Readers' Hotline 7/11/12

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Editor’s note: A caller in Monday’s Hotline said they remembered when the Galax carnival “stretched all the way from Galax to Carroll to Grayson,” a claim that we found unlikely. However, Galax Police Chief Rick Clark has a different perspective on the caller’s statement. “Galax is one of the few, if not the last, cities in Virginia without a city sheriff or court system. As such, we share jurisdiction with... Carroll and Grayson counties. We use the county lines to establish jurisdiction. Felts Park is in both Carroll and Grayson counties.” So, while it’s still doubtful the carnival was ever big enough to stretch from one county line to the other, Clark said that, “according to how the carnival was layed out, it may have in fact been in both Carroll and Grayson counties.”

Higher priority
I can’t believe somebody called in and said people need to quit fighting over the Bible and talk about recreation instead. People are not fighting over the Bible when they call in their opinions and talking about what the Bible says. I’d rather be talking about the Bible. Recreation is okay but I think the Bible is more important than recreation.

What’s necessary
I think instead of worrying about fixing a train depot, they need to fix the Y in Fries. Maybe if Fries would start doing something that needs to be done instead of all this stuff that don’t need to be done, it might straighten up a little bit.

Won’t bother
I have voted Democrat all my life but I believe it is time to get rid of Obama. He has wasted too much money and I believe we just need to get rid of him. I’m not even going to vote Republican or Democrat this year.

Eight-year fix?
This is to the caller calling about protecting your rights for you to vote Republican. They need to see Republicans have taken away our rights right after 9-11. Read the Patriot Act. Obama will never straighten out what the Republicans have done. The Republicans have made sure of that. You better vote Democrat so we can have another four years trying to straighten out what the Republicans have done to this country.

The New Age
As we near the end of the age, we should remember the signs the Bible tells us when it reaches that time. There will be earth changes, wild swings in the weather, earthquakes, the sea and waves roaring, tornadoes, unusual heat, drought, floods and unusual cold in some areas. Jesus’ people would be hated and all the countries surrounding them. Eventually the false Christ, the Anti-Christ would lead them to attack Israel. Men would call good evil and evil good. Economic collapse — just look around you. Trust your future to Jesus. He will rule the New Age.

Running for office?
In reference to “first things first” and the caller complaining about management in Grayson County wanting a gas pipeline. Are you now announcing your candidacy for office to maybe run things the way you see fit?

Work ethic missing
I am calling in response to “nothing to complain about.” I am a senior citizen. I worked hard all my life. I do have Medicare. I don’t happen to be in the workforce right now because I am disabled. The reason people are still working is because they know how to work. A lot of younger people don’t have the work ethic we had. We learned how to spend our money and save our money. We did not keep up with the Joneses and, yes, our houses are paid for. If you want a handout, just go to one of these Obama things that give out free cards because you are too sorry to work. What goes around comes around, and if you want some whine with that cheese, tell it to somebody who really cares.