Readers' Hotline 6/17/13

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Don’t bother
Please trash the idea of a dog park. We don’t need that expense for the city.

Pandering to curiosity
Regarding the tawdry practice of printing arrestees‚ photos, innocent people are arrested all the time. Note that The Gazette has already run pictures of people who were later acquitted or had their charges dropped. But, that information isn't printed on the front page above the fold, is it? What can these people do to restore the reputation you have easily tarnished? And, regarding the idea that this somehow prevents crime, since when is it a newspaper’s job to prevent anything? Newspapers report news. Moreover, this crime deterrent notion is an obvious pathetic rationalization for the real truth . The Gazette is pandering to the morbid curiosity of an audience who just wants to see local people looking disheveled and dismayed in their mug shots. This is journalism on the level of an inside detective magazine, a far cry from the best traditions of The Gazette. Arthur Gurley would be ashamed.
Needs washing
I don’t see how some people wear pants three or four days in a row without washing them in 70 and 80 degree weather and how do they wear high heels? I will never know.

In bad taste
I’m not a criminal, nor have I seen any pictures of anyone I know, but I think it is in bad taste to put their pictures in there. I also believe if it was a sheriff’s family member or friend, it wouldn’t go in there; or any of y’all that work at the newspaper. None of your family or friends pictures would go in there if they committed a crime. It is in very bad taste. There is no reason to prolong people’s agony and pain and you are hurting their family members. That’s how I feel about it.

Lock ‘em up
I say that those IRS people need to go to jail for wasting our hard-earned taxpayer money. Every one of them needs to go to jail that had anything to do with it.
Editor’s note: Careful! With the IRS scandal and the NSA monitoring our phone calls (and probably The Hotline, too), you might get audited.

No consequences
We are still waiting for Carroll County to keep its promise to publish a list of delinquent taxpayers just like Galax City and Grayson County do. While they are at it, they should publish a list of people that claim they have never paid any of their non-user water fees. If Carroll County doesn’t need the money and there are no consequences for not paying, why should the rest of us bother to pay?

Just hang up
I just want to warn everyone that if you get a phone call saying “this is card services and you are qualifying to lower your interest rate,” then they will start asking for your expiration date, your card number, how much you owe and I said, “I don't know who this is,” and just hung up. I know it is a scam and I thought I would let everybody know about it.

Presumed innocence
I have read with interest the voices of opposition to publishing pictures of the arrested in The Gazette as well as The Gazette’s reply that it was working with law enforcement, which believes that publishing of the pictures is a deterrent to crime. I would certainly like to see any facts backing up such a statement. The very foundations of law and governance have to do with presumption of innocence until proven guilty. Glamorizing the arrest without knowing or producing evidence for a story is shoddy, yellow journalistic tabloid fare at the least and at best the political endorsement of those law enforcement officials as a pat on the back saying, “gee, look what a good job you are doing by arresting criminals.” By even agreeing to run the photos in cooperation with law enforcement using their argument that it serves as a deterrent to crime serves to show a possible agenda for The Gazette and a definite pull towards an assumption of guilt regardless of anything you might say to the contrary. Edward R. Murrow would be ashamed of you.

Mounting scandals
Well, well, another scandal come down from the Obama administration. Down to the very dirt. [Phones were bugged]. It sounds like Watergate all over again. I would like to know how many more scandals it is going to take until the people wake up and kick him out of the White House.

Long way around
I’d like to know why is it that every time Fries Fire and Rescue gets a call somewhere on Ivanhoe Road, they always have to go barreling down through the middle of town with sirens wide open or something instead of taking a shortcut through Hilltown Road. Makes no sense to me.

Shared position?
The Carroll County School Board has an opportunity to save taxpayers dollars. I understand Gladesboro is in need of a principal. Instead of spending money on a separate principal for the school, why not combine two schools under one principal? Fancy Gap and Gladesboro are both small schools so the same principal could handle both easily. One principal with two schools has been done in the past and easily can be done in the present. It should go without saying that the principal’s salary would remain the same.

Why do we need Congress? They never do the work of the people anymore. We pay them for what? They are getting richer by the hour. Their pockets are lined pretty good. With hardly any new jobs out there, especially good jobs, we really can’t afford to pay their wages anymore. Let them look for employment like us. Seriously. They have basically done nothing.

Behind our backs
Wasteful spending and a dictator. This is the worst shape our country has ever been in. One is this brainless president and his crew doing things behind Americans‚ backs. And, we find out later, mostly from Fox News. This past week they were building a $1 billion spy center in Utah so they can spy on Americans and that is uncalled for. If it is used to catch criminals and terrorists, okay. I am afraid that won't be the purpose. Democrats are involved in three scandals. Eric Holder is involved in them, too. One was in selling guns across the border in Mexico. Second, Benghazi where four Americans lost their lives. Third, the IRS scandal. They have made this country rotten to the core. We still don’t have a balanced budget. It is going on five years and seniors haven’t had a raise on our Social Security checks. Obamacare is messing up our insurance, big time. Drug companies are taking people off the regular drugs they take that agrees with them and putting us on generic brands. I am very upset. One of them is me. Obamacare is a train wreck.
Editor’s note: The caller is incorrect about Social Security increases. Cost-of-living adjustments effective in January for the past five years were: 5.8 percent in 2009, zero in 2010 and 2011, 3.6 percent in 2012, and 1.7 percent in 2013.

Good question
If Obama and the White House can collect all those phone records, why can’t they stop all the telemarketers and scam artists from ringing my phone?
Editor’s note: Good point. We are already on the “do not call” list. Can we also be put on the NSA’s “do not spy” list?

Can’t get help
My husband has been treated for bipolar and depression for over 20 years by the same psychiatric doctor. His doctor dropped him as a patient. Now, a new establishment is not offering any help at all. He is suicidal. I have called the cops only to make matters worse. Now we have to go to court. He only comes out of the house to go to the doctor. If you are in desperate need of psychiatric help, it is a joke. Bipolar and depression is a new disease. They never heard of it in Galax. On the flip side, how would you like to live with someone under these conditions? Have a blessed day.