Readers' Hotline 6/30/14

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Pray it out
Just when it looks like our commander in chief couldn’t do any worse, he just gets worse and worse. We need to get him out of office. We need to pray him out. We don’t need to impeach him, but God can remove him if we get enough Christian people praying. Let the Holy Ghost remove him out of office. This president has lied so much about this Benghazi thing and then he traded terrorists for a deserter. Those terrorists will come back to haunt the United States. They will kill more of our Americans. That terrorist they got now for Benghazi for killing our Americans, Obama wants to try him in a civil court instead of a tribunal. He should be tried in a tribunal. [The terrorist] should be probably put to death. Then here comes China in here again, buying up land in Virginia. [Governor] Terry McAuliffe allowing them to buy to make a paper factory. They have already bought Smithfield Foods and no telling what else. But, I seen a piece in the Roanoke Times where it said China and Russia and Iran was cutting America out of some kind of deal over there. We better get to praying

Border war
Bill O’Reilly was exactly right when he said Americans should stop going to Mexico. They are not our friends. They ought to let the first Marine division invade Mexico. It’s plain to see President Obama does not care anything about the American people or he would already got that Marine out of Mexico and warned the American people not to go to Mexico at all.

Deserve punishment
Those police officers that cut that poor dog’s throat, I don’t know what kind of punishment they need, but they need some severe punishment.

I believe that all sex offenders should be eliminated from this earth.

Some nerve
I can’t believe that Republican congress has the nerve to stand up and say anything about the mess in Iraq that Bush caused. I am fortunate my son came home, but he will never be the same. So many others didn’t.

Late show
I took my kids to [a recent horse show] and was going to show in the junior and youth events. They didn’t take place until 2 a.m. Not sure who got the horse show up. They have real nice facilities now, but whoever got it up sure didn’t take the little kids in to consideration. Anyone knows that little kids’ events should have been early, not 1 or 2 o’clock in the morning. As far as that goes, if I had stayed to show in some of the events I wanted to show in, I would have been 3:30 or 4 in the morning. You need to back up and regroup. The previous shows you had were great. What happened to this one?

Pit bull concerns
Responding to the editor’s notes on [the call] “Pit bull debate,” I wonder if this person who commented from the ASPCA has ever researched the actual facts about pit bulls and the statistics surrounding this particular breed of dogs. Several years ago, a lady raised pit bulls from puppy to adult. She treated them very good, allowing them to sleep with her. When some of her friends had not heard from her for a short time, a horrific discovery was made that her dogs had killed and eaten part of her body. One of the more recent deaths was of a child who had survived one of the southeastern tornadoes that happened a year ago and was killed by a pit bull dog later. Some countries do not allow pit bull dogs. Some states require registering of pit bulls. Please check out these facts. Protect your loved ones, as well as others.

Fiddle fan
My comment is about the bass fiddles that are placed around in Galax. I think they are beautiful. They look so good. I am proud to see something like that, something positive. Then I read in the paper they are done by some of the art students. I just want them and Galax to know that it really does look good. And keep [columnist] Todd Jennings going. Love him, too.
Editor’s note: The fiddles are a nice addition to Galax, we agree. Two of them are painted by students, and the rest were the work of local artists. We’re big fans of Todd, too!

Out of control
You mean to tell me we are taking airplanes full of illegal immigrants to different army bases and stuff where they can be kept? They need to get in line. You’ve got the people at the [Veterans Administration] that can’t get service for years. They are falling dead in the hospital beds and you are telling me we even have to care about these people? I know that sounds hard, but that is ridiculous. You shouldn’t care about another country if you don’t care about your own country. As long as there is one veteran in this country not getting the treatment they need, forget about these kids. I know that sounds horrible. Here is the outrage every American ought to have. If one illegal immigrant is given any kind of doctor’s care before any of our veterans are, the whole government ought to be court martialed and put before a firing squad. You are representing this country, not all the other countries. If you want them here, we want them at the White House. How about filling one of them planes up and flying up there and letting them out on the west lawn of the White House and let Obama take care of them?

VA problems
I am a disabled veteran. I go to the Wytheville clinic. I have a peptic ulcer in my stomach. All my doctor does over there is push on my stomach a little bit and don’t say anything. Also, I went to the urologist April 16 at the Salem VA Medical Center and he sent me for urology for a kidney stone. He said the kidney stone was too small and to come back and see him in a year. I guess I will have to go over here in Galax and get it done. Senator Kane is helping me make the Veterans Administration pay off $1,000 over here at Twin County Regional. I could not get a hold of them for anybody to approve of me going to Twin County, so I had to go on my own and get kidney stones removed. We need to do something about this Veterans Administration in this country. They are working against the veterans. I am 100 percent service connected.

Nightlife lacking
I was just trying to find out some information where they hold dances at. Galax used to have a lot to do 25 years ago. I remember when I used to go to dances at the Elks Lodge and Moose Lodge, and now there is nothing to do around Galax. I can remember when there was alcohol places here in Galax. Of course, I did drink back then, but I haven’t drank in 25 years.

Wrong war
That ignorant president we’ve got is fighting the wrong people in the Middle East. He don’t have enough knowledge to know that the war is right next door in Mexico.

Thanks for nothing
I’d just like to say how much I appreciate the help I got Sunday on Glendale Road when my car stopped running. I got it almost off the road, but cars had to go in the other lane to go around me. Probably 20 or so vehicles passed me, but not one had the decency to stop and help me get off the road and out of danger. All I can say to you is, I hope if you ever have trouble, someone will stop and help you. May God have mercy on you.

How much more?
How many more scandals will this president have against him before they impeach him? Nixon was charged with only one scandal and the Democrats impeached him. He is doing on this spite work because he wants America to suffer. We don’t deserve to be treated this way. The Republicans and others don’t need to keep letting him get away with these scandals. He comes out and says, “I have got my pen and phone and I can do what I want to.” No he can’t because it is unconstitutional. That should take him out. Wake up, America. We have to do something. We can’t continue to let him get away with what he has done. Look what is happening in these foreign countries because Obama is not a leader.

Old news
Has it ever been determined if our president, Barack Obama, was actually born in the USA? Did he ever produce a birth certificate?
Editor’s note: Yes.

After hours
It is very evident you cannot get anybody on the phone at The Gazette on Saturday and sometimes it is hard on any other day.
Editor’s note: If you ever do get someone on the phone here on Saturday, hang up and then call the police. We are not open on Saturdays. Our office hours are 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday.