Readers' Hotline 7/1/13

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Caring and generous
I want to add a comment to “positive note” and say thank you to a man I only know as Adam. Two weeks ago we had a birthday party for my son and wanted to make an obstacle course for the games we would be playing. I thought to use hay bales but had no luck for over a week locating someone who had hay bales. The day before the party when we had given up for hay bales, this man was mowing his field that joins our property. I sent my oldest son over the fence to ask him if we could get a few bales for the party. He not only said yes, but refused to allow me to pay for them. It’s so refreshing this day in our troubled society to find someone who is caring and generous and willing to give to a child he doesn’t even know. I look forward to the opportunity to pay it forward myself.

Thinks it’s junk
If Obama did even half of the things that Fox News makes up on him, he would be under the jailhouse. I can’t believe people believe all this junk. If they would get rid of Fox News, maybe the president could get something done. With a do-nothing Congress and Fox News who is letting the oil companies and insurance companies tell them what to do. That’s where there money for the campaign and everything is at. The people do not want this, even though that is what they say.

Negative assumptions
I would like to offer my two cents on the call-ins about arrest reports. I understand that a lot of newspapers print this topic of interest. It does seem that in a small community, this could become a point of concern in so far as jury selection is limited. I know you are going to tell me there is no way a person being called on for jury duty can possibly know the case until they are actually in court. Irregardless, I don’t think it is a good idea. However, I do agree with the person who called in to say this is yellow journalism at its finest. To report a convicted person in the paper would be okay by me, but the accused yet innocent until proven is nothing more than tabloid. I like to see the newspaper print the proven facts of an arrest. This would be based on factual proven information and more useful in looking at one’s neighbors with concern. But, this would give you an opportunity to do so without the negative assumptions.
Editor’s note: There’s no such thing as “proven facts of an arrest” prior to a charge being resolved by the courts. Any arrest or charge or indictment is an allegation and not a finding of guilt. The courts and justice system establish the “proven facts” after a case moves beyond an arrest.

Respect the riders
I just think people haven’t got respect for people out here riding horses on the road and everything. Something needs to be put in the paper about it.

Tax increases
We thought during the last election we were voting for a Republican governor in the state of Virginia, but after he has got this big tax increase passed, I feel he has to be a Democrat. My understanding was, more taxes and getting less done was the definition of a democrat.
Editor’s note: You could equally hold the General Assembly responsible for passage of some state tax increases, which were tied to a statewide transportation funding bill. According to the Virginia Department of Taxation: “Effective July 1, 2013, the Retail Sales and Use Tax rate for most purchases will increase to 5.3 percent statewide. In addition to the statewide increase, there is a 0.7 percent increase in localities that make up the Northern Virginia and Hampton Roads regions. The tax on purchases of qualifying food for home consumption remains unchanged. Similarly, the Vending Machine Sales Tax rate will increase to 7 percent in the localities that make up the Northern Virginia and Hampton Roads regions, and 6.3 percent throughout the rest of Virginia. These rate increases are the result of the state sales tax increasing 0.3 percent statewide, with an additional 0.7 percent increase in Northern Virginia and Hampton Roads. Local sales tax remains 1 percent statewide.” At the same time, the 17.5-cent gasoline tax will be replaced by a 3.5 percent wholesale gasoline tax. Another change is that the tax on the purchase of a car will rise from 3 percent to 4 percent.

Mongo goes off
Just a few words from the roundtable crew. It probably wasn’t too good of an idea to send Mongo over to the cabin. He caused a big uproar and inflicted a lot of pain on Sir Stink Alot. You said Mongo would bring lava soap but Mongo was high on something when he arrived. He brought a wire brush to scrub him with. Now, Sir Stink Alot is in bad pain. You may send him over a bottle of painkillers. Mongo went wild. Jumped on roundtable while  dancing and splintered it. Stole Mower Babe’s ride and ran it in the river. When she jumped him, he knocked her front tooth out. Now, she looks like girl on Hee Haw. So, we called police on Mongo. Police say he was up to no good and took him to jail.
Editor’s note: That doesn’t sound like our Mongo. Perhaps it was his evil twin, Fongo? We’ll keep watching the Arrest Reports mug shots to be sure.

Coaching question
The Carroll County School Board has had opportunities to save taxpayers’ money. There is no reason to have reading coaches, math coaches, talented and gifted coaches in any of the schools. That is a true waste of money. Our teachers have gone to school and have become licensed in the state to teach. If they are hired, they should be qualified. Why in the world would these same teachers need any coaching? These coaches get paid well to do what I would imagine they do, and that is to irritate teachers by telling them what they already know. When not doing the aforementioned, they are otherwise doing basically nothing of importance. They may work more at looking busy. I will give them that. People, when you hear the Carroll County School Board crying about how they may have to cut jobs, blah, blah, blah; just know they aren’t really cutting positions that should be cut.
Editor’s note: The caller is a mistaken about the role of academic “coaches” in schools and how they are paid for. The coaches are tutors that work with students who need extra help, not trainers for teachers. Typically, these coaches are paid for with state and federal grants, not local funds.

Pending pain
You know, for 4 ½ years we blamed Bush for everything. I just can’t wait to see how we are going to blame Bush for Obamacare. Obamacare is getting mighty close. A lot of companies are cutting back full-time workers to part-time so they don’t have to pay healthcare for them. In addition to their hours being cut, they will have to buy their own health insurance, which will probably cost them $600-$700 a month. I don’t understand how people can still worship Obama when all these things are facing us and we just don’t know the extent of how it is going to hurt us until it gets here. But, it is going to really hurt us bad.

Noisy for the poor
I guess the noise ordinance doesn’t apply to rich people. I am standing out here at almost 11:30 at night and the music at a restaurant is keeping us up that have to work tomorrow. People have been called about it about 20 minutes ago and have done nothing about it. They are still going strong. That just shows you the rich and the poor. The rich does what they want to do and the poor has to listen to it.
Editor’s note: Some rich people have to get up and go to work, too!

Nobody there
To the Grayson County School Board members. On June 21, I see you had your buses out running summer school routes. But the service support center transportation office was shut down. What is a driver in need to do on a route? Call his district board members? Why don’t you change the name from “service support office” to “no support office?”

13.6 percent tax
I wanted to try a small ranch wrap the other day. It was $1.69 but the tax on that small tiny wrap was 23 cents. Are you kidding me? Talk about nickel and dime-ing us to death. That is outrageous.