Readers' Hotline 6/5/13

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Prevention tool
Some people object to publication of photographs and crime descriptions in the newspaper. This shows that some people still have some shame with committing crimes. I think that this is a healthy sign and a deterrent to further criminal activity. I hope I never have my picture in the newspaper, but I believe this is an excellent crime prevention tool. People should think first. Crimes are harmful and shameful.

The person calling in saying to impeach Obama so Congress can do the work, Obama can’t do anything on account of the “do nothing” Congress that filibusters everything he tries to do. What we need to do is impeach Congress. They are the ones that are against the working middle class. Obama tries to help and all they are for is the one percent millionaires.
Editor’s note: Just to clarify what is meant by the reference to “Congress,” which has two houses. There is no procedure for filibuster in the House of Representatives. The filibuster is a procedure used only in the U.S. Senate. The rule permits a senator(s) to speak for as long as they wish and on any topic, unless three-fifths of the senators (usually 60 out of100) bring debate to a close by voting for cloture.

No patience for slow drivers
Some of these people that drive up and down U.S. 58 will get out there in the hammer lane in a 45 mph zone or 55 mph zone and drive 15 mph under the speed limit and just ignore the person on the tailgate back there. Sooner or later, y’all are going to run into Mongo. Mongo probably won’t have the patience I have.
Editor’s note: Are you kidding? Mongo behind the wheel?

Not racist
I’m in agreement with the Hotline caller “arrestees” and letter to the editor from Bruce Noble from Independence. I agree that someone’s picture in the paper might act as a deterrent. However, what happened to innocent until proven guilty? I believe the pictures shouldn’t be printed until after the person is found guilty. Then, their picture printed along with the sentence. That might be a deterrent. Also, in response, “found it racist,” what was the president supposed to talk to the black kids at Morehouse College about? What Indians did? Or what white people did? I listened to his talk and it seemed he was trying to tell them they, too, could do good things. I didn’t find it racist. Maybe you should rethink it and see if you might be a little racist. I don’t think Congress would impeach him for trying to get kids to do good.

Keep publishing
I would like to commend The Gazette and the police departments for joining together and publishing the arrest report section. It is a matter of public record. It could be a deterrent to future arrests and shows our taxpayer money at work and how the police are doing their job. No one would object to this unless they or someone they know or associate with is pictured. There is also a Crime Times weekly paper that features the local arrest pictures. Keep up the good work.

It takes a pure out idiot to go down to Mexico. They’ve got some woman in jail down there now that says she had marijuana under her seat or something like that.
Editor’s note: The woman was released back to the U.S. after a court review by Mexican authorities. She was apparently framed when 12 pounds of marijuana from a smuggling operation were found under her seat on a bus at a security checkpoint. Surveillance video showed her boarding the bus with her husband with only blankets, bottles of water and her purse in hand. All allegations were dropped.