Readers' Hotline 6/2/14

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Looking good
I want to say thank you to the Galax Recreation Department or whoever takes care of the softball fields. They had them looking spectacular for the Memorial Day weekend. Thanks a bunch, guys.

Digging ditches
I’m calling about the Virginia Department of Transportation. Our state taxes pay for the roads and ditches to be cleaned out. I wonder why in the world they are spending all this time trying to clean ditches out and they won’t even clean the pipes out. On Spring Valley Road in Fries, they have been told and told to clean the pipes out for years and they will not. If they would just do that, they would save themselves a lot of time and money that could be spent for other projects.

Recreation gripes
In Grayson County the sky is the limit for school lunches. They can charge as much as they want. Pay for what they want, don’t pay for what they don’t want. And, I just wonder if anyone at is looking at the Grayson Recreation Department. It is not as good as everybody seems to think. If you sit with parents and try to watch your child play, it is not organized at all. And $200 for a family pool pass is a little bit stout for a family of five. What about a single mom with two kids, their dad is dead and we draw disability? My child will have to sit home in a hot house because we don’t have air conditioning, either. I would like for them to see about the scheduling. They don’t have what they need there. They don’t have umpires. They don’t have game balls. I’m all for saving money but this is a little bit much.

Fails recognition
It does not matter how many people recognize gay marriage as law. God will never recognize gay marriage because God cannot lie and to recognize gay marriage is to lie. He still loves the sinner, but hates the sin. There is hope in the promise of the cross for all sinners, but they must come by the way of the cross. There is no other way that can atone for man’s sin. Forgiveness after repentance is promised when it is from the heart.

What’s going on
As parent of a Grayson County High School student, it would be greatly appreciated if they would use the marquee and let parents know what is going on. For instance, for the Sunday baccalaureate service, nothing about time and place was properly put up there. Graduation is coming up. None of that is up there. They do not put on events concerning the school to let people know. Yes, text messages and message alert is great, but passersby would maybe like to know what is going on, too — end of the six weeks, and so forth. This truly needs to be addressed.

Off duty
I would like to know why [a police officer] is riding around in a $40,000 four-door pickup truck [during non-work hours]. I tried the sheriff and he will not answer my calls. Where they are getting their money from if we are in such bad shape?
Editor’s note: Perhaps the thinking is that a high-profile police truck can be a deterrent to crime when it’s spotted in the community, regardless of whether the officer is on duty?

A squeeze on jobs
I am wondering what America is really thinking. We are being hit hard on every side. Jobs are being taken overseas because they said America was lazy and wouldn’t work. I know most of that is lies. All it was is these greedy companies wanting more money. They bring more immigrants to this country to take other jobs to give them a way of life and cut the American people out of their jobs. This is not prejudice but I get so tired of hearing about racism on the news every day. I’m not a racist, but listen to me, America. It is time to stop hollering racism. This country needs to get back to loving each other and being America again. Let’s get back to praying and get back to God.

Not so affordable
This is a comment for anybody that likes President Obama and what they are doing to our country. If you like your job, you can keep your job. You are fired. You need to be out of office. What’s going on about the Affordable Care Act? Underline “affordable” about three times. What’s going on about them getting ready to bail out insurance companies on account of people’s premiums go up? Are Republicans psychic? Did they know this a year ago? When are Democrats going to have backbone enough to admit they were wrong? When everybody starts paying their premiums, go ahead and remember what the Republicans told you and think how you made fun of them. Now, you are the ones looking like fools — when they bail out the insurance people. Think about that when your tax dollars come out.

I know this may sound like a hard line stance, but I am just watching the story about the girl that was found after being held captive for 10 years. The main line of the story ought to be that she came here illegally to live with her mother who was here illegally, so things like that happen. That’s the chance you take. She shouldn’t have been here in the first place. So, it’s her fault and it’s just as much as the guy’s fault that was kidnapping her. He would have never kidnapped her if she had stayed where she belonged back in her own home country. Also, could somebody tell me why there are water fountains out in the middle of a desert in California? It has something to do with a family that got burnt up illegally sneaking in the country and they sued the U.S. …you are putting stuff out in the middle of the desert to help people break the law.

Meds overdue
I still haven’t gotten my medication from the Salem Veterans Medical Center, which is way overdue. I don’t know whom to contact. We don’t have anyone running our government. We don’t have any government at all anymore.

Dividing the nation
In response to the May 5 comment, “anti-everything,” amen brother or sister. My sentiments exactly. What difference does it make if Nixon was impeached? Obama needs to be. Unless you want to be put into a communist society or worse, why can’t you see what is going on? Everything he has done has only further divided our nation. I’m sorry he had so many of us snowed in his first term. He is no leader and was not presidential material. Not mature enough. Politics makes strange bedfellows.

Finding fault
I wanted to say shame on Twin County Regional Healthcare for promoting EMS week but not using local EMS pictures. We are very proud of our local volunteers and EMS personnel and this should be shown in the paper, not with some stock photos that were provided.
Editor’s note: It’s not the role of a healthcare provider to follow around EMS personnel to take their photos. Why not take the salute for how it was intended?

This is in reference to the veterans hospitals situation going on. I am watching the news on May 23 and it says there are 12 V.A. reform bills sitting idle on Harry Reid’s desk right now in the Senate. They need to find out what day those bills were put on his desk, and if anybody has died since he refused to open the bills, Harry Reid should be [held accountable]. His job is to protect people. I don’t care if you like them or not. He is not doing his job. If he were in the private sector, he would be out on the street. Could anybody that backs the Democrats please explain to me why he is not doing his job? If one person has died since those bills have been on his desk, he is an accessory.

Said in private
This is about the Donald Sterling situation — the guy with the NBA team. Somebody said something, whether you agree with it or not, in the privacy of their own home. This is going to set a deadly precedent. Can anybody honestly say they have never said anything in the privacy of their home that wouldn’t offend somebody? Where is this going to stop? I don’t agree with what the man said, but it is his right to say anything. How come it seems like the only people that have rights to an opinion are the people coming here trying to change our country? If it wasn’t such a good place, they should stay where they come from. They should come here and enjoy the way our country used to be. I am 51 years old and I can’t even tell you what path anyone is on anymore.

Too much touching
I’ve noticed at eating places that some cooks or servers wear rubber gloves, which is fine, but they use that same pair of rubber gloves for everything else. They should have to change every time they touch something else.

Wrong turn
This is a question for your readers. Why do we give Mexico $400 million a year? How come we catch their people over our border all the time with guns and stuff and we just turn them loose? We give them back to Mexico. How come the same courtesy can’t be given here in the U.S. soldier’s case if he just made a wrong turn [while driving at the U.S. border with Mexico]. We need the Mexican government to run the United States. One person makes a wrong turn and you look what happens.