Readers' Hotline 6/19/13

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Counting chickens

This is funny. I know people that work in the food business but there is a restaurant owner who makes his people count every piece of chicken at night and put it up and freeze it and then turn around and re-sell it the next day. They are supposed to get rid of it. Boy, ain’t he greedy.


Bought off

Somebody has been listening to Fox News again. Obama stockpiling weapons? How ridiculous. And everybody knows that news space is bought off by the big oil companies and the insurance companies. I guess you want a Republican in there so they can take away our Social Security and Medicare. How would that be?


Can’t undo it

This is amazing, saying Bush did not lie about Iraq. The reason we are in this mess, we will be for years. You can’t take five years and undo what he caused. It will take 50 years. We will be lucky if we ever survive the George Bush years. I don’t know what cabbage leaf you were born under.


Funding for playgrounds

Regarding improvements to the Grayson County High School football field, it is a shame that we have a new school in Grayson County and we cannot get any funding for any playgrounds, ball fields, what have you up there, but everything has to happen in Independence. If it doesn’t go on in Independence, they want no part of it. It is a shame because we do have a new school in the western part of the county and nothing has been done to get us playground equipment other than our PTO raising money.



The Hotline call, “it’s time for action,” I agree with him. What sticks in my mind was when Obama was running for president, Republicans said, “we will be his Waterloo. We will show him he cannot do anything.” And they have proven that they can. They kept the word. He is right. It is time for action. We need to vote every Republican out, from supervisor all the way up to the White House and look at the potholes and stuff that we got. If they went along with Obama we would have so much work we wouldn’t know what to do. On the rescue squads — fellows, you are doing a good job. Don’t listen to these big mouths.


Don’t know enough

The caller that has been criticizing Pipers Gap Rescue Squad should take some classes and a little training and they will know what they are talking about. Otherwise, those people that sit back and don’t know what they are talking about need to know what is going on.