Readers' Hotline 6/4/14

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Not an issue
I attended the Hillsville Town Council meeting held right before the election. I was appalled when a man stood up and questioned Mayor Crowder about his property. The mayor owns property in Hillsville. The Galax police chief has property in Hillsville and there is no problem. The mayor owns property near the golf course. Our past mayor owned a lake house. So, why is it all at once a problem about Mayor Crowder? Shame on you about being so nosy.

Taxes ignored
This is a comment about the $3.3 billion in back taxes owed by IRS federal employees. So, are you kidding me, they are going to take tax money away from the American people next tax time if they don’t take something that they don’t need — this “affordable” health care. I think they ought to lead by example. They ought to not even collect taxes until they pay their money back.
Editor’s note: The amount is owed by federal employees in general, not just IRS employees. As reported by USA Today on May 22: “Federal employees owe a total of $3.3 billion in back taxes to the federal government, according to Internal Revenue Service data released Thursday. “In all, 318,462 federal employees owed back taxes as of last Sept. 30 — an increase of 2.6 percent from the previous year. That puts the average tax bill at $10,391, according to IRS data obtained by USA TODAY under the Freedom of Information Act.“But federal workers are better at paying their taxes than the average taxpayer. Their delinquency rate of 3.19 percent is far lower than the 8.7 percent for the population at large.”

Fax access
I’m calling concerning a drugstore. I sent a fax by them before. I just need to send off where we used a wrecker towing to our insurance real quick and the owner said the fax machine could not be tied up because of waiting on prescriptions for a hospice patient. I understand they need their medicine but if there was nothing coming through, to send one fax to one number wasn’t going to take a minute.
Editor’s note: We side with the pharmacy watching out for the hospice patient.

Ready to retire
All these people out here fussing about all this and I worked for a place here in Galax for 32 years and I can’t even get my unemployment and Social Security and I am trying for it. They told me I didn’t have enough and I worked for the same factories. Then, they turn around giving to these people that have never worked. That’s stupid. I worked over 32 years and I can’t even get my money. Government said no, you have to work another five years.

I go along with what was said in The Gazette this week, about pulling the town council winner out of the hat [in an election tie-breaker]. If we are going to be able to just go up there and drop a name in a hat and then pull out who they want to pull out, then maybe we should all just send our voter registration cards back. I mean, what’s the point?
Editor’s note: That’s how you break the tie. It’s 50-50.

Pot’s dangers
I think the most ignorant people we’ve got in the United States are people that smoke marijuana because it won’t do anything but lead to more dangerous drugs.

Praying for change
How many more scandals does this president have to have against him to be impeached? Tears come in my eyes to see him and his staff continue to take our Christian nation down. If it was a Republican doing what he is doing, they would already be impeached. I never dreamed I would see what is happening to our country. Now, he wants to bail out the insurance companies because Obamacare was a disaster and they lost big time. They got in on his deal, so let them lose. He doesn’t need to waste any more tax money to do it. We need to clean house this fall election and turn our country around before it is too late. God have mercy on our country. God does answer prayers.

Job source
After reading in The Gazette how many people in Galax are going hungry, I think city council should take notice of this and vote to let the Sheetz gas station be built on the lot. They offer jobs and they really need jobs in Galax.