Readers' Hotline 6/6/11

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Another reminder to readers: no comments reflecting on specific candidates for local public office will be published in the Hotline. We had to delete more calls this week. Signed letters to the editor about local candidates are welcome.

It’s about time
I read with sincere interest the account of the plans to help alleviate the flooding in the so-called “bottom area” of the fair city of Galax [the flood-prone neighborhood surrounding Givens Street]. It is scandalous — scandalously late, because the citizens living in the area have suffered losing personal and real property due to lack of control of ground water, not to mention the anguish and mental stress that has been inflicted upon them. The citizens of the area have been neglected for the last 70 years I have been aware of the shabby treatment, while the efforts of the city fathers have been focused on the walking trails, tourism, recreational interest in the park and so forth. I would, along with many others, nominate any and all public officials serving up until now and including now to be nominated to the Hall of Shame for all the suffering that has been allowed for the citizens to endure in that area. I do not live in the “bottom,” but have been associated with the problem and aware of the problem for all these many years.
Editor’s note: We wholeheartedly agree, and said as much in an editorial a few months ago. We also commended the city’s current administration for finally addressing this long-standing problem.

Stay put
On May 25, there was a traffic check at Fries at the ballpark, which is fantastic, but the county is getting paid to take care of Fries. The question is, why was the cop that is supposed to be at the Fries school involved in the road check? What if something had gone wrong at the school that they needed immediate attention?

Hiring jailbirds
To the person who called in about no one hiring felons, I know they do, because I know two that work at a [local fast food chain] restaurant.

Still clucking
This is concerning the Hotline call “medium rare” [about undercooked chicken]. I am so sorry this happened. The person in charge of that chicken knows better. So many, many people have discussed this about the chicken being raw.

Rumor, not fact
I was calling about the call, “do your homework.” I am the one that called that in and what it was supposed to say was the editor needs to do his homework because obviously he is uneducated on the circumstances on the 34 Americans that were killed during that combat mission.
Editor’s note: We did check for any reports of American casualties during the raid on Osama bin Laden’s compound in Pakistan, and we checked again after this call. We still can find no reference to these combat deaths in any credible media reports. There is an Pakistani news agency report being circulated on the Internet, where a witness claims the U.S. helicopter that crashed during the operation allegedly resulted in the death of several American passengers. None of these statements have been confirmed. At no time does the man interviewed say anything about 34 American casualties.

Expected better
I agree with the caller about the unprofessional and disrespectful post on Facebook about the teachers at Fries. It is very disappointing that a teacher would make such a remark about her colleagues. These teachers did a remarkable job in a very stressful situation while their own personal property was being destroyed. They have now spent weeks dealing with insurance companies, rental car agencies and car dealerships, not to mention preparing for SOL testing. I would expect better from a professional educator.

Nothing but trouble
Be on the look out for a nice, sexy, woman coming in looking for a job. I hired her. Come to find out, she had been in trouble for fraud and she chased everybody’s husbands and took them away and split up families. So, be careful you all. If you’ve got a business and she comes in for a job, she is nothing but trouble.

Mow money
One thing the county can do to save money is for all the people who own property on the main roads and side roads to mow where their property line is on county roads, along the banks. Then, if the people don’t mow it, let the county mow it and charge the people a pretty good sum of money to do it. The county would make money and these people would learn to keep their own yards mowed.

Digital doggies
I’m calling to comment on the ads that have been placed in the newspaper for pet of the week. My friend told me she had put her dog in there. We watched and watched in the paper for it to come out. Then, found out later it is only for online viewing. I think it is very insensitive that something like that would be restricted to only those people with Internet access.
Editor’s note: The feature has always been an online-only feature of www.galaxgazette.com. Readers submit pet photos and information through a form on the website.

Nothing to do
I’m a mother of a 16- and a 17-year-old that live here in Carroll County. We have been brought up here and there is really nothing for these kids to do other than drugs and drink and everything. I really think Carroll County needs to look more toward finding something for these kids to do that is cheap and economic for the parents that have been laid off and for the parents that don’t have good jobs, instead of letting them run the streets.
Editor’s note: Boredom isn’t an excuse for underage drinking and drug use. There are dozens of positive activities for young people to get involved in. Look around, and you’ll find something.

Practice what you preach
Please help me to understand the young people today that go to church and claim to live right yet they use the Bible to hide behind and won’t admit they aren’t sinning even when they treat their own mothers like dogs then claim they love God and follow his word when the community and everyone else knows better.

Gone bust
I see on the news that President Obama is pledging all this money overseas — billions of dollars. He is flying around all over the United States and pledging money to all these tornado-stricken people. How do you pledge money we don’t have? The country is broke. Where the hell is the money coming from? How can he pledge money to fix anything up? The country is busted. Now, we have silly season with all these politicians running for president. I don’t think we could fine one just man out of 100.

Worth the price
Sometimes, when I read the reader’s Hotline, I get very embarrassed for some of the people who call in. Some of the comments are just very ignorant. Especially now, I am looking at these comments about HoustonFest, which was a fantastic time, well worth the $20 a day, just to see Sierra Hall alone. That girl is going places. If you saw her, you would be able to say you knew her when. Honestly, you didn’t have to pay the $20 a day, all you had to do was buy your ticket ahead of time and pay $15. So, nobody should complain about the ticket prices. How anybody could complain that they knew nothing about this even is just beyond me. The Gazette did a fantastic job of representing this event and continuing to publicize it. We are new to the area. We would have never known about HoustonFest if it weren’t for The Gazette. We were thrilled to have gone. We will go again if they do it. I hope they do it every year to honor this young man. He seemed like an incredible person and we just really enjoyed ourselves at HoustonFest. We want to thank all the volunteers and the people who put it on.

Ditch disaster
I agree with last week’s caller about VDOT no longer cleaning out ditches in Carroll County. The ditches along our road haven’t been cleaned out in years. The culvert that carries the water has grown over, so the water just flows over the road, damaging other people’s yards and driveways, not to mention being a danger to the drivers on the road and deteriorating the road pavement as well.

Problem ignored
I’m an elderly person in my 70s and disabled, live in the city. I pay my taxes, which is very high. My driveway is being ruined by stuff washing down off the highway or even from the school. I have called the city twice. They tell me it is nothing, but my whole driveway is being ruined. It is throwing so much stuff every time it rains that it is leaving potholes. I have lived here 19 years and this only happened the last year. I don’t know what else to do about it.