Readers' Hotline 6/27/12

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Pool benefits
I think the supervisors screwed up when they wouldn’t put a water heater in for the Carroll County swimming pool. It would not have cost near as much as any other repair work as all this they are spending out at exit 19 and they don’t even know what they will get. I guess they will get something. The swimming pool would benefit a lot of citizens. One hundred percent would like to have some “R and R” in their own back yard. It would not cost as much money as they said. If swimming pools were that hard to maintain, why are there a lot of them around the country?

Something left behind
Don’t y’all just love it when you see your neighbor walking their dog? They stop, let the dog in the yard, it uses the bathroom, and they don’t bother to clean it up. You are a disabled person and have to hire someone and you are also on a fixed income. You are older and they are young. That is really nice to go through. We have some really nice people around. Others are good. Some are like this.

It never ends
I had to laugh about a person who lives in Coon Ridge and doesn’t want the water hookup. My husband and I lived out Route 100 in Worrell Estates and the county wanted us to get water. We said no and went door to door trying to get everyone to say no, because we said first they make you have the water hookup and then comes the sewers and the price keeps going through the ceiling.

Boat landings needed
I’m an avid fisherman but it is hard to get in and out of the river. We just have one or two boat landings around the area and we have all the old ferry roads in access to the river and I don’t know why there are not places put there for boats to get in and out. The state could put boat docks in there where anybody could get in and out. We would appreciate if they would look into it.

Judge not
I’m calling in response to the Biblical scholar who chastised Christians about the recent area stage play. Apparently the person didn’t write his or her thesis based on the Bible verse, “judge not that ye be judged.”

Way too much
I am calling about the Galax tax increase [effective July 1] which, to my surprise is way out of line. Personal property tax went up 42 percent. For a $25,000 vehicle, the tax would go from $395 to $562.50, based on the new tax rate. Galax residents shouldn’t have to go to city council and voice displeasure with the tax increase. Should be understood. I think this is just way too much.

We’re finished
Come November, when voting for president, it doesn’t matter who becomes president. This nation is finished, and I’ll tell you why. Because any nation that goes against God’s rules is finished. This nation is okaying gay marriages. It is totally against what God’s rules are. It says in The Book that any man that lusts after the flesh of another man and any woman that lusts after the flesh of another woman that their soul should be cast out into the wilderness.

Once in a lifetime
Hats off to Greg and Miranda Richardson and all the people from Greg’s Core Supply who did behind the scenes at the Dukes of Hazzard show at Felts Park. My son and I attended and had a great time. It was a great, fun day and I just hope they will be able to bring an event like this back. To have an opportunity to meet the actors and people from the show was a once in a lifetime event. It was just a wonderful day.

Stay open later
I am a resident of Grayson County. I have teens ages 16 and 13. They are out for the summer and the facilities here for recreation are limited. Why does the public pool or Grayson park close at 5 p.m. when they have other activities such as practicing for a sport and cannot stay longer than 5 p.m. It would make sense to keep it open until at least 9 p.m. That would help out adults as well, especially those who work. It would give our young generation an activity.

Pairing off
I would hope that man would know a little more than an animal in reference to the comment about animals pairing off.

Get off it
Let’s get off of all the homosexuals and fighting over the Bible. Just read your Bible. Let’s talk about what a great turnout we had for Cruisin’ and Groovin’ and what a great job the people did. Let’s look forward to the other events that are going to take place in the area and support our county, city and town.

Protect your rights
I’m just sitting here reading all these people having a fit over Obama and his views. It’s just my opinion, but if you like having everything told to you and views you don’t like, just go ahead and elect him again this fall. Nothing makes you lose your rights quicker than electing a dang Democrat. If you like seeing your rights eroded, just vote for a Democrat. I am going to vote Republican.

A way out
Fries can’t afford its water/sewer treatment and citizens can’t afford their water/sewer bills, much less the double taxation. The town needs more revenue. We have an $850,000 grant for the new depot but the train has left town. We pay the sheriff’s department extra money for protection in addition to double taxes. Trash pickup has gone to the dogs. What can be done? Have Blue Ridge Crossroads Economic Development Authority appraise the town at $0 and “sell” it to them. Citizens can then pay no tax, let someone else make all their decisions, and BRCEDA can secure grants to take care of everybody. Closing this deal will cause the population and town’s economy to explode overnight. Then, we can all get a golf cart. However, we will have to rename our town “Heaven.”