Readers' Hotline 6/20/11

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For a fee
I saw in the paper where the principal of Carroll County High School is making students pay for diplomas. Seems like maybe that school has more money than they need already. They are out there putting up new lights at the football field and new bleachers and everything. Maybe that’s what they are using those children’s money for. Education is the most important thing, not collecting a couple dollars.
Editor’s note: The school did not require graduates to pay for their diplomas. It required graduates to pay past-due fees owed before a diploma was issued.

Opposes ACLU
The ACLU is the most dangerous organization in the U.S. The ACLU was responsible for prayer being banned in our schools. The ACLU defends rights of terrorists over the rights of American citizens. The ACLU was part of the lawsuit against Arizona for trying to protect America’s borders from illegal immigrants. [In some instances] the ACLU has received taxpayer money to pay its millions of dollars in legal fees to advance its radical agenda. We need to do away with the ACLU.

Three cheers
Three cheers for the Grayson County Blue Devils baseball team. You and your coaches are to be congratulated on your outstanding ball season. You are excellent athletes and exhibited good sportsmanship. Best of luck to the graduating seniors.

Where to park
The way I avoid a ticket in downtown Hillsville, I just don’t tread there anymore. I don’t think business owners should be parking there anyway. They should park behind their building. The town I live in, that is what they do.

Come on down
Come one, come all to the greatest circus in town right now, temporarily called a job fair at one of our factories where you will be meeting a lot of ring masters and a few clowns doing the work of anywhere from 58 to 60 hours a week with no appreciation.

Getting deeper
I’m calling about the holes over there as you turn in [at the shopping plaza] between McDonald’s and the Pizza Hut in Galax. That big hole needs to be fixed again. I about busted my tire.
Editor's note: It appears the pothole has been patched again.

Stand by Israel
Last week’s caller sure was right about “Israel left exposed.” We have elected a president who sides with an enemy who wants to destroy both Israel and the United States. Have you noticed all the catastrophic events taking place in America lately? Just remember, the Bible warns us, “those who bless Israel will be blessed and those who curse Israel will be cursed.” Our country has surely been blessed and our past presidents have stood firmly with Israel. But this president, for some strange reason, wants to give in to the enemy’s demands and try buying their friendship by dividing the land God gave to Israel and giving it to them. By abandoning Israel, he is putting our nation in great danger.

Denied aid
My heart goes out to people whose lives were decimated by this spring’s deadly tornado outbreaks. Almost two months later, Glade Spring still looks like a war zone and is rebuilding. I have to wonder why FEMA aid is not forthcoming. Then, it dawned on me. Both our governor and district representative are Tea Partiers. Since the Republican Party is all about less government, this is the result, by denying aid to those good people wiped out by the state’s only F3 tornado. If Kaine and Boucher were here, they would have made sure aid was available and quickly dispensed.
Editor’s note: They could have lobbied for aid, of course, but a federal agency over which they would have no control is what made the decision. Gov. McDonnell actually appealed FEMA’s decision not to provide aid.

Landline only
Reading Todd Jennings’ column of June 10, that is the best money ever. I agree with him 100 percent. Those cell phones, they can stick them where the sun don’t shine. Sure, they all have titanium batteries in them. I not only wouldn’t have a titanium battery close to my ear, I wouldn’t have one in my house. Cell phones — go ahead, get cancer using them. And there are titanium batteries in laptop computers. Same thing. I wouldn’t have a cell phone if you gave me one. In fact, if you gave me one, I would throw it in the toilet.

Aid our own
Obama and his staff are taking us down a road of no return. He is sending aid to all these foreign countries. Some don’t need it. Our senior citizens haven’t got an increase on our Social Security checks. Someone should have a little respect for us. We are having to use what money we have to buy gas. We need to drill oil here and quit depending on these foreign countries. Our health insurance has doubled. I never thought I would see the day that this would be happening to our country but it is. Just think, one more year and a half with this president. It makes me sick. He has got to go.

Teaching character
I read with interest the Hotline comment about the Galax soccer team. I would like to praise the Grayson County soccer team for their good sportsmanship. Those are good children. They have a great coach that encourages good sportsmanship. All coaches should strive to show a good example to their players. They should encourage their players to be good citizens. That is part of the job of a coach. Winning is not everything. If you don’t have respect for others and if you don’t have respect for yourself to act like a kind and decent person, there is a huge problem. Coaches have a responsibility to teach character. Let’s do a better job coaching. Winning isn’t everything but having good citizens, kind citizens, respectful citizens, that’s what matters the most. That’s what people will remember — the way you treated them.

Comparing costs
All right, Galax city, Hillsville is making you look bad. They only have to have $5 to set up over there during the cruise-in, but you have to have $90 to set up for a Leaf & String Festival. You are getting greedy. You are going to lose tourism.

Thanks anyway.
To the call “fun with homonyms” [about the correct pronunciation of “Fries”] — ah, silly idiot, recreation is for smart people, but thanks for trying.

For Fries
First of all, we are proud of our Fries name. It was named after Colonel Fries and that’s the way we spell our town’s name. Like it or lump it.

Still waiting
I am a 2011graduate of Carroll County High School and my last two weeks of high school consisted of warning me and my fellow classmates that we owed money to the school. Students that didn’t get their diplomas due to fees were fairly warned and knew the consequences for not paying what they owed. I however, did not get my correct diploma. Not because I was irresponsible and didn’t pay my fees. I didn’t get my diploma because the school gave me a standard diploma instead of an advanced diploma, which I worked hard for. They have ordered my correct diploma. It has been over two weeks and I am still waiting.

Don’t be that way
This is for the reader that was coming in from Sparta and saw the flag with the KKK on it and doesn’t want to come to Galax anymore. That makes you as narrow-minded and bigoted as those people with the white flag. Don’t let their ignorance be an example for you to follow. We are not that way in Galax. Don’t you be that way in Sparta.

Grammar lesson
This is in reply to the [call about the correct pronunciation of “Fries.”] The Town of Fries is named in honor of Colonel Frances Fries (pronounced like “freeze”). When you name a town after someone, you pronounce the name the way they pronounce it. Colonel Fries was of Germanic descent. There is a region of the Netherlands that is called Friesland, spelled [and pronounced] liked Fries. Seems from the call you may have been a relative newcomer to the area, so you might not have known that.

Let’s talk
I wanted to talk to the guy who had a problem with the Town of Fries’ name. This town may have some problems. Its name is definitely not part of it. I tell you what, if he wants to come to the New River Side Deli, or Big Daddy’s or even the Blue Ridge Trading Company, yeah, I’m around. He can have a burger and “freeze” on me.

No free ride
I’d like to comment on the person worried about how the town of Fries is spelled. It has been spelled like that for as long as I can remember and that is a long time ago. So, wherever this person is from, and they are worried about the town of Fries, they need to go back where they came from. I am also concerned about the students from Carroll County not getting their diploma. Why didn’t they pay their fees? Big deal. These people have got free rides for so long they think everything is free to them. Let them stand up and pay for something for a change.

Couldn’t hear
I went to the Grayson County High School graduation on Saturday. It was nice but it would have been better if we could have heard what they were saying. They need to turn up the volume.

Stick to rules
I think a local newspaper who runs a contest on cutest kids ought to go by the rules and stop it at the date they set and not extend it to give others a vote. If they want to vote, they got a chance to vote. Go by your own rules. You make everybody check a thing saying you understand the rules but don’t keep changing them.
Editor’s note: That contest wasn’t in The Gazette. It was The Carroll News.