in the U.S. and Canada. Drug and alcohol detox and rehabilitation are community-based and affordable. Costa Ricans ranks first in the happy planet index and is the greenest country in the world. The literacy rate is one of the highest. There is freedom to belong to any religion. So, my question is, who should be giving to whom?
Editor’s note: In any country, there are people who fall between the cracks of society.