Readers' Hotline 6/20/12

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Why were trees cut?
Why did they cut down the beautiful Bradford Pear trees in front of the library in Hillsville? If you could find that answer out it would be good, because they were beautiful.
Editor’s note: The pear trees were cut as part of the library renovation. They were getting too large and huge limbs were falling off, something that happens to older Bradford Pear trees. They were replaced with a kind of plum tree.

Days of slavery
This morning on the CBS News, there was this black fellow. He kept bragging about we have come a long way from slavery. For hundreds of years before white man ever even set foot in Africa, they were putting each other in slavery — warring one tribe against another. We didn’t put them in slavery. Their own people put them in slavery.
Editor’s note: We didn’t exactly free them from slavery, though — did we?

The badge fits
I have about had it with these so-called Christians around here taking up for homosexuals. I have another name for them. When I was a kid, I was molested by an uncle and a cousin and I couldn’t even walk to school when I was down there in Roanoke for the homosexuals hollering across the road to me. Call me a homophobe if you want to. I wear that badge proudly.

Men of God
This is about the call “Man is not perfect.” I happen to be a Christian. I do not hide behind the Bible. I do not use my religion to practice hatred and/or bigotry toward gay and other types of people. It does state in the Bible that man shall not lay down with man and woman shall not lay down with woman. That is an abomination to God. The men that wrote the Bible were men of God.

They were told
Yes, man did write the Bible, but God told them what to say.

Pairing off
As I read in The Gazette about Adam and Eve, the caller was partly right. Animals do pair off. Males pair off and try to breed. Cattle is known to do it. Dogs do it. Whoever was talking doesn’t know much about animals. Animals are very bad for pairing off when things are just going along for them.

Wasteful spending
I don’t know what station or TV program you have been watching about Obama taking millions from Social Security. The millions that he took out was wasteful spending. Cut all the wasteful spending out. Nothing else.

Really confused
The people who have called the Hotline to agree with Obama’s decision to support same-sex marriages and go on to say that people against his decision are hiding behind their religion are really confused. The people who disagree with Obama are stating the same thing that God’s word says. You who support Obama either don’t know God’s word or totally disagree with it.

Not appropriate
I’m calling about Gay Pride Month. I received an e-mail about that. It is an abomination. The Bible tells us so. June should not be pride month for gays.

Education suffers
To the persons responsible for changing classes at Independence Elementary School, please stop this before another year. Our children’s education suffers because too much instructional time is spent in the hall while changing classes. It is the perfect time for bullying and kids getting all excited about something other than classes. Our children cannot count change, tell time without a digital clock and cannot write. They print and read printing only. Their education is suffering while teachers have less teaching time and more free time. This is a bad situation that needs to be corrected.

Apologies are appropriate
Just like to comment on the apology by a caller in the Hotline last week. I congratulate the restaurant manager who apologized publicly for being wrong to a customer. I wish that quite a few other restaurants, especially one where millions are served, would admit when they are wrong and quit running off customers. That is not likely to happen. But, to those that do have the nerve to apologize, kudos to you.

New board appreciated
The person who called in and gave steps on how to get a job with Carroll County Public Schools was confused. That’s how the old school board used to do business, but we voted them out and there is a new day in Carroll County and a new way of doing things. I appreciate the new board and their openness and fairness. It’s good that the old boys’ network is out of business.

The new law
Only person talking about polygamy in the Bible, back in the old Bible we were going by Moses’ law and God saw it was too hard. They could not go by that. After Christ came, we go by the new law. If polygamy is in the New Testament, I don’t think it is. I also don’t understand all these beliefs that Obama is this and Obama is that.

Chapter and verse
I’m calling about all the Bible thumpers. I am also one but if I was going to call in something about homosexuality or someone getting married again, I would give the verse in the Bible and where you could find it to research it for yourself. If I couldn’t do that, I wouldn’t call in with all this garbage.

Pretty prayer garden
I want to say how pretty the prayer garden is at First Baptist Church. Whoever is responsible for this sure has done a great job. It is simply beautiful.