Readers' Hotline 6/13/12

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Public apology
This is the owner of [a restaurant] in Galax. I had a situation with a customer who was totally right. I am calling to apologize and say I am sorry. He was a good and loyal customer. I understand if he does not choose to come back. I would love him and his family to come back and I am very sorry and I wish him and his family the best.

Chicago politics
Remembering what has gone on with Mr. Hendrick. Remembering the out-of-town supervisors’ meeting and Supervisor Sam Dickson actually arguing for it. And then reading the administrators’ interactions toward Supervisor Martin, I actually thought Chicago politics has come to Carroll County. That is not good. It appears there is a lot of cleaning up that needs done. Carroll citizens need to be involved. They need to start attending the board of supervisors’ meetings. They especially need to get out and vote in local elections.

Compassion for animals
I am so distressed to see the cruelty to animals in Grayson and Carroll counties. Dogs chained out hundreds of yards from the house. They have no human contact except just to bark and let people know if there is someone coming around. They have nobody petting them. Thank God I had parents who were compassionate about animals. We raised farm animals and my granddad was so good to them and when it come down to killing the hogs, he had to hire somebody to come in and do it because he couldn’t. Horses have no shelter. There is one right next to where I live. He has no shelter from hail, sleet, cold, rain or wind.

Good-hearted neighbors
I’d just like to say thank you to the fellows that sit out in front of Ted’s Market in the mornings every now and again. They really helped me out the other day. I had a slow leak in my tire and they went ahead and took time out of their day and put a plug in my tire right there in the parking lot. Wouldn’t take a dime from me. I just want to say thanks to those fellows. It is good to know that our neighbors around here are still good hearted and well-mannered people. Thanks a lot, guys.

Leaving debris
The people on Hilltown Road in Carroll County wish that Carroll had a dog ordinance to keep dogs inside during summer and spring, because we have so many flowers. People that don’t have dogs have to put up with dogs coming to their yards and letting off debris. I think they should have a dog law and people be considerate of people in Hilltown.

Turned off
I can’t understand why Christians get up in church on Sunday morning and then go on Sunday afternoon to a play on stage where there is cussing and dirty talk. Somebody needs to read their Bible.

Bologna forever
The caller to last Monday’s Hotline about bologna sure knows a lot about it. But, it sounds as if they maybe ate too much bologna themselves. As for the magic beans the caller mentioned, we have had them all our lives and they are called pintos. During slow work times at the cotton mill, half the people in Fries might have starved to death without bologna and pinto beans. Folks who worked in the mills don’t draw enough Social Security to eat caviar like you. Nor can we afford increases in our water bills and taxes. From what I hear, that is what you new citizens hope will happen, so that we poor folks will have to move out of town and you can have your own little elite community with your vacation rental property and your golf carts. Long may we have bologna and magic pinto beans, and leave out the sour grapes.

Big government
When Obama and his socialists get re-elected, all you people who should be working but are taking entitlement will have it made. The government will own everything and will tell us what and where to do it. Our lives and freedoms will cease. Life as we know it will be gone. Only the working class will be making money for you, not themselves. He is already downsizing our armed services. Obama did drugs and things that the present liberals aren’t telling you. Wake up before it is too late to get rid of him. Congressman Griffith is the only one who really cares to vote for the people against big government. The others are Obama’s puppets. He’s also got a 55 percent death tax, which will go in effect so that anything your children inherit will be taxed at 55 percent.
Editor’s note: CNNMoney reported the following in a comparison of presidential candidates in February 2012: “While Obama opposes eliminating the estate tax, he would like to increase the exemption level to $5 million and lower the top rate to 35 percent, a more generous level than would be the case under current law.”

Old news
Would the people who have yard sales please remove their signs when they are finished? You don’t know whether the yard sale is still going on or if it was a month ago.

This is in reply to the person who quoted the Bible, “let he who is without sin cast the first stone.” If people are going to quote the Bible, they need to quote it like it says. It does not say “let he who is without sin cast the first stone.” What is says in St. John Chapter 8, is: “He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone at her.” It is not “cast the first stone.” It’s let him first cast a stone.

Something to do
I want to thank Ricky Donovan at the Fries Rec Center. At least he cares about whether the pool opens. He cares about the kids around there. [Others] go hollering they need 10 or 15 people before they can open the pool. Everybody can’t make it there at noon. Some people come in late yet they hold kids back and still charge them full price. If they are going to delay opening the pool for an hour because they claim there are not enough people, they ought to knock a little off the price. The lifeguards hear a truck rumbling and they holler “storm” and close the pool. The rules change from one day to the next. At least, thanks to Ricky Donovan, the kids have something to do on the days that he works. Now, if the rest of them could just learn from example.

Says who?
In reference to “you cannot wear mixed fabric” according to the Bible, can you tell me the book, chapter and verse? In reference to the ones that think the Bible is a fairy tale, I will pray for you.

Told by God
For the person who commented that the Holy Bible is a fable and written 2,000 years ago by just men, these men were told by God what to write and it was witnessed. Also, our pastor who has gone to be with the Lord, God spoke to him by name and called him out loud when he called him to preach. I am wondering if you have read the Bible, because your soul is important and you should start reading it.

It’s amazing that people in their early 30s and 40s are just too lazy to get out and work but they expect people to give them hand-me-downs on everything from social services to Rooftop. Then we got people out there that can’t work but will work. That’s amazing in this world.

Who defines it?
I would like to respond to the intellectual giant of “bigots abound.” Who defines bigot? Shouldn’t the government stand for what its morals are? Would we be classified as bigots because we think child porn or pedophiles are socially and legally unethically wrong? Let me guess, they were born like that, too?

Please explain
In reference to man’s laws concerning homosexuality. How do you explain polygamy being allowed in the Bible? Please explain this to me.

Saying “no”
Why on earth do some politicians swear to uphold the constitution of the United States then turn around and secretly swear to say “no” to everything our president wants done to help our country? Unless it is that when our country completely falls apart, they will get on their private jets or sail away on their yachts to some foreign country where they have secretly stashed their massive wealth.

I’m calling concerning Mrs. Felts opposing the Route 620 modifications for Wildwood [Commerce] Park. I will have to go along with her. Wildwood is nothing but a money pit. I live in Grayson and somehow or another, they have bamboozled the Grayson supervisors into putting thousands of dollars of tax money over there in something that will not benefit residents of Grayson County. So far it hasn’t been a benefit to residents of Carroll County. It’s another example of officials overstepping their bounds.

Yes, you can
To the person that called in about one wife and one marriage and if your husband or wife dies, you can’t marry again. According to the Bible, there are no marriages in heaven, neither male nor female spirits. On this earth, if your husband or wife dies, you are free to marry again. That is exactly what it says.

Moving too fast
This is about widening a section of the intersection at the [Wildwood Commerce Park] and Route 620. Looks like the supervisors are getting too fast. They want to widen the road and have never even looked at where they are going to put a building. And 620 is not a truck expressway. That’s what they are treating it as, instead of just a two-lane highway which has always handled traffic even when Winesettes had a factory there over the store years ago. It was only a two-lane highway. They are getting too fast. They are not trying to get anything together by the people. It’s all by them.

Pool needed
Why can’t people in Carroll County and surrounding areas raise money or take up donations for a pool? It’s a shame we can’t have a pool like Randolph Park.

Use your connections
To anyone wanting a position in Carroll County Schools. Step 1 is to call all the board members you know and use your personal connections. Step 2 would be to have your friends call the school board members and use their connections. Step 3 would be always getting a petition signed and make sure everyone knows how you would be the person to pick. Note to the school board members: if this is really how you run school business, you won’t last very long.

Good to see
I love to see the things going on and pictures in the newspaper of the car shows. We like to see pictures of the volunteers at the historic Rex Theater and thank them for keeping the doors open and all the hard work they do.