Readers' Hotline 6/1/11

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Another reminder to readers: no comments reflecting on specific candidates for local public office will be published in the Hotline.

Too late
Grayson County can go without a superintendent but we can’t go without a school nurse. The minute they move a nurse we have a child that gets seriously hurt. What’s the problem with that?

English for all
I’m calling about the article, “Galax seeks bilingual police officer.” Not really sure about that. A federal grant could help someone speak Spanish. As far as I am concerned, this should be a whole United States issue, but I believe that everybody needs to speak English. Up north you can’t even get a job unless you are bilingual. That is really not fair for people my age, even older. They need to teach these people how to speak English.
Editor’s note: But, until they learn English, wouldn’t it be helpful to have an officer that can talk to them? If a Spanish-speaking person’s car is stolen, should the police wait until the victim has graduated from an English class to investigate the case?

Not nearly enough
I’m a concerned parent right now. There was a middle school child [location omitted] who put several students and a teacher on a hit list. Instead of doing discipline like they should have to this child, the only thing that was done was, he was given two days in-school suspension. With times as bad as they are right now and with everything that is going on in this world, I cannot believe the only thing they would punish a child to do is give them in-school suspension.

Try, try again
Joe Vaughan has been an excellent supervisor in the Providence District of Grayson County. If you live or vote in the Providence District, please see, call or write Joe and request he run again as our supervisor. Joe, we know you have not been able always to get items voted on the way you would like; however, you made an impact and stood for what you think should be done. You are our only hope for the financial situation in Grayson County. Please run again. Nobody can beat you. You have our full support.

Danger to others
To the caller about endangerment, I find it disturbing that a person with a four-year college degree following a Gator or any other slow moving vehicle would try to pass another vehicle on a hill. This person endangered not only the people on the Gator, whether they were children or grown-ups, they also endangered themselves and the people in the other vehicle by trying to pass a vehicle not knowing if another vehicle was approaching. Were you in such a hurry or have a life-threatening event that you could not wait until you get over the hill and see oncoming traffic? It might benefit you if you take a four-year course of driving safety. Also, the upset man for the gestures and language could have been from your driving habits.
Editor’s note: Okay. Enough. No more calls about this topic after this week.

Cancelled out
I’m calling about activities around the area that are cancelled year after year where they keep remaining the same old activities — the fiddlers’ convention, which I guess brings thousands and thousands of dollars. But they cancel things like at the airport. They cancel car shows in Galax. A couple years ago there was a monster truck pull cancelled at Felts Park, but they are spending on improvements for things we don’t really need. I wish they would quit canceling these things. It can’t cost that much if they can spend on improvements on all types of facilities to cancel these events for people. There is nothing to do around this town. There needs to be different types of music. Bring some different types of music in the area. Not everybody likes bluegrass and fiddlers’ conventions. Bring some rock music in here.

Roll out the carpet
Why can’t Virginia take some of the 32,000 prison inmates the Supreme Court is forcing California to release?

Offensive motorist
I would like to say to whoever drives an HHR with chrome wheels around the Galax area, slow down. You are going to kill someone or yourself. Also, turn the music down. It doesn’t sound that great, anyway. It is really annoying when you are trying to sleep, as well.

Bingo hassles
I am calling about one of the weekly bingo games. It is appalling the way things are handled just because somebody has a personal problem with someone and just dislikes that person. Bingo is open to the public. You can’t ban somebody because you don’t want them to come in.

Road to nowhere
A big thank you for all the citizens that spoke out against the four-lane of Coulson Church Road project. I am so proud of all the citizens that spoke up and against this road project. The citizens of Carroll County were about to be taken for a ride. A road that goes nowhere.