Readers' Hotline 7/17/13

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Cloud of smoke
It’s rather sad when you visit a relative at a nursing home and they have brought the residents out front to smoke and you have to wade through the cigarette smoke to get to even the front door. Some people are allergic to cigarette smoke and they can’t do that. It is just pitiful that the staff does that and the administration doesn’t do something about it.

Caring manner
I would like to commend a Walmart employee named Cathy for her courteous and efficient manner at check out. She is always very kind, careful and organized as far as how she packs groceries and other items. Her friendliness and caring manner are appreciated. Those that serve the pubic with a positive attitude and a Christian spirit deserve a word of praise. Thank you, Cathy, and God bless you.

Avert a takeover
I agree with the caller about President Obama putting Muslims in the White House. People don’t have sense enough to know there are more Muslims in the United States than anything else. They hate the American way. There are enough Muslims in the United States right now to take us over if they want to. I hope everyone will stand up and not let everybody take us over. That’s what they say they will do — take us over without firing a shot and I really believe it. Just stand and pray. That’s all anybody can do, is just pray and hope God will help us.
Editor’s note: The Muslim share of the U.S. population (adults and children) was projected at less than 1 percent (0.8 percent) in 2010 by the Pew Research Center’s Forum on Religion & Public Life.

All hurtful
Please, please, no more Mongo and “the roundtable.” Mongo needs to go to kindergarten and learn the English language and stay out of the Hotline. And also, leave Paula Deen alone. What is the difference in the “N” word and whitey, cracker and honkie? I tell you — it is all hurtful. So, lay off Paula Deen.

Winter danger
This is a comment on the new tax that went into effect in Virginia on July 1 for the repair of roads. I have been living on Pipers Gap for almost three years. We have a creek that crosses the road just below Oakland School. Our supervisor of Pipers Gap lives just above that. There has been nothing done at all and it is dangerous, especially in winter when it freezes. It does look like somebody could do something.