Readers' Hotline 7/13/11

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Celebration critic
I’m calling about the Town of Fries Fourth of July celebration. What celebration? Why would they even call it a celebration? Why won’t the town do just a little something for the kids? They wonder why kids aren’t in this town, why everybody is packing up and leaving? Can’t they do something on a celebration that is supposedly for the independence of the country? Why can’t they do something for the kids? This is not the first time. Why honor the [people that they did]. I’d just like to know if anybody can answer that question. I don’t think anybody can.

Dogs, cats and kids
About the call about all the beagles in the Deer Haven neighborhood, I agree, but there is more to it than just the beagles. What has happened to Deer Haven neighborhood? It is going downhill between the yapping dogs, stray cats running loose, trash all over the neighborhood and also these darn kids all over the neighborhood up after 10 o’clock at night. They need to get the police to patrol and get this neighborhood back to the way it was. Get this under control. Afraid to keep things out in the yard because things will get stolen. The dogs don’t shut up at night. And, the kids are hollering after 10. This has got to stop. Clean up Deer Haven. Bring it back to the way it used to be and things will be better.

Dog gone
I am calling regarding a small part chihuahua, part yorkie, solid white puppy dog that was stolen out of my yard on Givens Street and Matthews Street one day last week. Her name is Snowball and I would appreciate if whoever stole her would bring her back. She is a precious thing to us.

Tax crackdown
I agree that everybody ought to pay their taxes. The Bible says that we should give to Caesar his due. But, I read the article about the tax collection in Carroll County. I don’t know how proud I am that right now, when a whole lot of people in this area are out of work, we are making a harder attempt than ever to collect taxes from a bunch of people that probably don’t have it. What I understood is that [the county] went around threatening to sell houses out from under people — probably from families whose mothers and fathers are out of a job and that just isn’t right. They are probably doing it so they can have higher salaries for the county employees and it just isn’t right.

Loose lips
I am around a Carroll County School Board member who constantly tells others in our work environment about school board matters. I would think it a major problem when he tells people about how they are going to move [personnel]. He tells us this beforehand. He also brags about how he helps other school board members hire these [people] so they will later hire his [people].

Sign stress
In the July 4 parade, the Galax Fire Department had a sign saying it is for [a candidate] for sheriff. Why isn’t the fire department for both the candidates? We donate money to the fire departments. Some people are saying, “what does this mean,” if my house is burning and the fire department knows I have [this candidate’s opponent’s] sign on my lawn. Will they save my home? They need to get things together. Citizens are getting upset.
Editor’s note: We’ve looked through our parade photos for confirmation, but since we didn’t take pictures of any political candidates in the parade, we didn’t find any visual references to this sign. If memory serves, the signs said “firefighters” for the candidate, not a specific fire department.

Needs salvaging
Please clean up the salvage place. It is terrible. No one wants to drive their car up there to unload newspapers, etc. It’s a disgrace to the city. See if something can be done.

Boom or bust?
I would like to comment on Galax’s fireworks for the Fourth of July. I realize the fire department does great work, but for the fireworks Monday night you can explain in two words — they sucked.

Todd fan
I’m calling about columnist Todd Jennings. I love to read what he writes and in Friday’s paper, what he wrote was exactly right on the nose. I really appreciate that. It was funny. It reminds you of your grandpa and grandma talking about the Depression days. Keep writing things like that. It cheers us up.

Let’s all get along
Regarding the calls about the KKK flag, I wish people could just let it go and not let it matter anymore and not fight anymore. Just lay it to rest like the war of 1776. It’s really rude that people were flying it, but I understand they have the freedom of speech to fly the flag on their front porch and in the yard anytime they want to. I just hope this topic will die down and we can all just get along.

Rides were scarce
I just took my kids to the carnival. They had very few rides for the kids to ride.
Editor’s note: To be fair, it seemed that most of the rides were for children.

Disliked headline
This call is in reference to a recent newspaper headline in The Declaration, “99-year-old driver faces charge in crash.” She is a dear friend to everyone in the town of Independence. Your tasteless headline should have read “Precious 99-year-old escapes serious injury in accident” [instead of] printing disrespect to our elderly citizens.
Editor’s note: The Gazette published a similar headline that the 99-year-old was injured in the crash. Both headlines were accurate.

Corrupting our minds
I’m calling about a scene at the carnival in Galax. They had a band pretending to be that rock band, KISS. I just don’t think that’s something the good ole cowboys and cowgirls around here needed to see to corrupt their minds. Some people think KISS stands for Satan’s service and I think we need to keep that out of Galax, Va. I’d rather have just seen some good ole wrestling than that dirty old KISS band. It’s polluting the minds of our youth out there because a lot of people think they are a devil-worshiping band. In 1976 Gene Simmons made a song called “God and Thunder” on the Destroyer album and in 1992 he released a song called “Unholy.” They released a song called “Carnival of Souls.” I  don’t think we need to be exposed to any of that stuff.
Editor’s note: I guess the good ole boys and girls can go back to listening to wholesome country songs about killin’, cheatin’ and drinkin’.

Trap it yourself
I’m calling in response to the call “roundup time,” I live in an apartment on East Virginia Street and we have the same problem. There are too many cats running loose. People let their dogs run loose. We have complained about it to animal control and they told us the same thing — that they would furnish us a cage that we could trap it ourselves. I agree with the caller — what are they doing that they can’t do it themselves?