Readers' Hotline 6/11/12

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On deaf ears
Talking about nobody speaking up at meetings and stuff about taxes — we have spoken and talked until we were blue in the face for years. It doesn’t do a bit of good. I guess people have about given up trying.

Flat out broke
This is in response to “tax evasion.” I am one of these people that did receive a warrant for arrest for my taxes and trash pickup. This is the first year that my taxes and trash pickup have not been paid. It was not due to negligence. It is due to being flat busted broke. I did, however — it embarrassed me so bad — take out a loan to make sure Grayson County received their trash pickup money and the taxes that were owed them.

Man is not perfect
This is for the “man’s law” caller and anyone else who hides behind the Bible and religion to practice hatred and bigotry toward gays and other types of people. I once saw a political cartoon that summed up perfectly the idea you are using for the way you think. It was a picture of the devil standing in front of a bombed-out city. The caption said, “I have accomplished so much in the name of religion.” To me, that is all that needs to be said when people go to war over religion or use religion to hate other people and refuse equal rights to them. Men wrote the Bible and men are not perfect. If you are perfect, then you must be God.

Ax to grind
As a former educator in Carroll County, I was delighted to see that Carroll County High School was recognized by U.S. News and World Report as one of the best high schools in the U.S. and that Carroll was designated as an exemplary school system by the Southern Association for Accreditation for Colleges and Universities and by the Virginia Department of Education. Too bad our school board has forced [personnel changes] after obtaining these accolades. What are the objectives of this board? It cannot be to improve instruction, or they would have left things alone. Have you ever seen as much uncertainty or chaos in our schools? I haven’t. This is what you get when a board has an agenda or an ax to grind, rather than to move education forward. Their agenda seems to take the best and make it worse. We watch in astonishment as you destroy our great school system.

Do it yourself
All you people that want the government out of your lives, give up your Social Security and Medicaid and Medicare, go bring your mom and dad home from the nursing home and take care of them and just do all that stuff and the government might leave you alone. If we start taking care of our own instead of putting them in a nursing home, the government might just leave us alone. Let’s think about it.  Government is schools, picking up trash, roads, school teachers, policemen. Everything we think of is government, almost. So, take your own trash to the dump yard, and all that.

Under their thumb
There are [a few] people in the Carroll County Government Center pretty much making up their own rules. It is a shame that they have people over there working and can’t treat them with dignity. If one of the employees offers to be nice to them or even give them a drink of water, it is against the rules. You pretty much are under the thumbs of those who try to rule the roost. There needs to be some checking into what all goes on over there at that place.

Mixed message
I’d like to know why a doctor has a “taking new patients” sign out, yet you go there and they say they are not accepting patients at this time. It’s not right. They just keep posting signs, yet when you call to get an appointment they don’t have any openings or they are already booked full and not taking them. They need to make their mind up.

Worry about yourself
This is in response to the person commenting about President Obama supporting gay marriage. Are you that bored in your life that you have to worry about what two people [weak phone signal] … You need to worry about more important things, like your own salvation. Shouldn’t you be preparing for The Rapture? God has more important things to do. Get a hobby. Quit being perverts. Take a pottery class.

Suitable outcome
Concerning Carroll Supervisor Bob Martin, I was glad to see the case was [dropped], which should have never been brought anyway.
Editor’s note: The assistant county administrator did not seek an extension of a temporary protective order against Martin. She did file a civil complaint against Martin, as well.

Out of network
A doctor in the area recommends that you have blood tests to improve your health, which your insurance company does not pay for. The doctor does not tell you that they are new and pricey blood tests that are sent out of network that the insurance company will not pay for. I have good insurance and work for the school system. They will not help me and neither will the doctor’s office, so beware.

Taking a risk
What amazes me is these college-educated students, girls, out riding their bicycles all hours of the night by themselves and they are asking for trouble and that’s what they get. I am speaking about that girl down in Louisiana. I doubt they ever find her alive. I just can’t understand these situations about these educated college students.

Dedicated teachers
It is so refreshing to read about those two teachers from Laurel Elementary School. They really need to be recognized for their love and dedication to these children. We can be proud we still have teachers like those in our community. Way to go.

Not the same
What about all the cops in Galax that, when you pass them and they are sitting still, they are sitting there talking on their cell phone. They fuss about us driving and talking on cell phones or sitting somewhere. They need to quit doing it, too.
Editor’s note: By your own comments the circumstances are different — you are passing and they are sitting.

Witness to the lost
In response to “quick to judge” and “why so insecure.” “Quick to judge” started off by downing Christians and then gets off on homeless children. If he or she will study Romans chapter 1, they will find that God judged gays and gave them over to a reprobate mind to do those things, which are not fitting. It is the Christian’s duty to try to get them to change. “So insecure” states he or she cannot understand why people are downing the president because of his support of same-sex marriages. In my opinion, he disgraced this great nation when he announced his support. It proves what I have always heard – a politician will do anything for a vote or a dollar. As Christians, we are instructed by God to uphold his word and witness to the lost. The gays have an option just like all sinners have.

Slick grass
I think when anybody mows their property and throws grass in the road they should have to clean it up. This is very slick and dangerous, especially for people riding motorcycles.

Summer meals
The Galax Public Schools summer food service program is a wonderful service. I hope children will be able to come for the meals. More school systems should participate. God bless the people who will be providing these meals and the children who will be receiving these meals.

Fast food fan
I’ve been a subscriber to The Gazette for several years. I’d like to know why readers do not get some fast food coupons, but people who don’t subscribe do get them in their advertisements.
Editor’s note: Coupons are placed by national advertisers. On some occasions, fast food advertisers choose not to buy the full circulation run of the newspaper, so some copies do not get the coupons, while others do.

Voices not heard
Today was a sad day in the history of the United States. A president runs a campaign ad about how he helped Social Security when he took millions from it and then had the nerve to only give a 3 percent raise when inflation has tripled on our seniors. Our voices are not heard by Washington. Then, the final blow, our God’s word is deemed hurtful in school and the Ten Commandments came down. Because of evil, the American dream is dying.
Editor’s note: The president does not determine Social Security increases. They are triggered by a formula set by Congress, and which has been in place and unchanged for years.

Adam and Eve
I may be a redneck Christian, but I do know God made Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve. If he had not made a man and woman, the world would never have multiplied with people, which he intended for it to do. I don’t think two of the same sex are supposed to marry. Even same-sex animals don’t pair off together and try to mate. It is a shame and disgrace. It looks like some people have forgotten their moral standards and values, and that includes our president.