Readers' Hotline 6/12/13

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Poll results
This question is directed to the letter to the editor from Ron Pratt, “Firearms background check deserves debate.” While I agree with Mr. Pratt that we should have background checks, I strongly disagree with him quoting that 92 percent of the people want these checks. I don’t know where he is coming up with these figures. I think he needs to go back and look at some of the surveys. Nowhere have I seen 92 percent in favor of background checks, restrictions on rifles or restrictions on clips or magazines.
Editor’s note: From CBS News on Jan. 14: “Ninety-two percent of Americans favor background checks for all potential gun buyers, according to a new CBS News/New York Times poll.”

Anger management
A mother and her daughter were outside screaming and yelling over a flat tire. The daughter was cursing so bad. The daughter has a little boy and he was sitting in the car. Does this mother of the little boy know how abusive this is? You can hear her screaming and cursing all the time. I don’t know why she gets so mad, but I do know she can do better than this. I have talked to people who have seen her out. They say she is awful with her cursing and abusive language. For her little boy’s sake, I hope she will get herself some help and learn how to control her anger. There are many ways of abuse and how we talk is one of them.

IRS harassment
Those IRS agents that had anything to do with harassing those Tea Party people need to be put in jail and fired from their job.

Attacking weeds
I am an environmentalist. If you have weeds around your house and want to get rid of them, pour salt on them. Don’t use that poison in a spray. Use any kind of salt, rock salt, anything. If you want to get rid of bugs around your house, don’t use spray. Use 20 Mule Team Borax. That will get rid of bugs and you don’t mess up the environment. If you spray, it will get in your ground water and everything. Just keeps spreading. Use the organic and salt.

Neatly folded
As a single dad, I left laundry in the dryers at a laundry in West Galax. When I went back after doing errands, some kind-hearted soul had folded and put all my laundry back in the basket. We complain about all the mean people and then there are people that just go along doing nice things throughout the day. Pretty cool. As a single dad, folding laundry just half the times doesn’t get done. To see all those boys‚ shirts and my clothes folded was a neat way to end my afternoon. Thanks to whoever did it.

No takers
I enjoyed The Gazette article about students from Carroll County and Grayson County who not only graduated from high school, but before they graduated from high school they had graduated from Wytheville Community College with a two-year degree. I would like to know why there were no such graduates of Galax High School. I believe the parents of Galax City and any parent with a child at Galax High School sure would enjoy the opportunity of their child receiving a two-year college degree in high school. It would save parents a ton of money. Does Galax High School participate in this program where high school students can also earn a community college degree?
Editor’s note: Rebecca Cardwell, assistant superintendent of Galax City Public Schools, said: “Galax High School does offer a two-year Associate Degree program in conjunction with Wytheville Community College. While students have inquired about the program, to date no one has opted to complete the degree requirements.  It is a rigorous program and students may need to choose between completing the associate degree and participation in other school activities.” Information about the Associate Degree program can be found in the Galax High School Program of Studies on page 15.

Buyers, beware
Property being sold in the Town of Fries is zoned under a master plan and I have been told those purchasing the property must use the property by these guidelines and only the Fries Town Council by majority vote can rezone.