Readers' Hotline 6/18/14

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Central location
There are 21 acres right in the middle of Galax that have been for sale for five or six years that would be a perfect place for a new school. Looks like someone on city council would recommend that spot for the school instead of a residential area.
Every time I read a letter to the editor about greenhouse gases and the environment when it is really about a vegan agenda, I am going to eat an extra hamburger with a side or ribs.
Time gets away
For the person complaining because someone got their dog out of their car when they went shopping… Instead of complaining and being ugly about someone who obviously cared more for your pet than you did, you should be thanking them for caring. You are lucky. I wouldn’t have unlocked your car. I would have broken your window after calling police. Time passes rapidly when you are in a store. While you might think you were only there 10 minutes, the time might have been much longer. When the outside temperature is 75 degrees, the inside temperature can reach 100 degrees in 10 minutes and 120 in just 30. At 85 degrees, the temperature reaches 90 degrees in 5 minutes, 100 degrees in 7-10 minutes. If you need to go shopping, leave your pet at home or bring someone with you who can stay in the car with the AC on. Leaving a pet in a hot car is animal abuse and you are the one who could be arrested.
Common sense
When Obama was running for president, I asked a lot of college students, “who are you voting for?” and they responded “Obama, because he has all these wonderful degrees.” Well, I think we shouldn’t have Obama there with all his degrees. I think we should have an old farmer with just plain old common sense. Same as we should have at the courthouse in Independence — somebody running the county that has just plain old common sense.
Had enough
This call is about the “deserter” that walked off his post and [reportedly there were soldiers] killed while hunting for him. He should have been left over there. I’m watching TV here and you have a spokesperson for the state department here just flat lying to the American people. She is sitting here telling people that soldiers on the ground that night don’t know what was going on. That she knows more that was going on that night than they did. When is your paper or anybody that backs Obama going to just say this administration sucks? When is enough going to be enough with all these lies?
Turtle rescue
I was passing through a neighborhood in Galax and saw a police car on the side of the road and an officer trying to get a turtle in a box. Did it have rabies or on drugs or driving too fast? I think we have animal control here and he was in someone’s yard. I have some coyotes around my house. You think they would come and get them?
Editor’s note: We say hats off to the officer for rescuing a slow-moving turtle from the road!

Good work
I wanted to comment on the good work of the Galax Police Department. Congratulations on all the work on all offenses. All the drug dealers and criminals should beware. You do not knock God Almighty and he does avenge his children that they have messed with. Thank you and I hope you will print this.

Standing room
My granddaughter graduated from Carroll County High School recently. Our family arrived at 9 a.m., which was an hour before starting time. Although school leaders provided parking for the handicapped, they did not provide seating for parents. The cement bleachers were not full, but people were saving large areas of space with blankets and such items. We did not get a seat and had to stand or sit on the ground, which was way up on a hill high above the bleachers. Why did the school system not prepare for at least the parents to have a special seating place?  Some older grandparents had to stand for the whole time, for about two hours. The rescue squad had to take an elderly lady because I think she had to stand so long. Young people and children were sitting in that same area on the bleachers. Carroll County, be more considerate of your graduates and their parents and grandparents.

Anyone that does not support our military that has served honorably to protect us and our freedom and anyone who blames someone besides the president who said, “the buck stops with me, I will take responsibility,” should be put on planes or boats and sent to the Taliban. If you are not supporting our military and our country’s history, you are supporting terrorists. You are either with the U.S. or against it. In a recent poll, 37 percent of Americans said the Bergdahl trade was a good deal. They should be put on a plane to Qatar to live with those five terrorists [that he was exchanged for]. And whoever thinks Republicans are to blame for Benghazi probably thinks negotiating with terrorists is a good idea. And why would you say the state being $300 million in debt is bad and then say expanding Medicaid is a good idea? Hello. Think about it. Now, the EPA [wants to] stop letting animals drink from natural water resources. They take sewer water and treat it to send back and make drinking water. I would much rather drink out of a creek near a cow than a human sewage plant. What’s next? Corralling all the birds, rabbits and squirrels and everything else so they can’t use the creeks? Dear Lord, please help this country.
Appropriate response
This is to the person who accused a woman for breaking into her car [on behalf of a dog locked inside in the heat]. If this woman were stealing your dog, she would not have called the police. You should have thanked the woman for caring about your dog and the police officer who responded. You should not have left your dog alone in your car anyway. It can get hot in a matter of minutes. I thank the caller and the police officer for their concern for the dog.
Good people
Today I witnessed a younger woman get out of her car and help an elderly crippled woman get to her vehicle with her buggy of groceries. The same thing happened to me two weeks ago. Two women offered to help me with getting to my car during a rainstorm. There are good people helping people in need. It’s wonderful.