Readers' Hotline 6/25/12

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Nice digs in Fries
Congratulations to the Fries Fire Department for getting into your new firehouse. Just to let you guys know, it looks great, especially at night when you come around and everything is lit up and see all the nice equipment that you have. Job well done.

Heat distress
Today’s heat index was 90 degrees. Two men noticed a dog barking in distress in a locked van in Lowe’s parking lot. After the owners ignored an announcement made in the store, the men were able to unlock and open the van. They stayed with the dog until the owners showed up. Instead of thanking them, they called police and tried to get them arrested for breaking and entering. The officers handled the situation with reason and compassion. Too bad the self-absorbed couple couldn’t do the same. Shame on you. Leave your pet home next time.
Editor’s note: A Galax city ordinance prohibits leaving an animal in a vehicle if it is 80 degrees or hotter.

Are we proud?
Gross politics is alive and well in Carroll County and Hillsville. If you don’t like your boss and if you don’t like what you are asked to do, you run for supervisor. Gotcha. Oh yeah, and a good employee bites the dust. Maybe this time we can find a superintendent you agree with. Now, in Hillsville, if the chief fires people … we will get vengeance on him. Run your bud for office. He can get you as chief. Gotcha. If a town manager has a glass of beer when off duty, fire him. Gotcha. Hey, fellow citizens, are we proud of our county and town yet? More gotcha to come.

Safety first
Regarding the call about the Fries Rec Center, I would like to say that the other employees of the rec center do a wonderful job as well as the lifeguards. I would much rather have my child miss time out of the pool than be electrocuted because of thunder and lightning. There are procedures that all staff have to follow, like it or not. If you don’t like it, don’t come back.

Not born that way
Please do not give the pedophiles and rapists another excuse by saying maybe we should believe they are born that way. They are not born that way. They are made, usually by a family member. They don’t need any excuses. They just need to go to prison and serve a long sentence.

Legal loophole
The scriptures about wearing mixed fabrics can be found at Leviticus 19:19 and at Deuteronomy 22:11. But, look at Colossians 2:14 to see that these laws imposed on the Israelites are not binding on Christians.

Leave it alone
Dear “turned off”: the Puritans closed Shakespeare’s Globe Theater in London, too. Christians should have a sense of humor. Christ understood and was kind to all kinds of people. He left judgment to God, even on the cross. You should do that, too.

Bypass is a speed trap
Just read the June 13 story about drivers bypassing the new U.S. 58 bypass around Hillsville. So many people do it because so many Hillsville Police Department police officers camp out on the bypass trying to raise revenue for the town. They are joined by the Virginia State Police. At times I have seen three to four speed traps set up on that five-mile stretch of road at one time. This happens frequently. If they want people to use it, they should use it as a bypass, not as a revenue-generating speed trap.

I hate I didn’t get a chance to respond to the comments about bigots last week. Just to clarify, some people’s opinions do not have to be based on religion.

Sore losers
Someone asked me, “what is going on in Hillsville.” I told them, “I think it is a case of sore losers.” I also think a preacher should stay out of politics. His job should be saving souls.

Switch places
This is about the mess in Hillsville. I think [Councilman Billy] Walls should resign from council and let Mabel Tate take over.
Editor’s note: Tate is the wife of the outgoing mayor.

Have to do better
I don’t know where people get the idea that Christians are perfect. We are not. We are forgiven. We have a new spirit but we have to remember the old spirit — the flesh — still struggles. The new and the old struggle all the time. Sometimes, we let the flesh win. But we have to try to do better. We know people are watching us. Remember: do not compare how you want to be by looking at other people. We’ve got to look at Jesus Christ and strive to be like he is. We will never be as good as He is here on earth. We won’t be that until we cross over.

Spruce it up
I wish the owner of the old dry cleaners would clean up around the building in Galax. That is the first thing people see when they start down Main Street. Looks like it would help sell the building, too.

Tree complaints
I’m calling about the trees on Main Street. It is disgusting to go down there. You can’t park without ruining your car with all the leaves and blossoms dropping on the car and they stick there and ruin your car. Besides, the roots are tearing up the sidewalks and I would like to get something done about that. Please, let the city know there are a lot of complaints about those trees. Maybe they can cut them down or something, hopefully.

Peyton Place
I cannot believe all that is happening in Hillsville, Va., also known as Peyton Place. The county officials who went to Christiansburg [for orientation] to get away and not be bothered, what is wrong? Did they not want to use one of the hotels in Hillsville? As far as cell phone calls and not wanting to be interrupted, do they know cell phones can be turned off? And, as for the bypass of Hillsville, I hope whoever had the idea for this bypass has been demoted to scraping road kill up with a spoon.

Think about it
It’s a sign of the times. Do you realize that in about 40 years we will have thousands of old ladies running around with tattoos, and rap music will be the Golden Oldies?
Editor’s note: They’ll have to change the name to “Break A Hip-Hop.”

Thanks, chamber
Chamber of commerce, thanks so much for giving the people of Galax a wonderful Friday night [with the cruise-in on June 15]. It was great. Please do it again. A lot of us don’t have extra money to go to movies or pay to go to concerts. So, this was a great treat for us. You made a lot of people happy for a few hours. Give the bands thanks for all of us. Something for thought: it would be great if these concerts could be held in Felts Park. There would be plenty of seating, room to park and most of all, bathrooms. Room for people to sell food and other products. Consider this for the concerts that are held during Smoke on the Mountain. Thanks so much for that Friday night and may God bless you.

Somebody’s rules
About the pool in Fries… I stood down there on a Saturday with my little girl for well over an hour, waiting on that pool to open and it wouldn’t open because “we don’t have 10 people” and then, when myself and another one left, they opened it up with only five or six people anyway. Just a certain person from the town happened to show up and they opened up. That’s what’s wrong with the Town of Fries. It’s who you know. If you are not one of the little circle, to heck with you. All they want to do is sit there and quote somebody else’s rules and then they don’t even want to abide them.