Readers' Hotline 7/15/13

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Unwelcome help
I read the editor’s note on the coaching question. It said the coaches are tutors that work with students that need extra help. I think someone needs to talk with these coaches about their job description. I was told from the reading coach and math coach that they are not supposed to work with children, that they are just there as a resource for me. I have enough sense to get my own resources, thank you.
Editor’s note: No more calls about this issue, please. We’ve been debating the definition of “coach” and “tutor” long enough.

Two to tango
This is in reference to “used goods.” If you ladies have to “watch your men,” he is not really worth having. If someone can steal your husband or boyfriend away, you don’t need them anyway. And don’t forget, it takes two. It takes two.

Rough places
I want an answer to the “ancient history” of letting Gen. Patton go to war with Russia. Was the caller talking about after the Korean War ended — if we should have had a nuclear war with Russia or should have gone to the slaughtering pen of Vietnam. I would like to have his answer on it. They both would have been rough. Vietnam was rough. Russia could have been rough, too.

Different twist
The Galax fireworks were fantastic. However, the carnival is a different story. Need to get a new thing in. Get it during the week of July Fourth. And, maybe a fair or something. Get some animals and a big fair like the New River Valley Fair.

Good things
I want to brag a little on some people in Galax. A few Sundays ago I was in a McDonald’s ordering lunch. In just a minute or two, my order was ready. I’m 65 years old and have been eating at fast food restaurants for many years. Never have I been served so quickly. These young people at McDonald’s are great. Thank you. Also, at the parade, some young boys and girls were pulling their wagons loaded with ice cold water for the public. May God bless you. People in Galax, look around you. We are blessed to have so many kind and caring young people. Give them a hug and thank them for all the good things they are doing.

I saw on TV where, down there in Roanoke somewhere, a child was killed by somebody firing a gun. I am a Marine Corps veteran. I don’t want anything to do with any guns. All those cowards out there that think they need to carry a gun, that’s all they are is cowards.
Editor’s note: The caller apparently refers to a 7-year-old boy who reportedly died of a head wound from a stray bullet fired during fireworks in the Richmond area. A Chesterfield police captain said, “We don’t think this was an intentional shooting. We think that somebody in or around the Brandermill area was celebrating the Fourth of July. Unfortunately we think they were shooting a gun in a reckless manner and this young boy is a victim.”

Better than a carnival
I was calling about the article about Grayson County Board of Supervisors meeting about resource officers for the school. I cannot believe some of the comments that were made. I can believe it from the two from Fries District, but when Kenneth Belton made the comment he did, I thought he was the only one that had any sense on the whole board. I don’t know why people move to Grayson County. They just need to move out. I don’t know why anyone wouldn’t want to go to the carnival when they should be going to the board of supervisors meeting. It’s far more entertaining. We need to vote these people out. They should look at their own situation. We have an administrator, assistant administrator, 200 secretaries and people running all over the courthouse. Something needs to be done.

Doing without
This is the worst condition our country has ever been in. This president is vacationing all the time. Every time you turn the TV on, you see him getting on a plane or off. He thinks money grows on trees. Just go out and find a tree and fill your bag up. We are $17 trillion in debt. We don’t get to go to the grocery store but once a month. We do without things we need, but he and his Democrats don’t care. All three scandals are on his hands. Why is it taking so long to get on with their trials? If it were a Republican, the Democrats would already have them in prison.

Not the answer
Board of Supervisors and Sheriff Vaughan: None of you were elected to dictate to the school board what to do. Supervisors, your duty is to pass a budget for the school board and the sheriff’s department and they are to use it for the best interests of students and citizens of Grayson County. A resource officer at each school door will not keep our precious children safe. But taking more away from their education and later raising taxes to pay for full-time deputies will hurt every student and citizen. Raising taxes takes away from our money for food, clothing, medical expenses, housing. You must have these things to survive.

Thieves vary
I’m calling about the comment, “tough neighborhood.” The caller said something about the kids stealing and said, especially not the ones from the “welfare apartments.” Just because children are in the government-owned apartments, doesn’t mean they are the only ones that are stealing. That is discrimination against these little children, in my opinion. I think the kids that are upper class and all steal, too.

Peeking in
Talk about people taking things, I live in the city on Circle Drive. Someone stole a rake off the back porch. Yesterday, I noticed my flowers were all trampled down that were fixing to bloom from my bedroom window. I heard there is a Peeping Tom on the street behind me. I hope he wasn’t there. Something surely was there.

God’s children
People talk about racism and Paula Deen and the color of one’s skin. I think it is a shame. I happen to be white, but it is wrong. We are all God’s children, made by God and put together here on Earth. The only reason Congress is going against Obama is because they think they are better than him because of the color of his skin. He is very intelligent and is trying to help the people. We need to get our act together.

Target on his back
We need to have some gun control. They are not trying to take away rights, they are trying to stop this needless killing. No one needs an assault weapon unless they are in the military or police. My brother is a Vietnam vet and he has been shot in the United States by different people and came through the war without a scratch. You would feel different if it was one of your family members or your child.

Mongo’s offended
Mongo trying to keep from losing temper. Roundtable people telling more lies on Mongo. Mongo never break roundtable. Round table people probably getting drunk on National Bohemian Beer and wreck themselves, wanting insurance, blame on Mongo. Mongo never hit woman people call Mower Babe. Mongo not believe in referring to peoples as Mower Babe. Me think that derogatory. Me prefer attractive female landscape artist. Roundtable people better leave Mongo alone. Mongo have Flash Gordon sparkle gun. Mongo tell Santa Claus on you. Mongo not like. Mongo have to go gorge on Twinkies now and cry. People tell lies on Mongo. Bye.
Editor’s note: Happy now? Mongo is crying. Shame on you, Roundtable. Your Official Hotline Fan Club status is hereby revoked.