Readers' Hotline 7/16/14

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Local soap opera
Sometimes I wonder where I am. Am I in Hillsville or Peyton Place? You’ve got a town manager that quits. They hire his daughter, then hire the manager back to teach her the job she should do anyway. You got a mayor who gets arrested [and pleaded guilty to a reduced charge of disorderly conduct]. Then you got a police chief who quits because people keep bugging him, won’t let him do his job. I don’t know who to blame, the board who put him in that power, or the idiots like me who vote those people back in office time and time again. This is better than a soap opera.

Chosen people
Some readers have been putting stuff in about Israel. If they would read and study their Bible, those are God’s chosen people. He destroyed many of them and there are probably going to be many more of them destroyed before the end of time. They are having wars over there one after another but those are his chosen people. He will take care of them. I pray the United States does not turn against Israel.

No more, please
Illegal immigration is overrunning us and it’s about to tear our whole society down. We cannot handle more people. Mr. Obama says this is a free country. That’s not what it means. We are trying to ship food overseas and we can’t even feed everybody here in this country. A lot of farms are gone out of business. A lot of stuff, China is taking over. Lord, help this country get back to God. This Obama administration is going to bring us down to our knees if we don’t watch. He wants to put billions of dollars into illegal immigration. Everybody needs to be praying.

Check your conscience
About all this immigration, I see pictures of people homeless with nowhere to go and breaking the law for even laying on the ground. You tell me with a clear conscience that bus loading and flying one plane every three days full of illegal immigrants and having to put them somewhere and having to pay for them is even right in any way? How can you even look a homeless person in the face in this country? You refuse to help them for years but you are breaking your back and doing everything you can for somebody breaking the law. Ridiculous.

Wrong year
In yesterday’s paper I read another opinion where Israel was not a nation. Will you remind the one that put that in there that Israel became a nation May 14, 1948, not 1960.

Too much spent
I was glad to read that at least one supervisor had a head on his shoulders, even though he is not from Carroll County. Too much money is being spent on the still-empty Wildwood Commerce Park, too. And now we find out if Wildwood doesn’t attract an investment of at least $3.25 million by 2017, the localities of Carroll, Grayson and Galax will have to pay back the grant money used to construct the access road to Wildwood. Too much money has been spent on this “road to nowhere” and Wildwood Commerce Park and as [Wilson District Supervisor Eddie Rosenbaum] said, we have spent millions and all we have is stardust in our hands. It’s just terrible.
Editor’s note: Rosenbaum abstained from a vote by members of the Grayson County Board of Supervisors involving funding for the regional Wildwood Commerce Park’s access road.

Health concern
I’m calling to find out how often our local restaurants are checked for hand sanitization. Recently was in a fast food restaurant and noticed the person preparing the food had gloves on but got in their pocket and checked their cell phone with their glove on and went back to cooking. To me, that is not good hand hygiene. Why even wear gloves if you are going to be using your cell phone and checking your phone in and out of your pants pocket?

Try Trump
Donald Trump is exactly right. We do not have any leadership. If Donald Trump was president, he would have had our Marine out of that Mexican jail. We don’t have any leadership.

Curbing crime
I want to comment about all the increased crime and such going on in the neighborhoods and all across the country. If our lawmakers would institute a new law and start putting convicted criminals in the Marine Corps in a special division and let them clean bathrooms for our good soldiers, that would start curbing crime. For first offense, from five years; second, ten; and on up. If they would start putting them in the Marine Corps instead of sending them to the Holiday Inn Prison, crime would start curbing.